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A Month of Fashion Risks: Wear Clashing Stripes


A Month of Fashion Risks: Wear Clashing Stripes

What better way to ring in a new year than by stepping out of your comfort zone, style-wise? Check back here all month for a photo of a blogger, celebrity, or street style star who we feel took a fashion risk—and made us want to try it out ourselves, stat.

Is there anything better than a fashion trend you can pull from your own wardrobe and that doesn’t require you to buy anything new? We think not! Chances are you have at least a couple of stripey styles in your wardrobe–perhaps a horizontally striped t-shirt that you regularly pair with jeans, a long-sleeve blouse kept strictly for business hours, a pinstripe trench coat, or maybe a diagonally-striped skirt you love to wear in spring. Well, now’s the time to try a completely new way to style your striped separates.

Instead of wearing your stripes individually, trial that horizontally printed t-shirt alongside your diagonally printed skirt. Or, mix a pinstripe trench coat over a clashing sweater.

The key is to not just mix stripes that clash in direction, but also to pick prints that are different widths and sizes: A thick line print on your pants will look cool against a finely-striped blouse, and vice versa.

The easiest way to wear this trend is by sticking to black and white, but (if you’re game) throwing together navy and grey will work when the rest of the outfit is kept muted.


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Givenchy To Reportedly Show Couture Again


Givenchy To Reportedly Show Couture Again

Givenchy's creative director Riccardo Tisci told John Koblin, a style reporter for The New York Times, that "Givenchy would do couture again." The news was reported on Koblin's Twitter on Monday.

Tisci first joined the French fashion house in 2005. The designer consistently presented fall and spring couture collections until 2010, when he began to scale back. This was around the time that couture transitioned from being displayed on the runway to showing in a presentation setting, according toThe Fashion Law.

Back in 2012, Givenchy announced it would take a "hiatus" from showing a formal couture collection.

At the time, said it was likely because "the brand's plate is presumably full this year, with Riccardo Tisci co-hosting the Met Gala in May."
Then in June 2013, the brand halted its couture presentation for the second consecutive season. Though it was never confirmed, industry figures speculate that Tisci was just too busy focusing his attention on the growth and development of Givenchy's ready-to-wear.

At the time, he was also co-chairing the 2013 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, creating costumes for Beyoncé's tour, Rihanna's tour and for the Opèra Garnier in Paris. Additionally, Tisci was working to recover Givenchy's wristwatch collection, dress stars for the red carpet and create Kim Kardashian's wedding dress.

The designer continues to create exclusive dresses for clients, "special projects" and high-profile red carpet events.

Givenchy was absent from The Fédération Française de la Couture's most recent list of official couturiers. The brand hasn't been mentioned on the list since spring 2013.

Givenchy is the LVMH's fifth most profitable brand — following Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi and Marc Jacobs, The Fashion Law reported. According to the past several years' worth of LVMH Annual Reports, "Givenchy saw strong revenue growth thanks to solid performance across all product categories."


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Outrigger delivers couple to wedding on time: photos


Outrigger delivers couple to wedding on time: photos

Wollongong Harbour said "aloha" on Saturday as newlyweds Manii Verzosa and Tara St John Cox said "I do" with a Hawaiian-inspired wedding.

The couple paid homage to Mr Verzosa's Hawaiian roots on their big day, even travelling from their nuptials together in an outrigger canoe.

Wollongong Five Islands Outrigger Canoe Club member Milton Stoyles was part of a 12-man crew who rowed the pair across Wollongong Harbour from their ceremony, admitting there was a bit of pressure on the team.

"We definitely didn't want them to fall in," he joked. "There was 12 of us taking them, so we felt pretty confident.

"We've done it once before for another member and we didn't lose anyone then, but we rowed a guy over for the New Year's Eve fireworks one year and he fell out, so you've got to be careful."

The pair were married overlooking the harbour, with around 40 guests watching on.Mr Stoyles said the crew were thrilled to help the groom - a long-term member of the club and a retired sergeant and officer in charge of the Illawarra Police Rescue squad - on his special day.

"He's one of the founding members of the club and he's been with us for more than 10 years, so it wasn't even a question that we'd do it," he said.

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Fashion: Local company Bellemine’s iron-on patches


Fashion: Local company Bellemine’s iron-on patches

Practical, fun and made in Montreal: these iron-on patches feature designs by award-winning illustrator Isabelle Arsenault.

With images like moose, decorated ovals, birds and Band-aids, the patches come in different sizes and each image is a limited edition.

Arsenault credits her two sons for inspiring her to launch a line of iron-on patches. “Their pants were always worn out with holes in the knees,” she said. She wanted to buy patches to extend the life of their pants, but she said, “I realized there was nothing around that was my style or what I had in mind.”

Arsenault approached her longtime friend, marketer Jasmine Evangeliste, with the idea. They combined their two first names for the company name, and launchedBellemine in October 2013.

From the beginning, Arsenault said, the response to their patches has been positive. “Everyone has a need for a patch — from kids to older people.”

The patches come in three sizes: large patches are approximately 10 by 10 cm, small ones are 5 by 5 cm, and mini patches are 2 by 2 cm. The patches adhere to most types of fabric when pressed on with a hot iron.

While Arsenault hand-draws most of Bellemine’s images, an embroidery company in the Plateau digitizes the images, machine embroiders them on sheets of washable felt, cotton or denim, backs the sheets with a heat-activated sealant, and then each patch is cut out by hand.

Each image is only produced 100 times.

“We prefer to add new styles rather than just reproduce old ones,” Arsenault said, adding that Bellemine customers appreciate knowing their patch is limited, and unique.

Arsenault’s patch designs include stars, pockets, bikes, boats and honeybees. She said her sons inspire some of her designs, and a robot patch Bellemine is selling was designed by one of her sons.

Arsenault also considers Montreal a source of inspiration. “My kids were born and raised in Mile End, playing in the alleys, parks, biking and skate boarding,” she said. “I wanted to create patches that reflected the diversity, the wide range of cultural influences, the urban spirit of Montreal.”

Bellemine is also now collaborating with other creators. Patches including teeth, sunny-side-up eggs, and “Abracadabra” stars were designed by local children’s clothing designer Chantale Grenon of Double Yellow Line.

Both Arsenault and Evangeliste have full-time work elsewhere, and they recently added Jane Gibb to the Bellemine team to publicize the company, and to reach out to new stores and events.

Bellemine patches are sold in several Montreal boutiques, including Buk & Nola, 1593 Laurier Ave. E., Raplapla, 69 Villeneuve St. E. and Comme des Enfants, 122 Bernard Ave. W.

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‘Fashion is Freedom’


‘Fashion is Freedom’

Milwaukee Art Museum’s ‘50 Years of Ebony Fashion’

“Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair,” opening at the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) on Thursday, Feb. 5, offers a spectacular viewing of haute couture ensembles from the 1960s through the present while inviting critical reflection on the struggles of African Americans for access to the world of fashion design. On display will be nearly 100 original objects, including accessories and ensembles, from leading European and American designers. Photographs and videos accompany. The ensembles include creations by prominent European designers Laura Biagiotti, Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin; the Dominican Republic’s Oscar de la Renta; Japan’s Issey Miyake; Turkey’s Balizza; and Americans Bill Blass, Halston, Fabrice Simon and Bob Mackie.

The elegant ensembles chosen for this exhibition were selected from a collection of originals that appeared in the Ebony Fashion Fairs over five decades. Ebony Fashion Fair began in 1958 as a project of the John H. and Eunice W. Johnson family, publishers of America’s flagship black magazines, Ebony and Jet. The aim of the Ebony Fair, last seen in 2009, exemplified the Johnsons’ commitment to visually show and celebrate the best of black life. At its peak, the Fair enabled African Americans in 187 cities across the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean to celebrate their identity while enjoying first-hand access to international fashion. It gave black women and men access to the same fashion creations as others enjoyed. This was especially important at a time when even department stores were not necessarily free of discrimination. Eunice is said to have spent more than $1 million for each year’s purchases. She was known in the industry for her shrewd bargaining skills.

The Fair served as a model of African American success in business. At the same time, it helped to advance civil rights. Aspiring young black models competed to present thehaute couture fashion at the Fair. For them, and young black designers, the Fair offered inspiration and opportunities to advance their careers. Every Fair supported local charity events. Collectively, the Fairs provided millions to support black charitable interests including the United Negro College Fund.

Sande Robinson, MAM board member and former head of the Marquette Educational Opportunities Program, recalls attending these events both in Cleveland and in Milwaukee. “The Ebony Fair was a special social event for middle- and upper-middle-class black people to dress up in their finest, have fun and feel good about themselves,” she says. “Recalling the Ebony Fair in the exhibition is important for the new generation of young blacks today as it inspires hope in the possibilities for success and resistance to racial discrimination.”

James Hall, past president of NAACP Milwaukee Chapter, also remembers warmly his own visits to the Fashion Fairs. “For black people who, in the half century preceding the start of the Fashion Fair, had embraced civil rights and social uplift, the Fashion Fair had a similar effect regarding style and beauty as did the James Brown song, ‘Say It Loud—I’m black and I’m Proud,’” he says.

Guest curator Camille Morgan finds “Inspiring Beauty” a “truly American story told through the democratizing power of fashion. Through the incredible costumes in the exhibition, you experience the liberation that style and beauty brings as opposed to the anxiety that often permeates the [fashion] industry. For 50 years, the Ebony Fashion Fair empowered women of all colors, shapes, sizes and sensibilities to explore their own ideas of what it means to be valued even if that wasn’t the message they were getting from their culture or society. Here, fashion is freedom.”

The Johnson family’s efforts are part of a move worldwide to recognize the contributions of black women to social change. As late as 1946, Vogue School of Modeling turned away a black model. By 1974, black supermodel Beverly Johnson was featured on the cover of American Vogue. And in 1979, a Black Fashion Museum opened at the Smithsonian in Washington, D. C.

Like MAM’s 2013 exhibit, “30 Americans,” “Inspiring Beauty” draws attention to significant black participation in our shared culture. Both show that the appreciation of beauty and artistic creativity transcends ethnic or racial differences. As positive steps toward recognition of African American contributions to our culture, such exhibitions celebrate the importance of African American presence in our city. Perhaps MAM’s efforts might also encourage other Milwaukee social and cultural institutions to explore positive ways to reduce the racial tensions that emerge in a city that holds the unholy distinction of being the most segregated in the nation.

“Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair” represents the joint efforts of the Chicago History Museum, Mount Mary University and MAM. It runs through May 3.

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Kym Marsh in racy lace dress for Rosso night out


Kym Marsh in racy lace dress for Rosso night out with Corrie co-stars Katie McGlynn and Antony Cotton

Coronation Street favourite Kym braved the cold in black lace dress to head to Rosso restaurant with Katie and Antony

The temperatures may be plummeting but it didn't stop Kym Marsh wearing another glamorous ensemble for a night out with her Coronation Street pals.

Stunning Kym wore a black lace-topped dress with full black miniskirt, showing off her toned pins as well as showing off her black bra, as she headed to Rosso Restaurant on Spring Gardens.

She was joined at the celebhaunt Italian by co-stars Katie McGlynn in a glittery blue dress and Antony Cotton.

The three soap stars are about to be caught up in one of Corrie's most dramatic storylines when the minibus they're all travelling in with staff from the Underworld factory crashes.

Katie, who plays Sinead, is one of the most badly injured in the crash scenes, which will be screened on Corrie on Monday night.

The minibus is driven by Steve McDonald, played by Simon Gregson, and while the crash leaves him severely traumatised it does reunite him and Michelle, played by Kym - and it has been revealed the couple will marry in the summer.

Meanwhile it appears that there was some confusion about who Kym's real-life boyfriend was on her Saturday night out.

For she tweeted: "@antonycotton funny night babes. And love how people always think we are a couple."

Of course Kym's real-life love is personal trainer Dan Hooper, and the couple recently announced they are to marry.

Kym showed off her huge sparkling engagement ring as she headed to Rosso. Lucky girl!

She was later spied with the other man in her life - her son David - when they headed to The Milton Club on Deansgate together.

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Shay Mitchell Talks 'PLL' Character Fashion with YAHOO!


Shay Mitchell Talks 'PLL' Character Fashion with YAHOO!

When we say Shay Mitchell, do you think Pretty Little Liars?

Most people do, and Shay does not mind it one bit. While sitting down with Yahoo! to talk about fashion and looking herself up on the internet, Shay also shares her thoughts on playing a lesbian on a family TV show.

There is no surprise to us that Shay loves playing Emily on PLL, as she has said time and time again, but there is one thing she is sick of being asked...

"Every single interview was always, 'What's it like to play a gay character?' It would be nice if I was never asked that again. Why isn't anyone asking the other girls what it's like to kiss a boy?"

But there is certainly one aspect about portraying an openly gay character on TV that Shay adores; and that is the fact that she can spark a conversation for teens struggling with being open to their families.

"I know kids are watching it with their families. If someone can say, 'Oh Mom, I relate to her,' then the conversation can begin."

And while she may play a very complicated character on ABC Family, Shay says her personal life is not as dramatic. While searching herself with Yahoo!they discovered there was not much "dirty" on her.

Check out what Shay has to say about her less-than-notable dirt in the video below, along with her favorite things to rock on her day off. Let us know in the comments below if you follow Shay on social media and love to copy her personal style!

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Wanita Ini Jajal 12 Jenis Diet dalam Setahun


Wanita Ini Jajal 12 Jenis Diet dalam Setahun

(Photo:prom dresses 2016)

Untuk memperoleh bentuk tubuh dan penampilan yang senantiasa menarik dan terjaga, para selebriti wanita terkadang menjalankan diet yang ketat. Tidak hanya itu, mereka pun harus rutin berolahraga di sela-sela kesibukan yang padat.

Seorang wanita bernama Rebecca Harrington (29), menghabiskan waktu selama setahun penuh untuk menjajal 12 jenis diet dan pola makan ala selebriti yang kemudian dirangkum dalam sebuah buku yang dia tulis sendiri, berjudul I'll Have What She's Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting. Buku ini merangkum beragam jenis diet selebriti, mulai dari yang paling nikmat hingga yang paling tidak enak.

Awalnya, Rebecca sempat mencoba diet ketat ala mantan presiden AS, William Howard Taft, tapi sayangnya berakhir gagal. Kemudian, dia pun mencoba pola makan ala Elizabeth Taylor yang menginspirasinya untuk membuat sebuah buku tentang diet.

Rebecca mencoba untuk bertahan menjalankan satu jenis diet selama 10 hari. Setiap jenis diet yang dijalankannya memberikan beragam efek dan tantangan yang berbeda, tetapi tidak jarang pula malah menyenangkan. Hasil yang diperoleh dari masing-masing diet pun beragam.

Menurut Rebecca, diet ala Beyonce Knowles adalah yang paling efektif untuk menurunkan berat badan. Sebab, diet tersebut berhasil menurunkan berat badannya turun hingga 10 pon atau sekitar 5 kilogram. Diet Beyonce ini dikenal dengan istilah Master Clease. Aturannya, Anda hanya boleh mengonsumsi protein sesuai kurun waktu yang Anda inginkan.

Selain itu, Rebecca juga menjalankan diet ala selebriti masa lampau seperti Jackie Kennedy dan Marilyn Monroe. Diet yang dilakukan kedua selebriti tersebut termasuk mengonsumsi dua butir telur mentah yang dicampur susu hangat untuk sarapan, melewati makan siang, dan kembali makan pada malam hari.

"Pada masa lalu, makanan diet berlimpah namun menjijikan. Di masa kini, makanan diet hanya berporsi sedikit namun rasanya lebih enak. Aku tidak tahu yang mana yang lebih manusiawi," ujar Rebecca.Read more at:graduation dresses


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Doctors explore health benefits of avocado


(Photo:cheap prom dresses)

The age-old saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' could be replaced in favour of 'an avocado a day', following the publication of new research that shows the vegetable could help to prevent the development of heart disease.

Doctors from the US and Australia drew on the results of previous studies showing that avocados can assist in lowering cholesterol to analyse exactly how the high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids present in them can have this effect.

The team monitored 45 healthy, but overweight adults aged between 21 and 70 as they followed three diets over a five-week period. One of these consisted of 24 per cent fat, so was deemed as 'low-fat', while the other two were based around the consumption of 34 per cent of fats and were labelled 'moderate' for the purpose of the study.

These two higher-fat diets were almost identical, except one contained a Hass avocado each day. This form of the vegetable is smaller and darker, with bumpier green skin than the arguably more popular Florida varieties.

Participants were given a two-week break between the different diets, with blood samples being taken at the start and end of each.

It was found that all three of the diets resulted in levels of bad cholesterol being lowered, but this appeared to be much more significant among those eating the daily avocado.

Overall, participants following the avocado diet saw their bad cholesterol levels reduced by 13.5 mg, in comparison to the 8.3 mg and 7.4 mg decreases of those on the moderate and low-fat diets respectively.

Therefore, this indicates that eating an avocado each day could help to prevent heart disease, as this is often the result of high levels of bad cholesterol.

Distinguished professor of nutrition at University Park in Pennsylvania Penny M Kris-Etherton commented: 'This was a controlled feeding study, but that is not the real world, so it is more of a proof-of-concept investigation.

'We need to focus on getting people to eat a healthy diet that includes avocados and other food sources of better fats.'

She suggested a number of ways in which avocados could be incorporated into a person's diet, including as a sandwich filling, as part of a salad or as an accompaniment to vegetables.Read more at:prom dresses 2016


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Porridge is good for you


( cocktail dresses)

So it seems our mothers were right after all — if you eat up all your porridge, you could enjoy a long and healthy life.

The mothers of the nation didn’t need a scientific study to tell them what they already knew, but the clever folks at Harvard University in the US have, for the first time, examined how how wholegrains impact on long-term life span.

The researchers followed more than 100,000 people for well over a decade monitoring their diets and health outcomes. Every subject in the study was healthy in 1984 when it began, but more than 26,000 had died by 2010 when a follow-up was carried out.

However, researchers found those who ate the most wholegrain foods — such as porridge, quinoa, and brown rice — were better protected from a range of illnesses and, in particular, heart disease.

For each ounce of wholegrains eaten per day, the risk of death was reduced by 5% and deaths specifically to heart disease by 9%, the study found.

The positive health findings remained the same even when allowing for different age profiles, smoking habits, body mass index, and a person’s level of physical exercise.

Dr Hongyu Wu of Harvard School of Public Health and lead author of the study, said eating more whole grains not only was beneficial to health but may actually increase life expectancy.

“These findings further support current dietary guidelines that recommend increasing whole grain consumption to facilitate primary and secondary prevention of chronic diseases and also provide promising evidence that suggests a diet enriched with whole grains may confer benefits toward extended life expectancy.”

Wholegrains are rich sources of protein, fibre, vitamin E, B-vitamins, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, unsaturated fats, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Studies have shown that a diet rich in wholegrain, and not simply fibre, may prevent or control diseases such as heart disease, diverticulitis, type 2 diabetes, cancer (especially of the bowel), and obesity.

According to the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, including wholegrains as part of your diet will provide you with many nutrients that can improve your basic health.Read more cheap prom dresses


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