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Marcus Grodd And Lacy Faddoul Get Married


“Bachelor in Paradise” season two kicks off withMarcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul, who met last year on the show, throwing a surprise wedding. The couple gets married in front of the cast of the new season during the premiere episode on Sunday. Watch the video below!

Bachelor In Paradise Wedding Grodd Faddoul

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In a clip for the season two premiere of the “Bachelor” spinoff, the new “Bachelor In Paradise” contestants looks both confused and delighted when they realize they’re invited to Grodd and Faddoul’s impromptu wedding ceremony. Grodd proposed to Faddoul on the “Bachelor In Paradise” season one finale.

Chris Harrison begins by telling the new cast that there’s “something special” he wants to show them on the beach. Everyone assumes the surprise is the first rose ceremony and subsequent elimination, but once they see Grodd walk down the aisle dressed in a tuxedo, all are relieved to learn they’re about to see the couple tie the knot.

As Gossip Cop reported, ABC released a 30-second promo for season two earlier this month, complete with a few women in tears and several of the couples making out on the beach. Among the notable season two “Bachelor In Paradise” contestants are Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo’s season, as well as Chris Soules’ suitors Jade Roper, Carly Waddell, Jillian Anderson, Ashley Iaconetti, Ashley Salter and Juelia Kinney. Returning from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of “The Bachelorette” are JJ Lane, Tanner Tolbert, and Jonathan Holloway.

Watch the sneak peek teasing Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul’s wedding below, and tell us what you think.

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Rita Ora: I hated my big boobs



Rita Ora never appreciated her boobs until a hot guy fancied her.

The 24-year-old star was recently announced as the face of underwear brand Tezenis and appeared in a catwalk presentation for the brand wearing racy lingerie earlier this week.

The singer admits she has always had sizeable assets and remembers how she used to begrudge them as a teenager.

"I started maturing when I was 14 and so for me, I hated my boobs, and I went to musical theatre school, so we wore leotards and did ballet. I was the first one to have t*ts and I hated them until the hottest guy fancied me and then I liked them!" she laughed to Grazia Daily. "Then I got older and started to embrace my body. It takes a while though."

Rita is no stranger to appearing in fashion campaigns and has posed for the likes of Roberto Cavalli in the past, so felt comfortable in front of the camera in her new role. She even shared a cheeky snap of herself in a sequined black bra and lacy knickers from the brand on Instagram recently, which received nearly 200,000 likes.

Joining forces with Tezenis has proved beneficial for Rita personally too as she used to struggle with finding underwear sets that fit due to her chest.

"It's my first underwear endorsement. I get offered a lot of things and I don't say yes unless I really like them, but this is really good underwear dude," she added. "My t*ts are kind of big, so when I have underwear it never matches. The straps are fat and it's not hot, but this is good because it's supportive and has no padding and thin straps. They have all shapes and sizes, but they have options for bigger sizes."Read more


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Nicole Kidman's 'frozen' face appears on Vogue cover


Just like cat videos, the internet loves criticising Nicole Kidman's face.

This time the furore is over the Oscar winner and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador's "frozen" face as it appears on Vogue's August cover – the eighth time she has been profiled by the US version.

It's no mean feat for an Australian actor who got her start riding BMXs to be called upon again by fashion President Anna Wintour, however social media were not concerned with the reasons for her appearance on the fashion bible – just her appearance, period.

Nicole Kidman's

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"She doesn't even look human anymore," people commented on an Instagrammed​ image of the cover.

"She looks frozen – too much Botox," another wrote.

"She looks ..... Different."

"Terrible photo, bad make-up, awful Photoshop, surgery gone wrong or just a bad day!" was the general consensus of the social media peanut gallery.

The cover shot, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, was also publicised by designer Marc Jacobs who shared it with his 242,000 followers to celebrate the fact Kidman was finally photographed wearing one of his designs – a backless, sequinned number from his fall/winter 2015 collection.

"She looks ridiculous, it's time you, Jacobs & Co. stand up for the crazy way models and actors are being photoshopped​, it's cringeworthy. The sad thing is that she looks WORST [sic] after the photoshop, when instead her natural wrinkles and hair should have been a refreshing statement on feminism. We don't need to see people photoshop [sic] to oblivion...when are you guys going to get it?" a fan wrote before Jacobs snapped and hit back at the "haters".

"When were you last given a cover of Vogue? Damn people have a lot of negative energy..!!" he wrote.

The corresponding feature, which also includes a star turn in the hot seat of Vogue's popular 73 Questions web series (shot on location in her Australian country home) covers the raw issue of her father's sudden death and how she is grieving.

"There are times you go, 'Gosh, I wish I could just go and hide in a hole and never come out'," she says. "And then you go, 'That was yesterday.' I have a four-year-old and a six-year-old, and just hearing their laugh ... it's life in its most powerful form."

The 48-year-old's infatuation, love and lust for her husband of nine years Keith Urban is also canvassed.

"I wish I could have met him much earlier and had way more children with him. But I didn't. I mean, if I could have had two more children with him, that would have been just glorious. But as Keith says, 'The wanting mind, Nicole. Shut it down'."

The only off limits topic was her involvement and experiences with the Church of Scientology, which she refuses to comment on out of respect for her two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise.Read more at:vintage evening dresses


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Designer Brands for Children


(Photo:evening dresses plus size uk)

Inside the Ralph Lauren kids' clothing store at Plaza 66 on Nanjing West Road, Chen Fang, a housewife from Hubei province in her early 30s, is sifting through embroidered velvet and flutter-sleeve dresses for her four-year-old while her husband guards some shopping bags from Chanel.

"We fly to Shanghai to shop because we can't get these brands where we live," said Chen.

"I don't have a specific budget for my daughter, but I spend as much on her as I do on myself," she added. "I buy new clothes and shoes each season, mostly from luxury branded stores, to keep her looking different from the other kids."

Baby Dior set down tent poles in Shanghai in 2010-four years after Zara opened its first kids' clothing store in the city-and a slew of top-end foreign brands have followed suit in recent years.

Now, over one-third of the fourth floor at Plaza 66 is dedicated to foreign luxury brands for kids-Armani Junior, Moschino Baby, Young Versace-as luxury retail sales across the country have been hit by a wide-ranging clampdown on graft and gifting with public funds, compelling retailers to diversify their revenue streams.

The Chinese mainland's luxury goods market slowed from 7 percent growth in 2012 to around 2 percent in 2013, and shows for the first time a negative trend: minus 1 percent growth in 2014, according to three annual luxury studies released by Bain & Company.

Watches and menswear were particularly hit by the anti-graft campaign, with the growth momentum shifting to women's categories and fashion.

The good news for retailers is that they can earn higher profits on kids' clothing because less material is used but the prices aren't much lower, said researchers at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

Even Ferragamo recently launched a mini-selection of girls' shoes in two classic ladies' designs in Shanghai.

"The baby and kid luxury market is very likely to continue growing at a faster clip than the rest of the luxury market in China as a result of the recent slowdown," said Javier Calvar, COO of Albatross Global Solutions, a Hong Kong-headquartered marketing services provider.

"This is because Chinese parents would rather stop buying for themselves than for their children," he added.

Back at Ralph Lauren, a sales clerk drew Chen's attention to a red velvet jacket priced 3,000 yuan ($490) that, since the airing of a reality TV show featuring famous dads and their young offspring, has gained the cachet of celebrity status.

"It's the jacket Angela Wang wore on TV," said the shop assistant, referencing a widely viewed Ralph Lauren fashion show for kids.

Angela Wang, a.k.a. Wang Shiling, shot to fame in 2013 at the age of four while participating in the hit reality parenting program Dad! Where Are We Going? with her father, director Wang Yuelun. Her mother is television host Li Xiang.

Hunan TV acquired the rights to the popular Korean show of the same name and Wang subsequently became well-known for wearing outlandishly priced outfits in excess of 10,000 yuan, both on-and off-air.

Now China's one-child policy and growing ranks of high-net-worth individuals are dovetailing in just the right direction for the purveyors of kiddies' catwalk fashion.

"I used to buy a Birkin bag (Hermes) every year as a gift for myself," said Fang Jinqi, a 30-year-old mother of a two-year-old boy from Shanghai. "Now I spend half of that (about 100,000 yuan) on myself, and the other half buying luxury clothes for my son."

Numbers for this niche market are hard to come by-several brands declined to discuss their revenue and growth in China-but market players may need to be savvier in the future to keep up the tempo.

Financial results from Burberry show that children's products made up just 4 percent of its revenue in the yearlong period ending March 2012, making this the smallest contributor among its product lines. However, this line of revenue jumped 287 percent from 2006 to 2012.

"Differentiation and relevance are key challenges for luxury brands in the Chinese market in general, and in the kids' market in particular," said Calvar.

According to Zhou Ting, director of the Fortune Character Research Center, which covers the luxury industry, this segment will follow the broader pattern of quality coming to match prestige as the key yardstick.

"The high-end kids' market will get larger in the future, with more luxury items being produced for their functional and applicable advantages at an acceptable price," she said. "This will also open the door for newly launched domestic kids' brands."

Back at Plaza 66, one shopkeeper at French brand Bonpoint said: "We don't see huge traffic, but our customer base is more selective. Almost everyone who comes in buys something."

Some, like Fang, are drawn by the trophy-like nature of designer clothes, others by their inescapable cutesiness or Lord Fauntleroy-like regality. Few seem put off by the three-to-six-month lifespan. Safety is another consideration.

"Those well-known brands seem to be more reliable, of better quality and softer for a child's skin," said Sun Jia from Jiaxing in neighboring East China's Zhejiang province, who was shopping for her three-year-old granddaughter.

But some, like Zhou, caution against introducing notions of "status" into children's lives at such a young age. "It can have a negative impact on their growth," she warned.

Ironically, luxury-obsessed local shoppers may not be the kids-clothing retailers' next generation of cash cows.

"Most of our customers come from other wealthy Chinese cities," said the Bonpoint clerk.

Chinese now spend over three times as much abroad as they do at home on luxury goods, according to Bain & Company. Moreover, the people of Shanghai are known for their deal-loving dispositions.

"I fly overseas every month to go shopping-Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore-and since having my son I've found that luxury kids' items are also cheaper and offer a wider selection outside China," said local shopper Fang.

"I know the clothes won't last very long, but it's worth it so my boy can wear them, take some photos, and have some nice memories to look back on when he grows up."

Not everyone heralds the Chinese market for luxury kids' fashion as being the next big thing.

"I wouldn't say this is a particularly important trend that I've picked up on, but it's an interesting one," said Rupert Hoogewerf, publisher of the Hurun Report and its annual China Rich List.

"What we have noticed is these education advisers in places like Guangzhou (of Guangdong province) who are charging parents a small fortune to prime kids before the age of six to attend the best schools as they churn out future Xi Jinpings and Barack Obamas."Read more at:vintage evening dresses


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Top 3 favorite '70s-inspired trends for women


(Photo:plus size prom dresses)

Before reading this article, might we suggest a little "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin to set the mood?

Perhaps you're one of those women who loves all things in the world of fashion. We're talking to you who live stream New York Fashion Week because you're jonesin' to know what is going to be trending this year. Or perhaps you could care less about the way you dress because you simply don't have the time. If you're like us, you fall somewhere in the middle of these categories. You have an interest in different trends, so you scan the latest fashion magazines while in line to pay for your groceries at the store but don't delve too deeply into the constantly changing world of fashion.

What's cool about fashion is that the trends always come back around after a period of time. Many clothes are at least inspired from the styles of past decades. This season is no different.

Has anyone noticed that so many clothes this season seem to be inspired by the '70s? You're not crazy, because many designers brought the '60s and '70s to life on the runways this year. We did not grow up in the '70s; however, we didn't have to live in the time period to know what was hip (thank you, family pictures). So here are a few of our favorite '70s-inspired trends that you can pretty much find anywhere—maybe even in your attic inside the box marked "the '70s."

Wide-leg pants

We've seen a lot of palazzo pants lately, which are those fun, lightweight pants that are wide-legged and perfect for summer. The pants, back then and now, are typically worn high-waisted. A blouse tucked into the pants makes them great for the office, and even some millennials nowadays are wearing crop tops with them.

Embroidered tops

You know those peasant-style tops with the pretty embroidered detail at the top? Well, these tops were a prime hit back in the day with a fresh pair of bell-bottomed jeans and Birkenstocks. Now? The tops are as trendy as they were in 1975. Today, you can find many of these tops with more of a modern twist but still flowy and beautifully hand-sewn. Just know that we owe the trend to its '70s roots.

Long peasant dresses

Ah, yes, the bohemian dress that has stayed trendy and classy throughout the decades. Making men turn heads at Neil Diamond concerts and inspiring women today to turn them into bridal dresses, the peasant-style maxi dress has maintained beauty and is simply chic.

We love how fashion trends always make a full circle but incorporate a modern design to the new iterations, like the ones above. So whether you had the amazing chance to own the clothes during the '70s or you love shopping for similar trends now, there is no doubt that you can find a little inspiration of past years in today's trends.

What are you favorite '70s trends?Read more at:vintage prom dresses


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Glam it up according to your zodiac


Glam it up according to your zodiac

(Photo:backless prom dresses)

Your zodiac sign has a direct correlation to the clothes you wear. Here's a ready reckoner on how to dress according to your sun sign

Believe it or not, there is always a co-relation between your zodiac sign and every aspect of your life. The same holds true for fashion too, where certain colours and cuts hold good for certain star signs. They might not change your fortunes, but these are chosen keeping in mind the person one is, their moods and demean-our. For instance, if Leo women are considered to be the most sensuous of the lot in their approach to fashion, signs like Libra and Taurus have a more casual and relaxed style. If a Sagittarius woman likes to wear shorter, more flirty clothes, the Piscean woman would rather have dreamy drapes to suit her zoned-out demeanour. The Cancer woman prefers a more prim and proper approach to selecting her wardrobe as oppos-ed to the Capricorn lady, who'd like to experiment with her sense of fashion and is never shy of displaying some of her sensuousness through her style.

While fashion pundits pick certain colours, patterns and designs for a season, these are more generic. Bombay Times gets you a ready reckoner of the colours and style of clothing that you need to pick for the fashion season ahead. Get your BFFs together and it is time to re-design your wardrobe, girl!



Shades of red and brown

Style of clothing

Power dressing with a sexy twist is what Arien women like



Metallic colours, especially gold and bronze

Style of clothing

For the lionesses, sexy, bold and in-your-face clothing make the best choices



Shades of green and dark blue

Style of clothing

Comfort, casual and careless describe the Taurean woman's style



Shades of yellow

Style of clothing

Playing with fun, sporty yet feminine cuts is what's hot for Gemini women



Shades of blue and light green

Style of clothing

Floral prints, frills and other feminine patterns work for them



Pastel colours, especially green

Style of clothing

Sporty, yet feminine, works for these 'balanced' women



Oceanic colours, especially turquoise

Style of clothing

Playful cuts with a hint of sensuousness is best suited for these women this season



Black and transparent fabrics

Style of clothing

Capriciousness is the order for Capricorn women, with sexy attire being the order for this season



Hues of the sky

Style of clothing

Go for short dresses and some skin show this summer



White, light greys and pastels

Style of clothing

White, safe and sophisticated is the style trend for Cancerians



Purple and shades of pink

Style of clothing

Flirty is the call for this season, with colours like purple being ordained for you



Colours of the sea

Style of clothing

The dreamers, Piscean women need to look at ethereal cuts and drapes.Read more at:one shoulder prom dresses


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Taylor Swift gives fan fashion tips



The teenager, who goes by the username SwiftRomantics on the blogging website Tumblr, used the platform to ask his followers what he should wear to his prom, with the 25-year-old musician surprising the fan by giving her own tips.

Alongside a photo of him posing in two different looks, he wrote: ''So prom is on Thursday and I need to know, tie or bow tie?''

Surprising the schoolboy with her response, the 'Shake It Off' hitmaker suggested he wore the tie to look like a ''modern movie star'', also complementing him on his sharp suit.

Spotting the post online, she replied: ''I like the tie but honestly both are great. I just feel like you look like a 50's movie star in the bow tie, but more like a modern movie star in the tie.

''Depends on what vibe you're wanting to convey but I'd say the tie. Great suit btw! (sic)''

And while Taylor is happy to dish out style advice, she previously revealed she turns to pals Lena Dunham and Zooey Deschanel for inspiration when it comes to her own outfits.

She said: ''For fashion inspiration... Lena Dunham always has great websites and shops at great stores. She always tells me her newest obsession, whether it is a new website, a blog or a store, she's really good with that stuff. And Zooey Deschanel is one of the most fashionable people I know.''Read more


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(Photo:cocktail prom dresses)



































ですが、あまりにも無理なギャップ作りは自分を苦しめるだけ。Read more here:cheap formal dresses uk


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Do social networks influence fashion?


Do social networks influence fashion?

(Photo:cheap evening dresses)

Do friends sport the same style in shoes or see the same movies because of their similar tastes, which is why they became friends in the first place? Or once friendship is established, do individuals influence each other to adopt similar behaviours? Social scientists don't know for sure.

They're still trying to understand the role social influence plays in spreading of trends because the real world doesn't keep track of how people acquire new items or preferences.

But the virtual world Second Life does. It is a free 3D virtual world where users can socialise, connect and create using voice and text chat.

Researchers from the University of Michigan (UM) have taken advantage of this unique information to study how "gestures" make their way through this online community.

Gestures are code snippets that Second Life avatars must acquire in order to make motions such as dancing, waving or chanting.

Roughly half of the gestures the researchers studied made their way through the virtual world friend by friend.

"We could have found that most everyone goes to the store to buy gestures, but it turns out about 50 percent of gesture transfers are between people who have declared themselves friends," said Lada Adamic, assistant professor in the UM School of Information.

"The social networks played a major role in the distribution of these assets," said Adamic, who authored a paper on the research that doctoral researcher Eytan Bakshy will present on July 7 at the Association for Computer Machinery's Conference on Electronic Conference in Stanford, California.

"There's been a high correspondence between the real world and virtual worlds," Adamic said. "We're not saying this is exactly how people share in the real world, but we believe it does have some relevance."

This study is one of the first to model social influence in a virtual world because of the rarity of having access to information about how information, assets or ideas propagate, said an UM release.

The researchers examined 130 days worth of gesture transfers in late 2008 and early 2009. They looked at 1,00,229 users and 106,499 gestures. They obtained the data from Linden Lab, the maker of Second Life.Read more here:celebrity dresses


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My Friend's Same-Sex Wedding


"This is the least gay wedding I've ever been to," my friend Yael remarked as our sandals sunk into the soggy grass at our pal's backyard nuptials on Sunday.

A dapper bow-tied pair was quick to join in.

"Are we the only other gay couple here?" the one in the cobalt blue suit asked.

Two days after the Supreme Court's historic marriage equality decision, my friends' Isaac and Rich's upstate New York wedding was certainly peppered with pride. (That included Yael's multi-colored manicure and a rainbow cake that no one ordered.)

But Isaac and Rich weren't interested in serving as the post-decision poster couple.

In fact, as the afternoon, the heartfelt toasts and Rihanna hits wore on, it became more and more clear that SCOTUS' gay marriage decision was less of a headliner at this affair and more of a celebrity making a brief cameo.

This wedding also quickly began to feel like plenty of other weddings with Jewish flavors I've attended, besides for one special moment.

When I talked to Isaac's grandfather, a Holocaust survivor and Orthodox Jewish rabbi who taught me Job in high school, he couldn't help but choke up while looking around the white tent that protected us from the all-day showers.

"Everyone's here," he said.

By "everyone" he meant his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Just a few months earlier, Isaac's grandfather -- one of Isaac's most fervent supporters -- wasn't so sure that the other religious family members would feel comfortable showing up.

But show up they did -- in more ways than one.

Isaac's parents walked him down the aisle and his father stepped up to give the seventh and final blessing during the ceremony. Clad in his black velvet yarmulke, Isaac's dad shared how grateful he felt to participate. And how he could've "traveled around the world" and wouldn't have been able to find a better match for his son.

When the school bus, which was hired to transport people from a hotel parking lot to the wedding venue, didn't show up -- another religious relative removed the car seats from his minivan so that he could turn the vehicle into a shuttle for stranded guests


photo:formal dresses online

Isaac's grandfather tearfully read a passage in Hebrew from his memoir, which his wife translated, an excerpt that advised on how to lead a fulfilling life.

Rich's sister talked about how their deceased father was likely feeling prouder than ever, and her two daughters each read an Irish prayer.

Isaac's brother, Joe, an indefatigable advocate, officiated and set the tone for the wedding.

He briefly mentioned Friday's "momentous" decision, but quickly moved on to share how it took 17 years for his cool older brother to notice him and how when he finally did, Isaac opened up his couch to Joe for a period that far exceeded the standard invitation.

Considering each person who spoke (which included this author) was instructed to keep it to a minute or less, we were discerning with our words, and focused on the five years since Isaac and Rich met at jury duty in lower Manhattan, and less so on the two days prior.

After Isaac and Rich each circled one other three times, and broke a glass, in keeping with Jewish tradition, the Pinterest-perfect wedding unfolded like dozens of others I've attended.

They were lifted on chairs and we danced the hora. Guests generously helped themselves to the bloody Mary bar, mac and cheese, an ice cream truck and an assortment of liquor and other treats served in the basement-turned-speakeasy. And we proceeded to belt out the lyrics to "Shout" and "All that Bass" without any shame until the last guest left at 11:30 p.m.

As the festivities continued, they centered on the couple, their supportive family, and friends who trekked from as far as Hong Kong and Israel. And, while it was clear that this celebration would've gone off without a hitch no matter what the Justices had to say, it was heartening to know that they were tired of missing out on the party.

read more:prom dresses uk   

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