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Top 4 Tips for Fat Loss


Top 4 Tips for Fat Loss

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Looking to see faster results with your fat loss program? It might be time to take a closer look at what exactly you are doing and make some necessary adjustments. Many people make small errors or simply aren’t following the absolute best approaches, which ends up costing them big at the end of the day.

So what can you do to transform your body into a fat-melting machine? Adhere to the following four commandments. By making these commandments part of your life, you can ensure faster results—and a slimmer, leaner you.

Boost Your Metabolism Post-Workout

Who doesn’t want to burn fat while they sleep? It sounds too good to be true, but this really can happen if you train wisely.

To keep heart rate pumping, always train using heavy weights and shorter rest periods. Also, when doing cardio, incorporate interval sprints into your routine. These tactics will not only scorch calories during your workout, but they will also help you to continue to burn calories hours after your workout session is over. Translation? Faster fat loss results.

By structuring your workout properly, you can burn up to two to three times more body fat due to your time in the gym. Make every minute count. Train smart.

Make Nutrition #1

Next, you need to make sure that your nutritional protocol is at the top of your priority list. Simply put, if your nutrition is not important to you, then you are not going to be seeing results any time soon.

Nutrition trumps exercise any day of the week as far as fat burning goes. You can put in the hardest session at the gym but if you come out and feast on a cheeseburger, you aren’t going to like the results you see.

Always put the effort into your diet first and once that’s perfected, then you can focus on improving your workout program. The two do go hand in hand, but nutrition must be first in life for optimal results.

Do Exercises You Don’t Like

Now, I’m not suggesting that you put yourself on a workout plan you absolutely hate doing—that’s a sure-fire recipe for burnout and boredom. But, in the workout that you do enjoy, challenge yourself to tackle a few of the exercises that aren’t your cup of tea. Hate push-ups? Force yourself to do fifteen. Hate sprints? Incorporate sprint intervals into your usual running routine.

The reason? Typically the exercises you don’t like are the ones that you should be doing—they will really challenge you by activating muscles you don’t normally use.

If this is the case, that also means they’ll be burning fat quickly and boosting your fitness level. Squats, deadlifts, burpees—all of those difficult, high-intensity moves are your best friends when you’re aiming to shed fat.

Realize the Importance of Rest

Finally, the last component you must not overlook when aiming to lose fat is the importance of rest. If you are not resting enough each week, you will burn out faster than when you are not dieting.

Dieting in itself is a stressor and will mean you have less energy available to recover from each workout you do. By resting before doing a workout, it ensures you come back to each workout ready to give it your all. This is much better than doing a 50 percent workout session because you’re too tired from the last one.

So many people make the mistake of doing more exercise while seeking fat loss, when really what they need is less exercise. It sounds paradoxical, but it’s true. When you rest, you allow your body time to recuperate and rebuild the tiny micro-tears in the muscles that occurred during the stress and strain of your workout. If you don’t allow sufficient time to rest, you won’t get stronger.

By keeping these commandments in place, you can feel good that you are heading in the right direction with your plan and you will be one step closer to maximizing results you can see.Read more at:short prom dresses


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10 Superfoods You Should Know


10 Superfoods You Should Know

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In a healthy whole-food kitchen, so many of the foods stocked in the pantry and fridge can be categorized as superfoods. These are functional foods that have been used to promote health and healing by traditional cultures for millennia; they are often from remote regions at high altitudes and have only recently become more widely available. Here is a short list of items that are particularly dense in nutrients, with abundant antioxidants, minerals, phytochemicals, and vitamins. Since many of these foods come from developing nations, be sure that the products you purchase are certified fair trade.

BEE POLLEN: Bee pollen is a potent, nourishing food that has been used throughout history to increase energy and vitality and to promote growth and development. Bee pollen provides nearly all the nutrients necessary to humans, including protein, B vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. Because it comes from the pollen of trees and flowers, eating local bee pollen can be an effective treatment for seasonal allergies. Bee pollen has a strong, bittersweet, honey-like taste, and as with honey, its flavor and color vary depending on the plant pollen from which it originates. To incorporate bee pollen into your diet, try sprinkling it over smoothies, fruit, yogurt, or your favorite breakfast dishes.

CHIA SEEDS: Chia seeds are the second highest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids (after flax); one of the most digestible plant proteins; and an excellent source of amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants. They were used by ancient Native American civilizations as an energy-boosting endurance food. Chia seeds should be eaten raw after being soaked in liquid to “bloom.” They thicken any liquid they are added to, creating the luscious consistency of my most popular dessert, Vanilla Chia Pudding, and my summer breakfast staple, Soaked Oats and Chia. Being mucilaginous seeds (those that thicken the liquid they’re soaked in), they’re great for intestinal health, and unlike flax, you don’t need to grind them to benefit from their nutritional value.

DRIED MULBERRIES: Mulberries originate from the Far East and were used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen the liver and kidneys and to build blood. Like wine, mulberries contain the heart-healthy and antiaging antioxidant resveratrol. They also contain iron and calcium and have a sweet, caramel-like flavor when cooked. I use mulberries in my Superfood Oatmeal and Golden Amaranth Superfood Bars. They also make a tasty addition to trail mixes.

FLAX SEEDS: Flax seeds are the highest known plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help support cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, strengthen immunity, and contribute to healthy brain function. The seeds need to be ground for their nutrients to be absorbed—for the best flavor, grind half a cup at a time in a clean coffee or spice grinder, store it in a jar in the fridge or freezer to prevent oxidation, and use it within a couple of weeks. Enjoy their nutty flavor daily sprinkled over oatmeal, granola, fruit salads, and steamed vegetables. Whole flax seeds can be soaked in water overnight and added to smoothies for a thicker texture and nutritional boost. Ground flax seeds can be mixed with water and used in place of eggs in vegan baking. If you are purchasing pre-ground flax seeds, look for sprouted flax powder.

GOJI BERRIES: Goji berries are one of the most nutrient-rich foods avail­able. Packed with antioxidants, trace minerals, essential amino acids, vitamin C, and beta-carotene and loaded with immune-boosting and antiaging properties, goji berries have been used in Asian herbal medicine for thousands of years to preserve youth and promote well-being. Earthy, slightly astringent, and mildly sweet, goji berries have a peculiar flavor that grows on you, especially when you know how potent they are—eating an ounce a day will allow you to benefit from all their nutrients. I stock goji berries in a few forms: dried berries for cooking in daily breakfasts or soaking and adding to smoothies; a soft-dried berry that’s moist and chewy, making it perfect for snacking or adding to granola and muesli; and a goji powder that dissolves in cool or warm water for a vibrant orange immune-boosting drink.

GOLDEN BERRIES: Sometimes called cape gooseberries or Incan berries, golden berries can be found fresh in summer and fall at farmers’ markets and are also available sun-dried. They taste sweet when eaten fresh and have a bright, sour flavor when dried. Golden berries are rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene and unusually high in protein. I keep dried golden berries on hand for snacking and enjoy them added to trail mixes and granola for a tangy surprise.

HEMP SEEDS: Shelled hemp seeds, also known as hemp hearts, are rich in digestible protein and contain all essential amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA)—an omega-6 fatty acid that helps reduce inflammation, improve brain function, maintain bone health, and facilitate weight loss. Hemp seeds have a great creamy texture and mild grassy flavor that complements both sweet and savory dishes. Sprinkle them over your daily breakfast, blend them into smoothies, or try the Simple Green Salad with Tangy Hemp Seed Dressing. To preserve the integrity of their polyunsaturated fatty acids, only consume hemp seeds raw. Like all hemp products (hemp oil and hemp butter), they should be stored in the fridge. Hemp seeds do not contain phytic acid; therefore, they don’t need to be soaked before they are added to meals or made into seed milk.

MACA ROOT POWDER: Maca is a potent superfood root native to Bolivia and Peru, where it was traditionally used as an endurance food to increase stamina and combat fatigue. Maca has adaptogenic properties that help our bodies adjust to stress, and the alkaloids in it support and nourish the endocrine system (thyroid, adrenals, and glandular system). It provides abundant minerals, vitamins, and fatty and amino acids and is also used to balance hormones and boost fertility. Maca root is eaten as a powder and can be purchased raw or gelatinized—gelatinized means that the starch is removed, which concentrates the active ingredients and makes it easier to digest. I really like the malty flavor of maca sprinkled over breakfast. Maca can also be added to smoothies and nut milks; start with a little until you get used to the flavor and then build up the amount to a teaspoon a day to enjoy all its benefits.

POMEGRANATE: Revered for millennia in traditional healing systems, pome­granates have been used to promote longevity and fertility. They contain abundant antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and are high in vitamin C, minerals, and amino acids. In the fall, when pomegranates are in season, add the seeds to salads or yogurt, or use them as a garnish for everything from breakfast to dessert. You can juice the fruit like you would an orange and drink it fresh, or use it to make Pomegranate Kanten. During winter, spring, and summer you can purchase pure, unsweetened organic pomegranate juice—not from concentrate—to drink as a health tonic. Freeze-dried pomegranate powder is handy for dissolving into warm or cool water for a refreshing drink or for adding to smoothies.

WHEAT GERM: Wheat germ is the most nutrient-dense part of whole wheat and is what is removed when whole-wheat kernels are refined into white flour. It contains a concentrated amount of essential nutrients: folic acid, magnesium, vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and B vitamins. I enjoy the light, nutty flavor and include it in my Superfood Breakfast Sprinkle. Wheat germ can be purchased raw or toasted; toasting increases its flavor, but the process causes it to lose some of its nutritional value. Keep either kind in the fridge to preserve freshness and nutrients.Read more here:green prom dresses


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Owatonna gives back at weekend events


Give Hope

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Just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, residents took opportunities to give at one of many charitable events that took place over the weekend.

While organizers of the five events didn’t have final numbers ready on Monday, the five events were well-attended by Steele Countians.

It all started on Friday evening with the 24th edition of the Festival of the Trees. The Owatonna Holiday Inn was filled with bright trees, 52 in all, that had been purchased by various community members and businesses.

The event is the main fundraiser for Advocates for Developmental Disabilities, a local group. At the gala, the groups who purchased a tree each select one to keep.

“They can keep it in their business. They can take it home,” said Shelby Kuntz, a board member of ADD. “A lot of them donate them back to our agencies.”

When a participant gives a tree back to ADD, Kuntz said they find a place for it. It could end up in a school, local organization or someplace else that needs a little holiday atmosphere.

The festival included live and silent auctions. Santa was on hand to greet visitors, and he auctioned off his time for two visits. The auctions reportedly took in one of the highest totals in the history of the event. Now organizers will look toward next year, when the festival marks a quarter-century.

“It turns out to be a wonderful evening,” Kuntz said. “A very busy one, but wonderful.”

Then on Saturday, four more events took place around town.

In the afternoon, the Salvation Army kicked off its Red Kettle Campaign with music and activities for the kids.

With eight kettle locations this year, the Salvation Army is looking to recruit 1,400 bell-ringers to solicit donations. Last year, they raised more than $77,000 locally. This time around, regional store manager Sara Pirkl said that they are trying to be more proactive in signing up volunteers.

The campaign runs until Dec. 24. Pirkl said they’ve never filled all the bell-ringer slots. Some days fill up and some don’t. But the ultimate goal is to have a full schedule.

“If we do that, we would have a record campaign,” she said.

Like last year, Pirkl expects a lot more people to sign up after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The event was held at Koda Living Community, where guests were treated with snacks and music from a pianist, harpist and viola trio.

By 5 p.m., the Owatonna Country Club began buzzing for the fifth-annual Little Black Dress Flair Affair. The event was started by two local women who wanted to host a fun night out while raising money for various causes.

“When we first started this, we never imagined that it would continue like it has, and we’re just so pleased at the success of it,” said co-founder Marisa Schroht.

The first event benefited Red Cross Disaster Relief in the wake of major area flooding in 2010. Since then, they’ve changed the “flair” each year to focus on different beneficiaries. For example, the second event was a “Pink Flair Affair” to benefit breast cancer awareness groups.

This year, attendees were encouraged to don purple accessories with their black dresses in support of the Steele County Relay for Life, an organization that works to battle cancer.

Schroht said they sold 260 tickets for the evening, which included drinks, food, dancing, an auction and a fashion show.

It’s a night for area women to meet up and have fun — and support a good cause.

“Women in our community, we don’t have a lot of places to go where we can get all dressed up, so this is a great opportunity for them to feel good about themselves and get all dressed up and have a good night out with friends,” Schroht said.

Hours later, two more events started across town.

One took place over at the Owatonna High School auditorium, where the lights dimmed and music kicked in for the inaugural Give Hope concert.

This event featured 15 musicians and groups for a medley of Christian-themed songs. There was a chorus of vocalists, drums, piano, guitars and other accompaniments to go along.

Attendees could see the show free of charge, but a donation was requested at the door. The proceeds benefited Homestead Hospice and Transitional Housing of Steele County.

At around the same time, a sitting audience toasted and settled in at the cabaret. For the night, at least, that was the back room of the Owatonna Eagles Club.

This event was sponsored by the Woman’s Club of Owatonna, a group that’s been around since the 1960s.

The audience enjoyed rounds of snacks and drinks, as well as the evening’s performance. Wisconsin native Colleen Raye entertained the group with a set of classy jazz, show tunes and soft rock songs. She played alongside a backing outfit of two pianos and percussion.

Joan Salmonsen, who helped organize the event for the Woman’s Club, said that more than 200 people bought tickets and showed up to the cabaret. The ticket sales went to Koda Living Community for handicap-accessible picnic tables and to the Steele County Free Clinic for glucose testing supplies.

It was a philanthropic weekend in Owatonna. But like the other events, Salmonsen said that she hoped people would have fun while giving.

“(It’s) an evening of entertainment, dancing and good friends,” she said.Read more here:formal dresses for women


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Surefire tricks to banish puffy eyes


Surefire tricks to banish puffy eyes

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Skin around your eyes is much thinner compared to the rest of the face and also more sensitive.

Even a little imbalance in your sleep routine, diet or water intake, and also allergies and undue stress can show up on your eyes, especially with age. When your eyes swell, and bags begin to show, the effect can be ugly but most of the time it can be resolved by following simple tips. There are however, eye conditions that have symptoms like puffy eyes and these require a proper examination by an eye-care professional.

Deal with puffy eyes

- Begin your day by gently splashing cold water on your eyes. This quickstarts circulation.

- Soak two cotton pads in rose water and refrigerate them. Apply this cold rosewater soaked cotton on your eyes for 10 minutes. The cold soothing rosewater will bring down the puffiness by restricting the capillaries.

Prevent puffy eyes:

- Eyes feeling itchy? Apply a cold compress and never rub your eyes vigorously.

- Stay away from irritants like smoke and allergens that might affect your eyes.

- Avoid water retention by drinking plenty of water and ridding your body of toxins.

- Food items like cucumber, other fruits or tea bags should not be kept on your eyes because they contain bacteria and may cause eye infection.

- Consult your doctor and increase your intake of vitamins and minerals.

- Avoid alcoholic drinks.

- Limit your salt and sugar intake.

- Talk to your doctor if puffy eyes is a regular occurrence despite precautions.

Cucumber and tea bags are ineffective on puffy eyes

Cucumber and tea bags for puffy eyes? Nah!

Did you know that cucumber probably has no effect at all on puffy eyes? Nor does the frequently mentioned tea bag cure. It has been found that only the cold temperature of the cucumber or the tea bag works on puffy eyes to reduce the swelling. If you used a soft cloth dipped in ice-cold water it would probably have the same effect. And if you used cucumber slices and tea bag at room temperature it would not work at all to reduce your eye swelling.

Crucial tip

Always use your ring finger to apply products or remove make up near your eyes. The skin is so sensitive that too much pressure may damage it.


Cucumber slices or the tea bags that you are using on puffy eyes could have bacteria that harm your already susceptible eyes.Read more at:backless evening dresses


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The last stylist


How low India has sunk in the sartorial stakes can be seen in the touting (by some) of Narendra Modi as a species of fashion mannequin – all on account of a few brightly coloured waistcoats. In the eye-watering dingy world of our professional political class, an ochre or green “bandi” is seen as the acme of style, a jaunty change of pace from the monochrome netas and bureaucrats who offend our aesthetic sensibilities daily.

But, Modi is as nothing compared with the true style icon of Indian political history, Jawaharlal Nehru, whose renowned jacket manages – somehow – to be both eponymous and a misnomer. We call it the Nehru Jacket, yet Nehru never really wore it, favouring instead the longer achkan. “His” jacket is really (and more accurately) the Jodhpuri coat; but who cares? Any coat that is buttoned up to the throat and topped with a mandarin collar is referred to, outside India, as the Nehru Jacket. Blame the Beatles for that, or Time magazine.

This is not an essay about Nehru’s dress style. It is, more broadly, a meditation on Nehru’s aesthetics. But, first we should get a few truths out of the way: Nehru is the only modern Indian politician to be a global romantic icon. I hesitate to call him a “sex symbol” because he was, for much of his prime ministership, an avuncular man.

But I only hesitate; I do not reject the notion. As Ramachandra Guha wrote: “Women adored Jawaharlal Nehru – Brahmin women, working-class women, Hindu and Muslim and Christian and Parsi women.”

Guha writes of how his mother “worshipped” Nehru, and donated her gold bangles to the National Defence Fund in the aftermath of India’s humiliation in the 1962 war with China. Of course, part of the adoration Indian women had for Nehru was for him as the national leader. But there can be no doubting the effect of his slim build, his handsome face, his fine clothes, and his red rose, on women who gazed upon him from afar.

With all respect to Guha’s mother, there has to have been something psychosexual – however deeply embedded in the subconscious – in the offering up of jewellery to this strong and charismatic man who was not her husband. Thousands of women did the same.

Nehru had sexual charisma. He was a man unafraid of being attractive, and disinclined to be plain and self-effacing in the traditional Indian manner. Not for him the elaborate theatre of an abnegation of his sexuality, a la Gandhi. In his relationship with Edwina Mountbatten – and whether or not they “did it” – he offered India a delicious breach of interracial sensual taboos. Gandhi experimented (denial) with his nieces. Nehru carried on with the viceroy’s wife.

In truth, Nehru was adored, let us admit, because he was such a refreshing contrast to Gandhi. To an India that was parched of glamour in its leaders – to an India that had suffocated in the airless dowdiness of the Mahatma – Prime Minister Nehru was an aesthetic godsend.

After the ascetic strictness of the freedom movement, with its sartorial scolds and the oppression of khadi, the Nehru of Free India brought a gust of panache into the nation’s consciousness. His message was: Indians didn’t have to be plain. Indians didn’t have to be drab.

Nehru’s aesthetic predisposition wasn’t confined to his clothes and bearing. It also controlled his politics and his thought. Any discussion of his “style” must also include his political philosophy and preferences.

His vision for India sought to ensure that the country embarked on a path that was seemly. He was obsessively careful to thwart ugliness. “Never speak to me of profit,” he told JRD Tata, “It is a dirty word.” His secularism was also an aesthetic inclination. He was repulsed by religious ideologues, and was forever concerned with how they made India look – especially in the eyes of foreigners.

Writing to chief ministers on August 1, 1951, Nehru said: “Whatever harm communalism may do in India, and it can do great harm because it is a disruptive and degrading force, the harm it does to India in other countries is tremendous. Immediately the higher edifice that we have built up in their eyes begins to crack up and totter, and we appear to them as narrow-minded bigots following social customs which nobody in the world understands or appreciates.” What will they think of us? This is a political concern. It is also an aesthetic worry.

India’s industrialisation, and the modernisation wrought by massive infrastructural projects, were also regarded as essentially elegant objectives, “a fascinating vision of the future which fills one with enthusiasm.”

In April of 1948, Nehru the aesthete-moderniser wrote these remarkable lines, again in a letter to his chief ministers (I quote from Letters for a Nation, edited by Madhav Khosla, published recently by Penguin): “As I threw in some concrete, which was to form the base of the great Hirakud Dam, a sense of adventure seized me and I forgot for a while the many troubles that beset us.” The leader throws wet concrete, an adoring nation looks on. This perfect, escapist Nehruvian theatre sets India’s future in motion.

Evident in these few lines I quote – as well as in the majestic books he wrote – is his beautiful facility with language. His prose was irrefutably elegant, and it was the elegance of a man with an uncluttered mind. His use of the English language was his greatest stylistic marker, and while his prose was not always as stirring as Churchill’s, it was frequently the equal of the Englishman’s in clarity and cadence.

Ugly English pained him, and he was to write in lament of the decline of the language in India in the early years after Independence. “The kind of English that is written (by university students) is deplorable. Indeed, it is not English at all.”

Nehru had every right to pass stylistic judgment – after all, as the critic Chandrahas Choudhury has observed: “The most stirring sentences of 20th century Indian writing in English were composed by Nehru.”See more here:uk prom dresses | evening dresses


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Mistakes that women often make while dieting


Mistakes that women often make while dieting

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Do you feel like no matter what diet you try, you just don't seem to lose weight? Well that's probably because unknowingly you may be comitting common diet mistakes as follows...

Going overboard with olive oil

In their quest to eat healthy, many women think that because olive oil has so many health benefits, even a generous amount is fine. Experts, however, caution that while olive oil boasts of benefits like having heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, flavonoid antioxidants and vitamin E, it also has its share of calories (120 calories and 14 grams of fat per tablespoon).

What to do: Be cautious even while using olive oil. Measure out the oil before you use it so you can keep a track of your consumption.

Avoiding eating fruits

If you resist eating fruit by convincing yourself that it is laden with sugar and hence fattening, you're doing more harm than good. While fruits do have natural sugars, they also have good amount of essential vitamins, fibre and minerals that are known to make you feel full longer than regular snacks.

What to do: Fruits like apples, strawberries, grapefruits and watermelons are tasty and healthy choices for those on a diet.

Going gluten-free without being allergic

You need to have a good enough reason to go gluten free. Don't just go for it because other people are following it or because your favourite celeb swears by it.

A gluten-free diet is recommended for those who suffer from wheat-related bloating, which causes the Celiac disease. This is an autoimmune disorder where consuming wheat damages your small intestine.

Hence, a gluten-free diet is only for those people who suffer from it, not for those wanting to lose weight. By eliminating whole grains and wheat flour, you're keeping your body away from essential foods.

What to do: Include flax, millet and quinoa in your diet.

Barely eating and exercising for hours

If you think that by spending hours in the gym and cutting back drastically on your food intake will help you lose weight faster, you couldn't be more wrong.

When you reduce your meals and food portions, your metabolism automatically slows down and losing weight becomes even harder.

Even if you do lose those pounds, you will gain them back when you start eating regularly, thereby beating the very purpose of going on a diet.

What to do: Ask a nutritionist what your daily food requirements need to be. How many calories should you have per day as per your body structure, weight, etc.Read more at:plus size prom dresses


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Boost Brain Functions By Chewing On Ice


Ever sit down to dinner at your local restaurant to find the person next to you will not stop chewing the ice at the bottom of their empty glass? Is it enjoyable, a nervous tick, or are they getting some kind of benefit out of crushing ice with their teeth? A recent study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania has revealed that people who chew on ice as the result of an iron deficiency may actually be improving their neurocognitive abilities through their noisy behavior.

The compulsive desire to eat ice, also known as pagophagia, is nothing new in the medical community. This type of pica – a disorder that causes a strong appetite for substances with no nutrition — has long been associated with iron deficiency anemia — a condition that results from the body not having enough iron to produce hemoglobin, the part of red blood cells that allow it to carry oxygen throughout the body. UPenn researchers issued a survey that found pagophagia is much more common among people with an iron deficiency compared to healthy patients.

“They said, ‘It’s like a cup of coffee — I don’t feel awake unless I’m chewing ice,’” lead researcher Melissa Hunt said in a statement. “That immediately suggested to me there had to be a way of measuring an objective neurocognitive variable that ice was impacting for people with anemia.”

Hunt and her colleagues decided to test the alertness, vigilance, and reaction time of both heathy study participants and those suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Participants from both groups were asked to watch a computer screen that quickly displayed different images. They were asked to push a button after seeing a small square on top of a big square, but do nothing after seeing a big square on top of a small square. To show how long it took to focus on such a tedious task, images of different shapes flashed across the screen every second for 22 minutes.

Researchers controlled for hydration by giving the participants a cup of ice or an equal amount of room temperature water. Participants with iron deficiency anemia or severe attention deficit disorder produced slower and inconsistent reaction times when given a cup of room temperature water beforehand. However, when participants with the same conditions were given a cup of ice, they performed the task just as well as healthy participants.

“There is a very clear, functional impact on response time and cognitive processing seen only in anemic individuals,” Hunt added. “We think it has to be the case that ice is triggering some response that is getting more blood — and more oxygen — to the brain. The healthy controls have plenty of oxygen, so by getting a little more, they’re not getting any benefit from it.”

In addition to pagophagia, common symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include restless leg syndrome, poor appetite, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and inflammation or soreness of the tongue. Chewing ice has been linked to soothing tongue inflammation in the past; however, previous research has also shown that cravings only stop when iron levels return to normal. Iron deficiency anemia can be caused by blood loss, low iron in your diet, inability to absorb iron, or pregnancy.Read more | long prom dresses


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Top 15 home cardio workouts


Top 15 home cardio workouts

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No time to hit the gym? No problem! If you are a fitness, freak and all your fitness resolutions are going down hill due to your hectic schedule, then try these simple cardio exercises, which you can do anytime and anywhere, to burn quick calories and stay toned and healthy.

These cardio workouts are shared by Mike Jackson - Nutritional Consultant and Physique Transformation Specialist. This regime consists of low impact and high impact exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 1: Warm up

Begin your workout with a quick warm up session. This session will help you avoid injuries and make your workout more effective. So start by doing simple warm up sessions like stretching, bending, jogging etc.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 2: Jumping jacks

1. Start this childhood exercise by standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and let your arms hang down by your sides.

2. Jump up just off of the ground and spread your legs, while quickly raising your arms high above your head until your hands almost touch.

3. Keep your hands open with your palms facing away from you during the first part of the movement.

4. Bring your feet back to shoulder width while quickly lowering your arms back down to your sides to finish the first jumping jack repetition. Continue to repeat.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 3: Lateral jumps

1. Start this simple exercise by standing upright with your feet narrow under your hips.

2. Keep an object parallel to you, which is few inches tall.

3. Jump laterally over the object, keeping your feet together and raising your knees to elevate.

4. Land softly with your knees bent on the other side.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 4: Squats

1. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Don't rise on your toes or lift your heels off the ground.

2. Avoid letting knees extend very far past the toes. Keeping your heels firmly planted helps with this.

3. The general rule is to stand with feet shoulder-width apart, but taking a wider stance engages inner thigh muscles more (doesn't apply with one-leg squats).

4. Keep the back straight. You can bend at the hips, but your back should not curve.

5. If you're a beginner, start with bodyweight squats until you are comfortable with the motion.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 5: Lunges

1. Stand with feet hip-width apart.

2. Hold a dumbbell in either hand; if desired.

3. Take a big step forward with your right leg.

4. Bend both knees to slowly lower your body.

5. Don't bend knees more than 90 degrees and keep the front knee aligned over your front ankle.

6. Step back to the start position and repeat with left leg.

7. For explosive lunges: jump and switch legs in midair.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 6: Climber

1. Become a mountain climber at home to get those sexy legs. Start by being a plank position.

2. Perform a climber position by quickly alternating knees into chest, and then begin to 'run' feet about 45 degrees to the right.

3. Run back to centre and then travel 45 degrees to the left.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 7: Step exercise

Just use your steps to tone your body by skipping the elevator. When steps are taken regularly, they will help to tone and strengthen your leg muscles, besides it as easy as walking.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 8: High knees

On your marks, get set go to remember your childhood racing days with this exercise. Start in a standing position and begin the motion by running in place. Get the knees up as high as you can, the thighs should be parallel to the floor. Be gentle on your feet and keep the abs contracted.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 9: Running in place

This is a great cardio to burn some calories and raise your heartbeat. No much effort is required for this exercise, it is equivalent to running on a treadmill.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 10: Burpees

1. Start this burpee exercise from a standing position, and then drop into a squat with your hands on the ground.

2. Kick your feet back into a push-up position.

3. Jump back into a squat and then jump up with your arms extending overhead.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 11: Toe touching

Stand in an upright position. Bend at the waist, keeping your legs straight, until you can relax and let your upper body hang down in front of you. Let your arms and hands go down and then begin it to stretch to touch your toes. This simple exercise will help to improve the blood flow throughout your body and enhance flexibility. When performed at a high intensity, this exercise is great for burning fat as well as conditioning the muscles in your core and legs.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 12: Squat jump

1. Stand with your feet at shoulder width, arms by your side. Shift your hips downwards and make sure that your knees do not extend further than your toes.

2. Continue to lower yourself until you feel your heels lifts of the floor. With a very brief pause at the bottom, explode upwards through your lower extremity.

3. As you jump into the air, keep your feet level with each other and parallel with the floor. Attempt to land softly and quietly on the mid-foot, rolling backwards quickly towards the heels.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 13: Jogging

Jogging is a very good and simple exercise. You can go jogging outdoors or just jog in place while pushing your arms overhead. Try to kick high, as if you're kicking your own butt and really use the arms to raise the heart rate.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 14: Dancing

Dancing is a wonderful exercise, which not only helps to burn calories, but also lifts your mood. Play your favourite song and dance your way to good health.

Top Home Cardio Workouts # 15: Cool down

Once you are done with your workout, let your heart beat come to normal by walking around for a while or just relaxing in place. This will help your body cool and return to normalcy.Read more here:long prom dresses


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Train your little one for healthy digestion


Old habits die hard. Improve your child’s eating habits to help the kid remain healthy by getting proper nutrients. Like you teach manners to the kids you need to tell them what is healthy for their digestive system. Kids need the food guide; they need to understand the food guide. Children from the age of 2-3 years old are at the age they learn everything so quickly. Why would they not want to learn about what they are eating?

A child between the ages of 2-3 needs about 1000-1400calories per day, older kids and teenage girls should have an intake of about 1600-2200 calories and teenage boys should take about 2200-2800 calories. Children with extra physical activity on daily basis should have increased amount of calories. Kids need to be trained to enjoy every kind of food they should have a balanced diet with the right proportions.

Healthy Habits:

Sometimes the eating habits of the child can merely improve digestion. Children need to be told about eating manners. Some of the habits you can teach them are;

Eating too Fast:

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Children often swallow the food rather than chewing it. If they chew well the food will be easier to digest. Besides swallowing food, the habit of sitting and taking in proper portions of meals during meal times helps the child develop ahealthy digestive system. Do not get the child used to the grab-and-go food. No doubt it is easier to eat and feed but it is definitely not healthy. The slower they eat the more they enjoy their food and they eat as much as they are hungry for.

Tell the kids to focus on every bite this will create the awareness of what they are eating. Kids would know how much their body wants when they smell, touch and taste the food with full concentration so tell them to notice the food. Do not force the kids to eat because they might not be hungry let them feel hungry and learn to know what their body actually requires.

Cheat Days:

Give the kids incentive to have the healthy food. Like adults kids will do the positive act if they know they will get a reward. The kids might have easy access to the junk food if you incentivise them that you will treat them at their favourite place once a week or once a month if they have healthy diet every day they will have healthy food.

At least this way you can avoid their daily dosage of extra junk food and the drinks. Make sure you give them healthy snacks at home and you do not give them junk at home. Get the kids to have nuts instead of crisps or fruits and vegetables instead of fried snacks. Kids might like red pepper and carrots as they are sweet and crunchy vegetables. Great taste and good for digestion, if the kids love these vegetables what more could you ask for from God.

Healthy Drinks:

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Don’t give the kids the carbonated drinks at all; get them to drink juices, milk and milkshakes. If they do not have these drinks then give them water. Water would be best for their digestive system. Water clears out all the toxins of the body. Make the water, natural juices and milk easily accessible to the child. Whenever the kid is thirsty he/she can go and get it.

For kids to love the concept of water try adding a slice of lemon, orange or strawberry or their favourite fruit to their favourite glass or mug. So they are attracted by the look and it tastes good as well. This will help the children to develop another healthy digestive habit.

Less Technology Savvy

Kids today, have less physical activity due to technology advancement. Make the kids less tech-savvy and encourage them to go out and play for some physical and mental health. Physical activity will not just help the digestive system but it will also help boost the child’s confidence and self-esteem.


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West El Paso couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary


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Rudolph and Elvia Miles have been married for 70 years.

For the most part, they have lived in harmony except for one minor detail — their wedding anniversary date.

"They can't agree on their anniversary," said one of their sons, Alex Miles. The couple was married by a judge Nov. 3, 1944 in El Paso by a justice of the peace in Juárez Nov. 4, and had their church wedding and reception on Nov. 6 in Juárez.

The good thing is Miles doesn't mind giving in to Elvia — so they always celebrate on Nov. 6.

Rudolph, 94, who considers himself one of the first customs brokers in El Paso, said he met Elvia at a party in a Juárez club in 1940. Miles asked the pretty 19-year-old to dance.

"I was the only one," said Rudolph.

But Elvia, 92, quickly quipped "what do you mean the only one ... the only one that kept me from dancing with anybody else."

Back then, dating was about getting to know each other, often times with chaperones. So wherever Elvia and Rudolph went, her aunts went.

"She never had a date by herself until we got married," said Rudolph, who didn't mind the company on his dates to the movies or dances.

Because Rudolph was in the U.S. Air Force, most of their courtship was through loving letters from Juárez to St. Louis where he was first stationed.

"We wrote every day," Elvia said. The couple believe they never used a phone to connect at that time.

Elvia, who came from a prominent Mexican family whose home on 16 de Septiembre Avenue was later sold to singer-composer Juan Gabriel, wrote her letters in Spanish. Rudolph said he wrote in both Spanish and English.

The two got married about three years into their relationship after reassuring her father that he would not go overseas while in the military.

"I don't know how she convinced her father that I was not going to go overseas," he said.

Rudolph took his young bride to South Dakota where he was stationed. Though he had planned to stay in the service for one year, he ended up staying four years because of World War II. He worked in the military finance offices.

After getting out of the service for medical issues with ulcers, Rudolph and his wife returned to the border in 1945 and he started working for his father-in-law Manuel F. Mora in his customs brokerage business, Bailey Mora Co. in El Paso.

Elvia's father was president of the Juárez chamber of commerce in 1930, 1935 and 1947.

Rudolph worked at Bailey Mora until 1965, when he was the only one of five brokers left at the company. At the time, a customs brokerage corporation had to have at least two brokers so Rudolph went on his own and opened Rudolph Miles Customhouse Broker.

In later years, his sons would join the business.

Rudolph, who has survived a heart attack, two angioplasty operations and is in remission for multiple myeloma cancer, said he is very content with his business life, wife and children. The couple raised 10 children and have 24 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren.

Elvia said the secret to their happy marriage is "to not fight."

Son Alex Miles, their caretaker, said he believes his mom's favorite song may have something to do with their faithful marriage.

"Whenever they celebrate an anniversary, my mom usually requests the song, 'Solamente una Vez.' I think it shows that commitment that you make — that it's once in a lifetime," he said.


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