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Quirky make-up ideas and grandmom's tips!


Quirky make-up ideas and grandmom's tips!

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Global beauty blogger Deepica Mutyala's makeup tips on YouTube has earned her millions of fans. Here's why


Most people apply mascara outward, going towards their ears to create a sort of `cat eye' look, but for a more wide awake look, apply your mascara inwards. By re-directing the lashes, your eyes will pop and look more refreshed. A great way to make your eyes twinkle is by using a light-coloured eyeliner in the water line of your eye instead of black. I like to use gold or silver eyeliner (depending on my outfit). One of my favourite looks is liquid liner on the top eye, silver liner on the bottom water line, with mascara on both top and bottom lashes. I sometimes even carry the lighter liner into the corners of my eye to act as an eyeshadow.


I recently started to use coconut oil on my hair, body, and face. Yes, the same coconut oil South Asian women grew up seeing their mom put in their hair. I used to rebel when my mom wanted to put it in my hair but it's really served as a miracle product for me. I've already noticed my hair look shinier, face feel more nourished, and body less dry. It's funny how sometimes the simplest products can make the biggest impacts.


Indian women don't play with braids enough because they fear that it'll look too traditional. But there are so many ways to experiment with them. Try the voluminous messy fishtail. It's a great way to stand out in a room full of straightened or curled hair.


A lipstick can change your entire beauty look and really make your outfit pop. It can be intimidating at first. I started with a bold red lipstick and now do everything from plums, bright pink, fuchsia, and orange shades. I challenge women to mix it up - the key is to wear it with confidence. You can make your lips look more full by using a lip liner that's a shade or two darker than your lipstick and dabbing your lips with a highlighter. The trick is called `overlining' your lips and has been done by several celebrities recently. I like to think of it as lip contouring.


Use a brow pencil: You know that feeling you get after getting your eyebrows threaded? You look in the mirror and say to yourself "this completely changed my face". That's the same effect that filling in your brows does! I think it's the product that most Indian women don't realise they need (because we tend to already have dark, thick brows) but you can't live without it once they see the difference it makes.

Finding a good concealer: I think if you surveyed all Indian women and asked what their number one beauty concern is, it'd be dark circles. Finding the right concealer makes a huge difference in your overall look. Of course, if you still need the extra help, the red lipstick trick does wonders.

Using a highlighter illuminator: If you want radiant skin, I have two tips: 1) Drink tons of water and 2) Find a killer highlighter. Highlighter looks great with Indian clothes.

It's extra accentuated because of all the fun jewellery we wear. Read more here:classy prom dresses


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Now, heart attack, stroke risk can be predicted


Now, heart attack, stroke risk can be predicted

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A new tool, dubbed as Globorisk, can help chart risks of heart attack, stroke for anyone in world aged over 40.

For the first time, scientists have developed a new risk score that can predict the 10-year risk of developing heart disease or having a stroke in persons aged 40 years or older in any world country.

Globorisk measures cardiovascular risk in individuals aged 40 or older by factoring in the person's smoking status, blood pressure, diabetes status, and total cholesterol level, whilst adjusting for the effects of sex and age on cardiovascular disease between countries.

The researchers recalibrated and applied their risk score to 11 countries from different world regions, using data from recent national health surveys to replace the average age-and-sex risk factor levels in each country and incorporating cardiovascular disease death rates for each age-and-sex group.

They developed country-specific risk charts for predicting individuals' risk of cardiovascular disease, and country-specific assessments of the 10-year cardiovascular disease burden.

They estimated that the proportion of people at high risk (10percent or higher) of having a fatal heart attack or stroke within 10 years was higher in low- and middle-income countries (eg, China and Mexico) compared with high-income countries (eg, South Korea, Spain, and Denmark).

For example, in China around a third of men and women (nearly 170 million aged between 40 and 84 years) have a high 10-year risk of dying from a cardiovascular event compared with only 5-10 percent of men and women in Spain and Denmark. Read more here:celebrity style dresses


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Zoe Saldana finds Dolce & Gabbana boycott stupid


Zoe Saldana finds Dolce & Gabbana boycott stupid

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Celebrities like Elton John, Ryan Murphy and Andy Cohen may have said they would no longer flaunt the Dolce & Gabbana brand, but "Avatar" actress Zoe Saldana is not joining the boycott.

"That would be the stupidest thing if it affected my fashion choice," quoted Saldana as saying.

"Obviously, it caused some sensitivity, but then again if you continue to follow the news, you see they all kinda hugged it out, so why are we making a big deal about it," she wondered.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the designers behind Dolce & Gabbana, made controversial statements during an interview with an Italian magazine. The designers said that children born through in vitro fertilisation were "synthetic".

Dolce said: "You are born to a mother and a father or at least that's how it should be. I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Rented uterus, semen chosen from a catalogue."

Gabbana added: "The family is not a fad. In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging."

After their statements, some Hollywood figures including John, Murphy, Cohen, Ricky Martin, Madonna, Sharon Stone and Ellen DeGeneres decided to boycott the fashion designing company. Read more here:plus size formal dresses


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6 reasons you should adopt a pet


6 reasons you should adopt a pet

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Pets are more than just pawsome pals...

Amidst the trials and tribulations of everyday life, having the cute furries around, has a positive and soothing effect. They are magical healers. They paw off stress, and this automatically leads to your wellbeing.

"One of the students said his doctor asked him to spend more time with his pet, and he felt less anxious and more relaxed after petting his new dog," says visiting assistant English professor Tina Colvin of the prestigious Emory University at Atlanta.

Here are 6 ways in which you can pet away your health problems:

1. The vibration scheme: Whenever you pet an animal, you get positive vibes. Animal activist Bhavin Gathani says, "When you cuddle a dog, you start feeling good and extremely positive. It decreases your tension and you forget your tediousness." When you connect with your pet, oxytocin, the stress and anxiety relief hormone, is released, thus reducing blood pressure and lowering cortisol levels. The vibration scheme can prove helpful for mentally challenged children as well. So, who needs a Midas touch, when you already have a healing one?

2. The feel good factor: When you have pets, you automatically feel great from inside, and depression feels insecure. Shakuntala Majumdar, member of an animal welfare board, feels, "By spreading unconditional love and affection, a pet increases its owner's life span. Taking care of them, or interacting with these great intuitive listeners, can leave the owners feeling happier, thus decreasing the blood pressure, pulse rate and even lowering the cholesterol and triglyceride levels."

3. Loneliness, what's that? Pets provide a feeling of security, and hence, you feel much more confident. Dog parks enhance socialising opportunities for both your dog and you. Your furry can mix with the other furries, and you too can connect with new people. Even if you don't have enough friends, you don't care, as your pet doesn't take long in becoming your best buddy. It gives you a reason to live. You love it, and just see, how much love you get back.

4. Ensures physical and mental fitness: Play and dance with your poodle or your feline darling! You are anything, but lazy, when your pet is around. Dr. Parul Parpani, a veterinary doctor, says, "When you take a walk outside with your furry buddy, you not only feel fresh and de-stressed, but it also keeps you going." Try going out early in the morning amidst the serenity of nature, and see how you feel. Nature has a calming effect on you. The sun imparts Vitamin D, which fights obesity, cancer, depression and heart attack.

5. No allergy, only energy: Being with pets abandons lethargy. Studies have shown in the past that children, who grow up with puppies and kittens, are lesser prone to allergies and asthma, and possess strong immunity.

6. They keep you engaged: Spending quality and fun time with your pet, takes your mind off things that are troubling you. Hence, anxiety never ever gets the better of you. A pet parrot can be a very cute and loving companion, as it repeats whatever you say. If you're the efficient teacher, it's the zealous student. You won't even realise how time flies by.

You should always adopt, and never purchase a pet. A house with a pet is like a garden full of flowers. Always remember, a loving mutual relationship is mandatory between a person and his pet. So love, and be loved. Read more here:unique prom dresses


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Hormone can get you good night's sleep amid noise


Hormone can get you good night's sleep amid noise

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Using melatonin hormone can provide better quality sleep compared to using an eye mask and earplugs in a noisy and illuminated environment, researchers report.

Melatonin is the hormone secreted by the body to regulate sleep, usually in periods of darkness. Synthetically produced melatonin is used to boost the body's own melatonin levels to treat some sleep disorders and sometimes as a means of overcoming jet lag.

"Both use of oral melatonin and use of earplugs and eye masks improve sleep quality at different levels, especially melatonin. Discomfort from use of earplugs and eye masks might affect sleep quality which was not reported with melatonin," explained lead researcher professor Xiu-Ming Xi from Fuxing Hospital, Capital Medical University in Beijing.

In intensive care units (ICUs), disturbances throughout the night caused by noise and light have been linked to slower recovery.

For the study published in open access journal Critical Care, researchers recruited 40 healthy participants to study the effects simulated ICU conditions had on sleep patterns.

After the first four nights, the participants were randomly divided into four equal groups but continued to sleep in the simulated ICU. The first group did not receive any sleep aid. The second were provided with eye masks and earplugs.

The third group took one mg of fast-release oral melatonin when going to bed. The final group of participants was given a placebo.

It was found that all sleep patterns were disturbed by exposure to the simulated ICU environment. This resulted in feelings of anxiety and reduced quality of sleep.

Those participants that used either eye masks and earplugs or oral melatonin had improved sleep.

"Those who took melatonin were found to have decreased awakenings during the night even compared to the eye mask and earplugs group," Xi noted.

The quality of the sleep was also found to be much improved for those taking melatonin, with reported lower anxiety levels. Future studies need to be carried out on a larger group of diverse participants, the team concluded. Read more here:prom dresses


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10 lifestyle changes for razor-sharp memory


10 lifestyle changes for razor-sharp memory

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Slave to post-its? These easy lifestyle changes will make your memory razor-sharp.


Any sort of sleep deprivation, even losing as little as an hour a night, can hamper memory. This is because when you sleep, a part of the brain called the hippocampus files away memories from the day. Missing out on sleep disrupts this process and can make you more forgetful. A comprehensive new US study even found that `banking' eight hours of quality shuteye a night in middle age could help avoid Alzheimer's in later life.


Mixing up everyday activities can keep your brain in good shape say experts at Harvard University in America. This can be as simple as brushing your teeth with the other hand, taking a new route to work or simply swapping your knife and fork around. These small changes force your brain cells to adapt and communicate with each other, giving them a good workout and preventing them dying off prematurely.


Can't recall where you left those keys? Shutting your eyes for a short time could help you remember, scientists at the University of Surrey discovered earlier this year. They found that participants in a test with their eyes closed correctly answered over 70 per cent of questions correctly, compared to only 40 per cent of those with their eyes open. According to lead researcher Dr Robert Nash, closing your eyes stops you being distracted and therefore frees up brain power. He explains, "It might also help people visualise the details of the event they are trying to remember."


Over time, high BP can narrow the arteries, reducing blood flow to the brain and triggering episodes of forgetfulness. One study by the University of Alabama in America, found that people with high blood pressure were more likely to have memory problems -and higher the BP, the worse the problem. If you're over 40, or have a family history of heart disease, see your GP to get it checked.


A study by Toulouse University, France, found gaining weight can harm memory -the more overweight you are, the lower recall rate dips. Researchers think fat may clog arteries in the brain, preventing healthy blood circulation, just as it blocks those in the heart.


Need an excuse to treat yourself? Researchers at Duke University in North Carolina in America, have found that retail therapy can improve the memories of older shoppers. And it's all thanks to our love of a good bargain, which requires the use of an additional brain area. Why? We have to try to remember a lot of information to compare and contrast and pick the best deal.


Counting up how much you're spending as you put items in your shopping basket is another great workout for your grey matter. The mental challenge activates the `working memory' part of your brain, which is crucial for focus, concentration and planning. Studies show working memory decreases by up to 10 per cent each decade after 25, but training it in such ways can improve its function.


Eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O'Brien is a fan of the link method for remembering a list of words or shopping items. To do it, you simply make a link between each of the objects. For example, try remembering the following words: torch, grapes, a ring, sherry. Imagine shining a torch on a bunch of grapes. Inside one of the grapes you see a ring sparkling with diamonds. As you squeeze the grape, the ring falls into a glass of sherry.


Rich in the nutrient choline, chicken, along with eggs, fish and beans, can help keep the brain in top form. Researchers at Tufts University found that people who ate plenty of choline tended to perform better in memory tests and were less likely to display the brain changes that are associated with dementia And after the chicken snack, make sure you floss. Poor gum health could damage your brain.Studies have found people with gum disease tend to score lower in memory tests, which dental researchers say may be because infected gums release inflammatory by-products into the bloodstream that travel to the areas of the brain involved in memory. So as well as keeping your teeth and gums healthy, brushing and flossing twice daily could help keep your memory sharp.


From Paleo to Atkins, diets that ban carbohydrates are as popular as ever, but going without bread and rice can leave you fuzzy-headed and forgetful, according to a study by Tufts University, near Boston in America.This is because your brain runs on carbohydrates, so when you avoid them, you're depriving it of its main fuel. Wholegrain carbs are also rich in B vitamins, low levels of which can trigger memory loss. But don't skip eating protein either, as research shows lean meat, fish and dairy are vital for a good attention span. Read more here:formal dresses uk


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Here's how to rock the casual style of dressing


Here's how to rock the casual style of dressing

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A casual, confident style of dressing is giving women a true sense of power at boardrooms.

Power dressing -as we knew it -is a thing of the past. Style pundits are urging women to embrace comfortable clothes for work, rather than dressing to impress men, if they want to truly embrace their femininity and display their strength. Instead of the black suits and pencil pants that had clout, it's now about flowy alternatives like culottes, knits and jackets.

The focus is now on a flattering wardrobe that gives you inner confidence. The same applies for the casual wardrobe too. Overalls or jeans and sandals with socks aren't what one could consider fashionable, but this season, they sit firmly on top of shopping lists.The bottomline is, basic and comfy equals chic. International designers like Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Thakoon as well as desi designers like Nishka Lulla, Aneeth Arora, Krishna Mehta and Deepika Govind are show casing comfier dressing, the kind you'd see on tourists. Meanwhile stylish celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Alba and Kylie Kardashian are being spotted in oversized tees, baggy dresses, unbranded denims and sneakers with socks.

This tourist-style dressing has, over the past few months, evolved into an unlikely fashion movement that is giving women the realisation that nothing beats comfort in leading a truly successful and active life. Pleated skirts and ponchos, crochet knits, sloppy tees and ultra loose pants have become the must-haves.

When it comes to accessorising too, it's more backpacker and practical than blingy and ornate. So, glossy `it' bags that need to be held in the crook of the arm and six-inch stilettos that slow down your pace are giving way to bright backpacks and Birkenstocks.

This change in outlook has multiple advantages. There's less of a chance of feeling pressurised to look picture-perfect and more opportunity to let your hair down and give your tired feet a break. The best part: it's the kind of look every women can nail, from the luxury lover to the executive to the backpacking student. Read more here:prom dress shops


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Demystifying headaches: Top 20 types of headaches


Demystifying headaches: Top 20 types of headaches

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Many of us fail to give much importance to our daily headaches. It is most likely to be considered as a minor disturbance, which can be healed with a dose of aspirin and some rest.

However, this is not a long term solution for your headaches because when this worrying pain in your temple gets worse and becomes a documented routine pattern, it takes a lot more than popping fills to find some relief.

One must understand that all headaches are unique and thus, each kind requires a unique treatment. If your headache is making you miss your school or office, then you must surely term it into an unbearable thing. But it just doesn't end there as the common symptoms accompanied with headaches are nausea, vomiting, dizziness and visual disturbance. But what's the reason? There can be numerous causes for your throbbing headache. Today, we have Dr. K.M. Sunesara to help us understand the different kinds of headaches.

Headache type # 1: Tension headaches

Every individual must have suffered from this type of headache as it is very common. It is usually caused due to stress or due to some problems with the muscles in the neck or face. Though these types of headaches are not regular, but few people get it too frequently due to living a stressful life. The symptoms of tension headaches are feeling pressure or tightness around the head. It is usually healed with a good sleep and some exercise, but if the problem continues, it is recommended that you seek some expert help.

Headache type # 2: Migraines

The actual reason behind migraines is still a secret but at times genes also plays a huge role in migraines which can cause hereditary abnormalities in some parts of the brain. Migraine is caused due to abnormal brain activity which can be triggered by genes or sound, which further affects the blood vessels in the brain. Migraines can range from moderate to severe pains. It usually occurs at least 1-4 times a month. The other symptoms which are associated with migraines are sensitivity to light and noise, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness and blurred vision. A person with throbbing headache should meet a doctor at its earliest to avoid later problems.

Headache type # 3: Cluster headaches

The main symptom of cluster headache is bad throbbing pain on one side of the face. The pain is usually around the area of the eye. It is accompanied with red eye, tears and running nose. The intensity of the pain is unbearable. Dr. Vihang - Psychiatrist at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai says - the pain can go so grave that a person can actually try killing themselves. It usually occurs in clusters, which occurs at the same time every day. This ruining cycle can go on for days, months or even years. Hence, to get rid of this excruciating pain, seek medical help when you feel the signs of this headache.

Headache type # 4: Mixed headache syndrome

This type of headaches is a combination of migraine as well as tension headache. The pain can be too intense and excruciating. A good sleep in a dark room and a cup of green tea can give great benefits to the sufferer.

Headache type # 5: Hangover headaches

Oh! Your weekend booze party can put to bed with a strong and very bad hangover headache. The reason behind the headache is none other than your booze. Too much alcohol consumption can widen the blood vessels in the brain which can alter the serotonin on nerve endings which can further cause very bad headaches. The pain can go after some good sleep. Alcohol can also be the cause of cluster headaches.

Headache type # 6: Sinus headaches

The symptoms of sinus headaches are intense pain in the cheekbones, throbbing headache and pain at the bridge of the nose. The headache usually starts when; the sufferer gets a sinus attack. The headache can be caused due to running nose, which abrupt the blood flow to the brain vessels. The headache is accompanied with other symptoms like nasal discharge, buzzing of the ears and red eyes.

Headache type # 7: Medication overdose headache

This type of a headache is very difficult to diagnose. The main cause of the headache is using a particular medicine over a long period of time. The symptoms of this headache are similar to tension headaches and occur when a person uses a certain painkiller for more than 15 days a month. The best way to get rid of this type of headache is by stop depending on painkillers for quick relief.

Headache type # 8: Hormone headaches

This type of headaches can be seen in both males as well as females. It usually occurs more in females due to constant hormonal changes in the body. The changes in the hormone levels which triggers headaches can be caused due to natural reasons like menstruation, pregnancy and menopause or by popping birth control pills regularly.

Headache type # 9: Brain tumour

At times brain tumour can also cause headaches. The headaches can be caused due to the pressure exhibited by the tumour within the skull which can affect the brain blood vessels. The headaches can also be accompanied with vomiting and dizziness. If you notice weight loss and various other symptoms then you should take medical help immediately.

Headache type # 10: Chronic progressive headaches

It is a very uncommon headache and affects very few people. The symptoms of this type of a headache are pain in the forehead and red eyes. It is also known as inflammatory headache. The real cause of this type of a headache can be some illness or disorder of the brain or skull.

Headache type # 11: Chronic progressive headaches

It is a very uncommon headache and affects very few people. The symptoms of this type of a headache are pain in the forehead and red eyes. It is also called as inflammatory headache. The real cause of this type of a headache can be some illness or disorder of the brain or skull.

Headache type # 12: Acute headaches

These types of headaches occur suddenly and subsidizes after some times. If the symptoms are severe, then the possible cause of this type of headaches can be respiratory or sinus infection.

Headache type # 13: Temporal arteritis

People who cross the age of 50 usually are a victim of this type of headache. The symptoms of this headache are tender pain in the temple while chewing food. This headache occurs due to inflammation in the temple arteries. It is important to receive timely treatment to avoid vision problems.

Headache type # 14: Meningitis

The common symptoms of meningitis headaches are high fever, stiffness of the muscles around neck and face and skin rashes.

Headache type # 15: Eyestrain headaches

If your eyes are strained due to certain activities like too much monitor time or reading a book in a dark, it can make your head hurt badly. The reason for this is straining our eyes for a long time. The best treatment for this type of headache is taking frequent breaks while you use your monitor. Lastly, if your strained eyes cause headaches then it is best to meet an eye specialist immediately to know the hidden cause of the problem.

Headache type # 16: Caffeine-withdrawal headaches

People, who are habituated to a cup of coffee everyday and suddenly miss it, may end up holding their head in their hands in pain. The other symptoms accompanied are fatigue and dizziness. The reason for your severe headache is when you miss your cup of coffee, the blood flow to the brain increases due to caffeine withdrawal, which causes the swelling of the blood vessels.

Headache type # 17: Dental headaches

Certain dental problems like bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can cause serious headaches or face pain. Headaches can also be caused due to intense pain in the muscles of teeth, as muscles are connected to the brain as well.

Headache type # 18: Orgasm headaches

These types of headaches are usually caused after having an orgasm. This usually occurs in men. It usually starts after intercourse and though it is rare, but it is important to see a doctor to avoid disturbance in your sex life.

Headache type # 19: Early morning headaches

If you get up with an intense headache, then there is possibility of a fading effect of medicines in your body as you sleep. People with sleep apnea are at a great risk to this type of headaches. Hence, make sure that you get a sound sleep at night.

Headache type # 20: Ice cream headaches

Does your brain freeze after taking a bite of ice cream or gulping cold water? Then probably you are a victim of ice cream headache. The symptoms are shooting pain in the head and face after eating something cold. The headache occurs due to the cold sensation being felt in the mouth which increases the blood flow to the brain blood vessel. Read more here:mermaid prom dress


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Raising a toast to good food!


Raising a toast to good food!

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The biggest night for celebrating good food is on us with the Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2015. Hosted at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre, the event touted to be the Food Oscars, will celebrate the best of food, drink and nightlife in Hyderabad. The who's who of the city, film stars, corporate honchos, gourmands will cheer as restaurateurs and chefs walk down the aisle to receive their trophies.

The night, will honour the best in the food business across 40 categories, in cuisines that include favourites from North Indian to South Indian, Chinese to Italian, to the more experimental and exotic like Pan-Asian and Modern Indian and even desserts, mithai and confectionery. And the nightclub that rocked most, the most happening pub, the sweetest confectioner... everyone will find a place in the sun!

The chief guest for the event, actress Rakul Preet Singh will launch the Times Food Guide 2015, Hyderabad, this evening and give away the coveted awards, along with other celebrities present at the occasion. Singer-emcee Anuj Gurwara, who become an overnight sensation in the Telugu film industry with his debut song Panchadara Bomma from Magadheera, will preside over the evening as the host with his repetoire of jokes and repartees. What follows after the launch and awards ceremony is nothing short of foodgasm, with the guests getting the chance to sample the offerings from the winners, right from the innovative beverages to the choicest of grills, entrees and desserts. With so much of treats on offer under one roof, it is a fitting end to a night that pays tribute to culinary kings.

The event is supported by Seagram's Blenders Pride and Kingfisher and Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre & HICC — the flagship brand of Accor, the world's leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe.

Log on to and get all information on the happening food joints, eateries, coffee shops, bars, lounges and nightclubs in the city. Bon appetit! Read more here:graduation gowns uk


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Protesters try to crash LNP Women's Day lunch


Female protesters dressed as men rally outside men-only club Tattersall's, where the LNP is holding its International Women's Day lunch.

Female protesters dressed as men rally outside men-only club Tattersall's, where the LNP is holding its International Women's Day lunch.

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Knitted beards. Manly clothes. Fake, um, male appendages.

Try as they might, a group of women protesters dressed as men couldn't talk or trick their way into the Liberal National Party's International Women's Day event at the exclusive men-only Tattersall's Club in Brisbane on Friday.

Tattersall's rules dictate that while women can receive a partner's card with their husband's permission or can attend as a guest or for a function, they can't join as a member.

The LNP and its LNP Women branch, which is holding the event, have spent the week defending the peculiar venue choice for the women's day event.

"None of the women talking in there - no matter how powerful or successful they are - can be members of this club," Knit Your Revolt protester Shannon, who wouldn't give her last name, told AAP.

"It feels like they're rubbing salt in the wounds of every female in this country.

"And for the women who don't see why it's an insult, perhaps they've been in the boys' club a little too long."

While some guests arriving seemed quietly offended at the 10-strong group's gender-bending attire, others had no hesitation voicing their views.

"Go home, get a life!" one man shouted as he walked through Tattersall's doors.

The LNP's education spokesman Tim Mander insisted the event was a positive move for gender equality.

"[Tattersall's] is one of the last bastions of male dominance in Brisbane and I think it's great we're having a function here," Mr Mander said.

"It sends a clear message that women are very, very welcome."

Prime Minister Tony Abbott was criticised for expressing similar views in parliament earlier this week.

Retired Nationals Senator Ron Boswell, himself a Tattersall's member, said while he wouldn't mind women joining the club, he doubted other members felt the same way.

"The members vote that way, that's what the members want," he said.

"We live in a democracy." Read more here:purple prom dresses uk


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