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Italia is Love: the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show


Italia is Love: the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show

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In Dolce and Gabbana’s latest runway show, models took selfies as they strutted down the runway in Milan. Those photos were projected onto screens that hung over the catwalk, with hashtags #ITALIAISLOVE or #dolcegabbana. This was a clever ploy to promote the new D&G line.

What I find fascinating about this new collection are the bright whimsical patterns reminiscent of postcards from Italy. These clothes are truly Instagram-worthy. In typical D&G fashion, color embellishment, print and texture are not in short supply. The thing that made this fashion line completely stand out for me are the pictures of Italian landmarks and landscapes, as well as the phrases like “Italia Forever” and “Italia is Love” that are emblazoned proudly on all the pieces. Before I even saw the Dolce & Gabbana show, I was already on board with this fashion trend. In fact, I just returned from Italy with my own unique fashion finds featuring D&G-like patterns. This just proves I just can’t get enough of il Bel Paese! Not only must I speak the language, blog about it, make Youtube videos and travel there, but I must also wear her most recognizable icons to make my own unique fashion statement, proving once again: I heart Italia!

Here are some of my recent finds!

When I was in Lucca, I happened upon a small family run shop shop called G. Lenci Calzature at the end of Fillungo. In the window I saw the most adorable leather shoes made by ZonaCentro. Zonacentro offers a wide range of Italian shoes and bags: with a design that combines italian elegance with a youthful style and fashionable, with over 460 different patterns. I was particularly enchanted with a couple of pairs of ballerina shoes that featured designs of Lucca and another design that featured Italian Vespas.

In Lucca I also found a little shop run by a lovely couple who sold scarves. Every time I passed the store it was closed. But, I persevered and finally on the very last day in Lucca I ran to the shop before it closed for lunch. I discovered the reason the shop had been closed during much of my stay was because they owners had been in Milan where they oversaw the printing of their unique silk scarves that featured a design of Lucca and her walls. Of course I bought one to add to my 2016 “I LOVE ITALIA” collection!

Actually I picked up this little beauty just hours after landing in Italy. It simply called out to me as I was wandering around the neighborhoods around the Duomo. It happened as I passed by the Torre D’Arte in Via dello Studio, just as the lady of the shop was about to close her doors. When my eye caught a beautiful hand painted silk scarf that featured Brunelleschi’s Duomo, I was captivated and so I stepped in to take a better look and have a chat. I of course exited the shop a short while, later the proud owner of this beautiful work of wearable art!

Just remember…When you love Italy you are always in fashion!Read more at:sexy prom dresses uk


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Tyga, Kylie Jenner Relationship News


Alexander Wang - Front Row - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week


Hip-hop star Tyga is letting it be known he's too focused on his relationship with girlfriend Kylie Jenner to care in the least bit about ex Blac Chyna now taking up with rap rival Future.

TMZ reports there were some rumblings that the two rap stars were well on their way to becoming enemies after it was recently revealed Chyna and Future are now hooking up, and she even got a tattoo of his name etched across her wrist.

But sources close to the "Rack City" rapper insist he gives "zero f**ks" about his ex and his former partner on the hit song "Show You" now spending time together. Instead, the source added he's about Kylie, and making things work with the 18-year-old reality TV star.

Meanwhile, Future is rumored to think Chyna now sporting his name for all to see is "dope," despite things still being so early in their month long relationship. Word is he sees it as a sign of commitment and an expression of how deep their connection extends.

Sources add Chyna actually had the tat done nearly three weeks ago, when she and the rapper were out and about together, and he stopped to have one of his own done. Given her "it's my body and I can do what I want with it" motto, Chyna is said to have absolutely no regrets about her spur of the moment actions.

After a rumored rough patch, which included widespread rumors of each of them being unfaithful to the other, Tyga and Kylie seem to have rebounded and put things back on track.

The two were recently spotted draped all over one another and "kissing nonstop" while attending a New York Fashion Week event.

"Kylie and Tyga were kissing throughout the night," a source said. "He had his hood up, but they shared many prolonged kisses. They were totally comfortable packing on the PDA -- they looked hot and heavy and didn't have a care in the world."Read more at:


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Claudia Joseph on William


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From childhood haunts to favourite watering holes, a new book invites readers to explore William and Kate's journey, discovers Helen Blow

If you want to follow in the footsteps of William and Kate, a new book tracing their journeys around Britain should be adorning your coffee table.

William and Kate's Britain is a guide to the haunts of Britain's most popular royals, packed with secrets and anecdotes about a love story that has us all captivated.

Painstakingly researched by journalist and former Cheltenham Ladies' College girl Claudia Joseph, the book is a guide to a wealth of locations connected to the couple and includes, unsurprisingly, many places in Gloucestershire.

Take a stroll in the woods around Eastleach, where a young Kate and her sister, Pippa, spent a holiday camping with their Brownie pack.

Watch a chukka at the Beaufort Club, near Westonbirt, where William and Harry regularly compete for glory on the polo field, or pop into the Tunnel House Inn in Coates, near Cirencester, which Wills and Kate used to frequent. Who knows, you may drink out of the same glass as a royal.

Known for an article allegedly revealing the identity of English graffiti artist Banksy, Claudia was working for a national Sunday newspaper when she was asked to do some genealogical research on Kate.

"I spent a lot of time tracking down her relatives, many of whom had no idea they were related to her," said Claudia, who grew up in Bibury.

"They had a lot of photos and knew a lot about the family history so afterwards my boss suggested I wrote a book. I had no idea how to go about that, so I talked to the book editor on the paper, he phoned a publisher and got me a deal there and then."

The result was Claudia's first book, Kate: The Making of a Princess, which she later updated after the royal couple became engaged, changing the name to Princess in Waiting.

Later, while having lunch with a publisher friend, the pair came up with the idea of the travel guide of places linked to the couple.

"We wanted it to be nice and glossy; something that people would dip into or have in the car. We thought it would be a fun thing to do."

Despite being a writer by profession, Claudia admits writing a book is very different from writing a newspaper article.

"The first one I found very hard and tiring. I thought I'd be able to write at least a thousand words a day because that's what I do when I write an article, but it wasn't that easy."

So instead she decided to approach it by writing 25 different features for each chapter.

Growing up in Gloucestershire meant Claudia knew many of the places included in the book, particularly around Cirencester, where she used to watch polo and went to primary school nearby.

As a student at the Ladies' College, Claudia spent time as both a day pupil and a boarder.

"I have mixed feelings about my school days. It was very different in those days, very strict, but I've had a lot of very close friends from there who I've stayed in touch with."

At one point she lodged for a year with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's mother, Jane, who lived in Cheltenham at the time. "Sophie, Hugh's sister, was in my year at school," she said.

"For another year I lived with a Russian princess, who was best friends with the last Tsar of Russia and that was fantastic because she was my landlady but didn't tell me what to do."

After studying French, Italian and history of art, Claudia went on to the London College of Fashion to do fashion journalism. "It seemed like a more direct route into what I wanted to do, rather than studying at university."

She said William and Kate's Britain seems to have been readily accepted by the Palace. "The public has an insatiable appetite for royal stories but this isn't really anything that anyone could get upset about."

Claudia said people inevitably draw comparisons between Kate and Diana, but added the two actually had very little in common.

"Both are beautiful women who wore lovely clothes and went to public engagements, but when Diana married Charles she was 20, fragile and had very little in common with him, whereas with William and Kate it's a real love story.

"They grew up in neighbouring counties, had a lot of friends in common, went to university together where they studied the same subject. They dated for a long time before they got engaged, so you can't really make many comparisons." Next up for Claudia is another royal book and a contract has already been signed, but that's as much as she's saying for the moment.Read more at:short prom dress uk


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Kate Winslet To Show Natural Beauty In Lancome Ads


Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet is one of the rate actresses in Hollywood that is adamant about staying true to themselves, especially on photos for magazines or posters.

The “Titanic” actress landed an ad deal with Lancome, where she had it indicated on her L’Oreal contract that no editing should be done to her photoshoots, E!News reported. Winslet is not hesitant to show her natural beauty to the world, complete with laugh lines and any blemishes. When asked whether other women in the industry will follow in her footsteps, Winslet responded that she can only speak for herself and do the things that are important to her.

“It's a hope that other people might follow suit,” she added. “But it does feel important to me because I do think we have a responsibility to the younger generation of women.”

Winslet continued on to say that many women now are looking at magazines and other successful women celebrities. She added that the younger generation of ladies are looking for people they can look up and that it’s something that makes her want to tell the truth about herself.

“I would always want to be telling the truth about who I am to that generation because they've got to have strong leaders,” she said. “We're all responsible for raising strong young women, so these are things that are important to me."

Meanwhile, Winslet celebrated her 40th birthday on Oct. 5, where she told Ellen DeGeneres during the TV personality’s show that she feels fantastic in hitting the big 4-0, People magazine reported. She told DeGeneres that she was “getting ready” for the milestone and even mentioned that she “felt [she] earned [the] 40 stripes.”

“I made it," she said. "Does anyone else have the feeling? When you get to 40 and you're like yes, I'm there! I really have that feeling, so yeah it's lovely."

Winslet recently starred in the “Steve Jobs” movie as former Apple marketing executive Joanna Hoffman. The actress share three children with husband Ned Rocknroll namely Mia, Joe and Bear.Read more at:pink prom dresses


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Pulse, Saint modeling agencies



A long simmering rivalry between Jamaica's two best known modeling agencies - both of which have put scores of beautiful young Jamaican and Caribbean women onto the fashion runways of the world - has exploded into an unseemly war of words.

Kingsley Cooper, executive chairman of Pulse and Deiwght Peters, president and CEO of Saint International had managed to keep their bitter feelings for each other below the radar for many years but recent claims made by both agencies in separate stories in the Jamaica Observer have proven to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Earlier this year and last Monday, the newspaper ran feature articles on both agencies in which their principals provided information on the success of their male and female models whom they reported to be burning up the runways of London, Paris, Milan and New York. They continue a trend set by the 36-year-old Pulse whose model Althea Laing blazed a historic trail for her Jamaican and Caribbean sisters by making the cover of the prestigious Essence magazine.

Cooper's claims in the Pulse feature angered Peters who did stints for Pulse as a choreographer before founding Saint International 15 years ago and has since sent some of the most successful models to the world markets. He fired off complaints to the Observer which in turn asked Cooper to respond, resulting in a sharp exchange of biting claims and counterclaims.

"I am actually quite disappointed that you (Observer) could have allowed Kingsley Cooper to bamboozle you with such rubbish about the Calvin Klein and other startling fashion misinformation. What is particularly sad about the tone of the article ("Pulsating!" which appeared on October 12) is that Saint achievements are concocted and that what Kingsley Cooper claims to be true is the fact...It is not the first he has done this," Peters lashed out.

"I have no interest in being a part of a 'tracing' match," Cooper hit back. "I just felt that the long, systematic and outrageous distortions perpetrated by Saint over the years had gone too far and was unfair to persons who blazed the trail and who were the true history-makers."

Peters was especially incensed by a claim by Pulse that one of its most famous models, Lois Samuels, was "Jamaica and the Caribbean's Calvin Klein history-maker", which contradicted an earlier claim by the Saint CEO that that honour belonged to Saint's Tami Williams, currently one of the biggest faces out of Jamaica. He insisted that Tami appeared for the Calvin Klein Collections, the jewel in the Calvin Klein crown, against the lesser Calvin Klein CK-1 fragance brand for which Lois Samuels posed 20 years before.

Suggesting that Cooper is no saint, Peters said: "No one is trying to steal anyone's thunder. We do love Lois and respect her for her perseverance (read her book to get the true story)...It is pathetic that Kingsley Cooper, after 35 years, does not know the difference between Calvin Klein Collections and the Calvin Klein CK-1 brand," added Peters.

"After 35 years, Cooper should have known and hopefully understood that there are several lines under the Calvin Klein brand. In fact, Saint Model Nakeisha Robinson appeared for the CK-1 Fragrance campaign circa 2005. The Calvin Klein Collection as their website defined it - is the most prestigious of them all.

"The reality is Tami's overwhelming success has Eclipsed Kingsley's 35 years and he is trying all his might to lay claim to what doesn't exist. Lois Samuels has never shot for the Calvin Klein Collections. No black model since Iman has shot for the campaign. For the 35-year 'veteran' to say because Lois wore clothes in the campaign then it means that she also appeared for the Collections is embarassing at best!"

He sought supporting information from New York-based Elite Model Management agency's Jon Llani who wrote:

"To put their argument to rest, Calvin Klein has many departments. What makes the collections department unique is that it is the highest price point, image and representation of the brand. All other brands of CK are diffusion lines and rest on the image created by the 'Collections' line. Calvin Klein has not used a Jamaican model ever for this line before Ms Tami Williams. Further, Calvin Klein has not used a black model or model of colour for this line since Miss Iman in the 1980's. Tami has achieved a historic victory in that sense."

In response, Cooper told the Observer: "Deiwght's partner at Elite in NY - which represents the model in question and would naturally want to support him - can try to split hairs all he wants, but Lois was the first Calvin Klein campaign girl from the Caribbean. However amazing he says the campaign may be that his girl just got, he cannot claim that she is the first because this is just not a fact. Lois Samuels' Calvin Klein campaign was not only for the CK-1 fragrance (which is still Calvin Klein). It was also for Calvin Klein clothing (including underwear).

"You can only be first once and Lois deserves her due and respect, something Peters should be happy to give. However, as Peters got his start here at Pulse - when I hired him out of UWI to be our choreographer, and after working for us for years, he started his agency by poaching our models - he is unlikely to give respect," the Pulse chairman charged. "In any event, the NY agent is probably unaware of Lois and is only responding to what Peters told him, as this campaign was over 20 years ago."

Peters strenuously denied he was ever on staff at Pulse or poached models from the agency. He said that he went to work for a bank right after university and did event management and choreography for Pulse on the side. He started out by managing a group called Piano before going into fashion modeling," he said.

"Peters can get as agitated as he wishes but the facts are there. The information is irrefutable and the fact that Lois was the first to have done this and, in fact, did this work several years ago, we will simply not allow him to have a revisionist position on the matter.

Respect is due and he should find a way to give it," Cooper insisted.

Reacting to other claims in the Pulse article, Peters challenged Cooper to say which of his Pulse models had been on any prominent runway during the fashion weeks in the fast five seasons. He suggested that powerhouse HOT LIST "today names only Saint models Kai Newman and Tami Williams as Jamaican models. This means they are the only recognisable models of the day".

"I challenge Mr Cooper to show me the Pulse models who have appeared on Vogue cover apart from Lois Samuels on the German cover shared with two other models...not Vogue inserts which the ignorant may consider to be Vogue cover. The pathetic attempt by Cooper to denigrate the achievement of Saint Models in American Vogue is laughable and desperate at best. For those who understand international fashion, American Vogue is the jewel in the Conde Nast Crown.

"When a model appears regularly - even in one-girl-only editorials - it is beyond exceptional and automatically catapults the girl's status to 'Vogue-girl'. He needs to show which of his models have made appearances in American Vogue five times. In fact, he should also respond to the question which two of his models have appeared together in an editorial in American Vogue.

"Nadine Willis was not the first black Gucci campaign model. Kiara Kubuku was the first one. I am sure Cooper may have missed that point. It is tragic that after 35 years, this is the kind of distorted and incorrect information Cooper can try to highlight to save face of a 'flat-lined pulse', " Peters suggested.

"My only interest is that clarity be brought to the fact that Tami Williams was the first Caribbean model to appear for the ultra-prestigious Calvin Klein Collections Campaign. I am not interested in any of Kingsley's tirades and misinformation or any war of words.

Over the years, despite the best efforts by that same Cooper to use his 'connections' to spread propaganda, we are still here and rocking!

"I am not here to re-write history. History does that on its own as we are pleasantly witnessing today with Tami Williams. Saint continues to break records in giving young Jamaicans the opportunities so many need and deserve. We are not interested in redundant viewpoints. From my days at the bank I learnt that certain conflicts are dysfunctional and prove unprogressive. Our eyes are set on the prize: Success for our models and Jamaican pride," Peters declared.

For his part, Cooper responded: "I gave no dates as to when our models did any particular fashion week assignments. However, it is a fact that our models have done multiples of the runway assignments than all the other models from the Caribbean combined, have done, in the major markets, for major brands, at the fashion weeks over the years. There are listings online from the major runway websites indicating same. Again, the facts and records speak for themselves.

"Hot today, cold tomorrow - being on a 'hot list' which is one of many lists that change daily, does not make a model the only recognisable talent at any particular point in time. When a model becomes number one or enters the top 10 or top 20 of the main list, then that is really worth talking about. I doubt Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner (who is probably the hottest model in the world at this time), or our own Jeneil Williams, are currently on's hot list, but are they not recognisable? I would think more so than the ladies from Saint!

"After signing so many models to top agencies around the world for so long, I will not be drawn by any suggestion that we are not telling the truth about our new faces in the major markets. In the current cases, we don't even have to say 'wait and see', as Francine James is already hitting the high notes (including Vogue) after only a few months in the marketplace. Again, the facts and records speak for themselves.

"In addition to Lois Samuels, who is a multi Vogue covergirl, Jeneil Williams was on the cover of Vogue last year. she and Sedene Blake have also been on the cover of Vogue Beauty. No Saint model has been on any of those Vogue covers. One never knows, it could happen one day, but until then...

"Pulse models have appeared in American Vogue including Jeneil Williams and Jaunel McKenzie who under Pulse Management, appeared several times in American Vogue. As important as American Vogue is, French Vogue and Italian Vogue are just as important. Pulse models have appeared in almost every edition of Vogue whether Italian, French, American, German, Japanese, Russian or any of several other editions. Sedene Blake and Jeneil Williams appeared together in Russian Vogue twice.

"I will research Kiara Kubuku and Gucci. It was a settled position by all her agents, at the time she did it, that Nadine was the first black model to lead a global Gucci campaign. I will comment further once I have done my research.

"Pulse 'flatlined'? We'll see," said Cooper.

"Suffice it to say that if we have ever been wrong in any particular, it has been a result of genuine error, which could easily happen over the course of 36 years. We have been right many, many more times than we may have been wrong, if in fact we have been wrong at all. Our accomplishments are so many and several that there is no need to fabricate."Read more at:


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Call for more ethics at Brighton Fashion Week


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SHOPPERS, retailers, designers and the Government can all do more to force the fashion industry into becoming more ethical and environmentally friendly.

That will be the message of Orsola de Castro, a fashion guru and campaigner for a more sustainable industry, when she hosts a talk as part of Brighton Fashion Week later today [16/10].

The founder of Fashion Revolution - which she launched in the wake of the deaths of more than a thousand garment workers in Bangladesh when a factory collapsed - will talk about her career as a designer and a supporter of up-cycling, which she started doing in 1997 with her first label From Somewhere.

She encouraged sustainability at London Fashion Week, worked with retailers like Topshop and launched the Esthetica project with the British Fashion Council to celebrate ethical labels.

Ms de Castro said: "Ethical fashion has been a long time coming. The industry needs to accept some positive change. In particular, we need the supply chain to be completely transparent and to understand democracy and aspiration needs to be along the entire chain.

"The fashion industry is selling us a dream which doesn't reflect reality. There is a staggering amount of people employed and a large majority of workers are underpaid which is incredibly unfair. There is an impossible dream of the luxury handbag or the super cheap clothing for no money.

"Consumers, designers, retailers and the Government can all make sure they are creative parts of the solution. Everyone wears clothing so we can all make a choice over the clothes we buy. We can pick clothes which are better made, wait a while to save up and buy it if we need to, and demand to know more about the supply chain from a brand when we buy. The Government also needs to know there is a demand for better processes."

The Fashion Revolution Talk takes place at the University of Brighton's Sallis Benney Theatre, Grand Parade, Brighton, from noon to 1pm today.

A handful of other talks and debates will follow, including one looking at the future of fashion and another, led by charity the Waste and Resources Action Programme, which looks at how clothes are designed and marketed.

Yesterday, as Brighton Fashion Week launched, 50 Northbrook College students created fashion pieces from a tonne of clothes deposited in the Open Market, London Road. In aid of Cancer Research, the event aimed to raise awareness of how second hand clothing can be redesigned for new looks.

The fashion students looked for garment shapes and textile designs to inspire their final collections for their course later in the year.Read more at:cocktail dresses uk


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Kim Kardashian "Told Me to Go Stretchy for Everything"


How Chrissy Teigen Will Dress Her Baby Bump: Kim Kardashian

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Our hearts may have melted when Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram to make her adorable pregnancy announcement, but it’s now time to toughen up and delve into the nitty-gritty details of what we all can’t wait to see: her maternity style.

Last night in Los Angeles for La Mer’s 50th anniversary celebration, the model and wife to John Legend stepped out looking exceptionally flawless with a slicked back 'do and a sexy off-white dress with a split-seam slit. Who was she wearing? “I don’t know! I never know,” the expectant mother charmingly toldInStyle.

Teigen went on to explain how her fashion choices might change as she adjusts to her impending baby bump. “I think that’s going to be really difficult because, for me, I’m so mood based when it comes to dressing, even not pregnant. So I’m scared I’m going to wake up and—it’s just doing to depend on the day,” she toldInStyle. “Some days I’m going to feel like crap. Some days I’m going to feel hot. And that’s fine, though. The hard part is being on camera every single day. So hopefully, I’ll do well because I think a lot of people are watching now and it’s scary.”

A fan of autumn, Teigen also expressed her appreciation for the staples she’s accustomed to wearing during the season. “I always loved a big cape to begin with. I love dusters. Fall’s my favorite season, personally, so to be able to have a leather motorcycle jacket, but then a silky duster underneath, something that just kind of flows backward. Something kind of floral and makes every outfit cool,” she added. “I love David Lerner leggings. I live in them. I love tanks by The Row or Enza Costa’s dresses right now I am loving because they’re just so easy. And you can throw a really great jacket over it and look so put together, out of nowhere.”

And luckily, the model has been a longtime fan of pairing looser pieces with skin-tight elements, so she expects a fairly smooth transition when her belly begins to grow. “It’s funny because I always was like a leg person anyway, so I would always show that off. And I’d wear like a long, blousy top," she said. "And that was my style to begin with. I was never like a tight on tight girl. But yeah, it got a little hard to hide.”

Don’t think Teigen is alone in finding out the key to her childbearing style, though. She’s turning to a bonafide fashion pro for help. “Now, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. Kim [Kardashian] told me to go stretchy for everything, so I’m going stretchy.” We can’t wait to see her nail them.Read more at:prom dresses manchester


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Fall fashion: Avoid the plaid plague


We’re all used to major flannel overkill when the fall months hit, especially around college campuses when fashion sometimes gets pushed to the backburner.

With less time on our hands and more time spent studying, developing some simple fashion techniques will keep you looking great without a lot of effort.

Since the student fall go-to is flannel, try swapping the plaid for a different type of commonly unbuttoned shirt. Instead choose something more versatile, like a cardigan.

Since both of these options come in a range of solid colors, they can be used with a multitude of clothing items. Throwing on a cardigan with a tee underneath is fair game, and it can go over more sophisticated outfits like a dress or button up.

Cardigans can also be found in several styles and materials, allowing a more specific style choice based on the weather. For days that are a bit colder, try a thick wool fabric for heavier coverage against the elements. For warmer days, a finer wool material will be an appropriate defense against autumn wind without being overbearingly warm.

Fall weather is also associated with the age-old October term “sweater weather.” During these months, take advantage of the several sweater options you can discover at virtually any clothing store. Yes, this even means picking up the most awkward-yet-amazing patterned sweater from local thrift store.

Wearing these sweaters is an easy way to appear stylish without having to excessively plan your outfit. Simply throw one on with jeans, leggings, or tights (if the sweater is long enough) and rock the style of your sweater’s unique pattern.

Coordinating hats like beanies with your sweater’s overall look could also add a chic element while keeping you warm. Boots are also a fantastic style choice during the fall months for their trendy appearance, warmth and waterproofness.

In the category of defense against the elements, a leather jacket is a stylish alternative to sweaters or items made of wool or cloth. With a leather jacket, the possibility of light rain is less of a wardrobe issue since the material is non-absorbent

Still want to wear a cardigan? Luckily, most are thin enough to be worn underneath a leather jacket. If you’re treading through fall’s unexpected weather patterns, a leather jacket for outdoors is a great style choice with the ability to take it off once you arrive at your final destination. Since leather jackets typically don’t have a hood, choosing a thin cardigan or sweater with a hood attached can compensate for the jacket’s lack.

Wearing any of these articles of clothing can keep you looking stylish while avoiding basic flannel.Read more at:red carpet dresses | prom dresses for women


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18-year-old Israeli fashion designer


Mendi Shif

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She just completed her studies at an ultra-Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem, and celebrated her 18th birthday only a month ago, but Bracha Benhaim is already one of the hottest fashion designers in Israel's haredi sector.

At her very young age, Benhaim has her own thriving business and brand, which has become the latest craze among Jerusalem's seminary girls.

"I started while I was still in school," she says. A resident of the Bayit VeGan neighborhood, Benhaim attended a sewing class like many of her friends. "I began by making clothes for myself. On the one hand, exactly according to Jewish law, and on the other hand, exactly according to my taste - without needing any clothes underneath as a basis."

The reactions, she says, were quick to follow - as were the requests from friends, and friends' friends. But what transformed Benhaim from an amateur seamstress into a hot brand among Jerusalem's young haredi women (and not only them) was a clothing sale organized by her big sister at home.

"A home sale is very customary in the haredi sector," Benhaim says. "I remember saying to myself, why don’t I prepare a small stand with clothes I have made, and we'll see how it goes. But the clothes were snatched up and the customers created a demand for more."

No more black

​Benhaim's collection is very different from the regular - and banal - clothing flooding the haredi street: Grownup, heavy, rich clothes in black, white and blue and boring pastel colors. "I have young taste," Benhaim clarifies. "I come from the audience of seminary girls and I know first-hand what they like and what they connect to. The clothes are, accordingly, very light."

The moment religious and secular customers began flowing in from outside the sector, Benhaim realized that her hobby had become a business, and today she runs her own sewing workshop.

"I work with seamstresses who have 30 years of experience in this profession," she says. "Today I no longer have time to sew myself. I design the line, select the fabrics and they do the sewing."

So you're a boss?

"Yes, I suppose so," she replies shyly.

Benhaim says that so far, the reactions have been completely supportive. "It's obviously a new thing for them," she says, "but they see it favorably. It's not that I am going against the Halacha or doing something wrong. I'm taking fashion, which is a material thing, and sanctifying it, making it modest and according to the Halacha."

The collections she designs are inspired by the world's top designers. "I really like the Valentino, Chanel and Dolce&Gabbana lines," she says. "They also have a very conservative style, which meets the halachic modesty demands.

"At the same time, I bring their worlds into my places. I have a lot of designs which were inspired by a sight or experience, not by something I saw on the catwalk. My biggest inspiration comes from the fabrics themselves. I see the fabric, and the garment I would like to make out of it immediately jumps to mind. The cloths are basically the real inspiration."

From Jerusalem to the Champs-Élysées

The haredi sector's young women are painting Jerusalem's sukkot with dresses in light, summery shades, which go well with the festive atmosphere.

Benhaim loves modesty, but does not give up patterns which suit "any body structure, not necessarily the thin ones. I took a number of patterns which I tried on several girls, and I saw that regardless of their body structure or figure, they will suit them."

Do you think that the fact that you are a 'brand' will be an advantage or a disadvantage when it comes to matchmaking?

"Wow, what a question," she replies, embarrassed. "I believe that what's mine is mine, and whoever I marry will accept me the way I am. It’s not that I'm doing something bad, it’s just not very routine."

And what would you like to do when you grow up?

"I feel like opening a small store at the Champs-Élysées," she laughs. "I have a lot of faith in what I do."

Is it possible that one day, at the Paris Fashion Week, we'll see Bracha Benhaim alongside Alber Elbaz?

"God willing."Read more at:white evening dresses


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13 Weird, Gross Things Girls Do For Last-Minute Beauty


Pavel Kriuchkov

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Women never have enough hours in a day to look like supermodels.

Because of time constraints, my resourcefulness really knows no bounds. And let’s be real, even supreme beauty goddesses use mortalhacks to look their best selves.

Overcoming last-minute beauty faux pas is a masterful skill taught to us by YouTube stars and several walks of shame pride.

Come on. Don’t act like you haven’t resorted to shady beauty business to get through the day looking and smelling your best (perfume showers, we’re looking at you).

After all, we’re just lovely messes who sometimes forget to shave our armpits before slipping into sleeveless dresses.

Thankfully, our CVS purchases can come in handy for way more than what’s explicitly recommended on labels. That MAC Cyber lipstick and Too Faced black mascara buried at the bottom of our bags can save us from looking like an extra from “The Walking Dead.”

So if you’re a little ill-prepared for a compromising situation, just do what you gotta do. Freshen up with these 12 odd things we’ve all been guilty of practicing at least once.

1. Take a hoe bath.

No matter how rough the previous night, there’s never a good excuse for smelling like Chicken of the Sea. Find the nearest bathroom sink and splash some soap and water on your body’s rank spots.

No loo? Grab a bottle of Dasani and rinse well.

Do this when: you’re less than Summer’s Eve fresh.

2. Wear your panties inside out.

Taking a shower is the first commandment of cleanliness, but sometimes you forget to pack an extra pair of underwear. Flip your undies to keep yesterday’s “secrets” away from your crotch until you can get a fresh pair.

Do this when: you crash at your friend’s apartment.

3. Use baby powder for dry shampoo.

Typically, throwing your week-old hair into a ponytail will suffice for a work day. However, if you’re short on dry shampoo, try sprinkling baby powder on your hair to soak up week-old oils.

Do this when: you’d rather party than spend Friday night washing your dirty ‘do.

4. Use lipstick for blush.

Sometimes life calls attention to your cheekbones. In that case, swipe your fingers across your lipstick and dab the apples of your cheeks. Blend well, no one wants to look like a full-on Monet.

Do this when: you overslept, are running late and need to look alive out there.

5. Take a perfume shower.

Bathing in whatever scent your BFF has on her nightstand is practically girl code. Though Flowerbomb can’t replace the fresh scent of Dove body wash, dousing your hotspots with three (or fifteen) spritzes can freshen up any odor.

Do this when: you’re about to walk into the bar right after hotboxing.

6. Use someone else’s razor to dry shave.

Not afraid of few of your boyfriend’s pubes, are you? If not, steal bae’s Gillette razor when yours isn’t on hand.

Do this when: you’re at a pool party and notice a thickening patch of hair near your left thigh brow.

7. Use soap for deodorant.

Caress your underarms with a bar of Irish Spring to kill off midday funk.

Do this when: the day’s humidity is reaching tropical levels. And yes, you probably have swamp ass.

8. Recycle last night’s eye makeup.

Use makeup remover to clean up any remnants of raccoon eyes, then retrace your eyeliner for round two of last night’s beauty.

Do this when: you’re too hungover to stand and can’t work from home.

9. Brush your teeth with your finger.

Sometimes your post-lunch breath calls for more than a quick floss and rinse of mouthwash. For fresh-for-now breath, wrap a towel around your finger and brush with toothpaste.

Do this when: you’ve got a meeting right after devouring Just Salad’s crunchy onions.

10. Use someone else’s contacts.

Rip open a friend’s spare pair of contacts when yours are nowhere to be found. It may seem like stealing, but it’s better than being blind, right? Who cares if the prescription is a little off!

Do this when: you fell asleep in your contacts…for the third night in a row.

11. Use toilet paper as an emergency maxi pad.

Nothing runs smoothly during your period, especially when there’s no spare tampon on hand and you’ve been plugged up for hours.

When all else fails, wrap toilet paper around your hand until it’s thick enough to resemble a pad.

Do this when: Flo makes a surprise (heavy!) visit during happy hour.

12. Tweeze random hair with your fingers.

There’s no hairier situation than suddenly spotting a stray strand growing from your chin. No private corner in sight? Pluck away with your hands.

Do this when: you’re two weeks past due for a waxing appointment and your eyebrows are trying to connect more than you and your Bumble match.

13. Use chapstick as lotion.

Dab Blistex on ashy cracks between your fingers when coat weather calls for more than usual moisturizing. Let’s face it, who always has hand lotion?

Do this when: jerking and slamming your lotion bottle produces little results.Read more at:marieprom


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