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Fashion gets a colour for spring/summer 2016


For spring/summer the look du jour is markedly brighter than the shaded uniform of winter as we begin to crave more colour, but this season no small dose will do. It happens almost every spring, but with a whole host of designers feeling it too, a kapow colour palette bright enough to lure a migraine offers a welcome alternative to pastels. An instant outfit pick me up, rainbow brights signify a true celebration of summer and the kind of youthful optimism childhood dreams are made of, so it comes as no surprise that Technicolor hues have been given a polished spin.

Chloé Spring Summer 2016

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Rainbow hues of the Chloé Spring/Summer 2016 collection

We have almost come to expect a volley of kaleidoscopic insignia from Gucci and thanks to Alessandro Michele, their spring/summer collection was no exception; in fact, things were arguably more amped up. An eclectic mix of geek-chic, bolts of colour, glitter and embroidery meant that when it came to wearing brights all the rules were broken. This new approach to colour clashing garbs could be felt at Chloe and Missoni, too, where multi-coloured hues hooked onto stripes – for Chloe though, this playful spirit assumed a more ethereal feel with floaty chiffon gowns and rainbow dipped crépon.

Missoni Spring Summer 2016

The technicolor shades of the Missoni Spring/Summer 2016 collection

Stepping away from the dark side, Christopher Kane opted for primary bolts of colour, acid bright lace and spray-paint prints supplemented by coloured cable tags worn as jewellery. It was a more-is-more approach over at Stella Jean, too, where her colourful heritage gave rise to an exotic mash-up of colourful tassels and pom-poms – clearly there’s a new colour code on the horizon but in reality, just how easy is it to get away with wearing a full blown rainbow? The colour clash trend has made it to the high street, so if you’re feeling brave we urge you to go head-to-toe; pair a bold, patterned bottom with an equally colourful top and gilded sandals. If you’re a little colour shy style your brights with neutrals and make sure to keep silhouettes clean. Or you can give a subtle nod to the trend with a perky accessory. Don’t be afraid to show your true colours this season.

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Lovely in lace!


She's swapped a kitchen apron for designer dresses.

And MKR's Zana Pali added to her glamourous collection in a lace Zimmermann number that gave a glimpse of sideboob as she relaxed after a 'long day' at the office.

Taking to Instagram, the 25-year-old sits on a bed in the sheer long prom dresses that features colourful stitched floral details and a plunging neckline.

Lovely in lace: Zana Pali added to her glamourous collection of dresses in a floral Zimmerman number that gave a glimpse of sideboob as she relaxed after a 'long day' at the office

Lovely in lace: Zana Pali added to her glamourous collection of dresses in a floral Zimmerman number that gave a glimpse of sideboob as she relaxed after a 'long day' at the office

With her long brunette tresses out around her face, Zana hides her striking features behind a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses.

'Long days at work call for cocktails and pretty dresses,' Zana captioned the shot and added '#zimmermann @the_style_squad' to the post.

The striking post comes after the legal eagle, who appeared alongside husband Gianni Romano on My Kitchen Rules, shared a makeup free selfie.

Showing off her natural beauty, Zana highlighted how important it was for women to be themselves and have positive body image.

'There is nothing wrong being comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is about knowing and accepting who you naturally are,' she wrote for the snap's caption.

She also added numerous hashtags, including: #amazing, #smile, #beauty, #beautiful and #bodyimage.

Zana looked incredible in the close-up shot that highlighted her flawless complexion, full brows and almond-shaped eyes.

Earlier in the week Zana had showed off her curves in a black dress while encouraging followers to embrace their body type and stop judging each other.

‘I think that whatever size or shape body you have, it’s important to embrace it,’ she explained. ‘Start by loving yourself and then allow yourself to see the entire world with love rather than judgement.’

Zana accentuating her petite frame in a sizzling Ivory and Chain dress with capped sleeves, heart-shaped bodice and a front centre slit.

She elongated her lean pins with a pair of nude Louboutin heels, while her long brunette tresses were swept to one side in loose luscious waves.

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Mom killed daughter days before wedding


A young Texas woman who was gunned down by her mom was set to be married Monday, according to a report.

Taylor Sheats, 22 — who was fatally shot alongside younger sister Madison, 17, on Friday — was set to wed her boyfriend of four years, Juan Sebastian Lugo, in a small ceremony,the Daily Mail reported.

They were going to have a larger, more formal ceremony once she graduated from college, according to the Web site.

photos:prom dresses liverpool

FacebookHis sister, Maria Lugo, paid tribute to the Sheats family after the gruesome double murder, which ended with cops gunning down 42-year-old mom Christy Sheats when she refused to drop her weapon.

“Yall were part of our family, and that will never change,” Maria Lugo wrote on Facebook. “The greatest in laws anyone could ever have, and the sweetest, most wholesome and caring girls in my life.

“I look up to yall so much. Y’all were a light in the midst of this crazy world. We will love you two until the end of time.”

The mom had called for a family meeting at their home in the Houston suburb of Katy, Texas, before she opened fire on her kids inside the house, investigators said Monday.

Father Jason Sheats and the daughters made it outside, but she kept shooting, eventually striking and killing both of her daughters.

Taylor SheatsPhoto: FacebookJason Sheats was heard to plead with his wife, “Don’t do this, they’re our kids!” at one point during the carnage.

Law-enforcement sources told The Post that Christy Sheats was hell-bent on shooting her two daughters — and, in the process, almost murdered her own father, who had pulled inside a neighbor’s house for safety as the bullets started flying.

Christy shot her two daughters in the middle of the street, then ran back inside her home to reload her five-shot .38 caliber gun, sources said. She dashed back outside and pumped another bullet into Taylor.

Authorities said Christy was an avowed gun-rights advocate who suffered from mental illness.

Officers had been called to the home 14 times since 2012, according to a Texas sheriff’s office on Monday.

Christy Sheats was an active Facebook poster, and told her online friends back in September how much she loved her daughters.

“Happy Daughter’s Day to my two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls,” she wrote. “I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know.”

The gun-loving mom also believed President Obama was out to violate her Second Amendment rights. She posted a meme in January with the picture of a pistol and this defiant message: “I have 10 guns. Obama wants 8 of my guns. How many guns do I have? That’s right, I have 10 guns.”

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Khloé Kardashian Claims She's Not Going to Wedding


The drama surrounding Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's engagement is taking center stage on this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians — and a new clip from the show suggests that things got even rockier than you might have originally thought.

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In the clip, not only does Khloé suggest that no one in the family should go to Rob's wedding even if they're invited, but she also goes on to say that no one in the family should even offer the couple their congratulations.

"Why would we congratulate him?" Khloé asks. "No one should congratulate them."

At one point in the video, Kourtney adds on that maybe it doesn't even matter if they go to the wedding or not, since the family has had plenty of marriages that have ended in a fast divorce. She even recommends — mostly jokingly — changing her children's last names in order to deter Blac Chyna from trying to continue the Kardashian legacy.

"I mean, how many weddings have we been to in this family and they don't mean s--t," she said. "So, let's all get over it."

To find out how the family makes peace with Rob and moves forward, watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians Sunday nights at 9 p.m. EST.

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First ever wedding at Bride & Groom Expo


This year's Bride & Groom Expo will for the first time ever have a couple tie the knot on stage on its second day (Saturday).

And according to the event’s supervisor, Vision Group’s Joweria Nabuuma, the wedding is to show people that a wedding can take place anywhere.

She said it is “very exciting” as “we have never done this before”.

The three-day wedding exhibition opened on Friday and over a hundred exhibitors filled up the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) exhibition hall to showcase their products and services.

It is running under the theme ‘Plan your wedding in a day’.

Nabuuma said this year's expo is classic, with exhibitors “at the top of the fashion game” and have thought outside of the box.

Expect A-list and best décor, bridal gowns, lingerie, photography, make-up and jewelry and plenty more.

photos:prom dresses 2015

This year's show kicked off with a fashion show, traditional dances, with hundreds of people turning up to grace the event.

Leticia Babirye, the manager of Bra World is showcasing different bridal gowns and lingerie.

“During the expo, the models showcase our gowns, bras and lingerie, for people of all sizes. People are allowed to take pictures so that if there is anything they like, we follow up from there. During the expo, we offer discounts,” she intimated.

Olivia Namuli, who works with Kushona Bridal Shop and are exhibiting their services this year, said they are known for dealing in Gomesis but recently, they also started hiring gowns and so participating in this expo is an opportunity to let people know about their bridal gowns.

Uganda Insurers Association, Coca Cola, Castle Lite, Silk Events, Uganda Registration Services Bureau, PilPlan Plus and Darling are sponsors in this year’s Bride & Groom Expo.

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I Looked HOT in that Dress


Ariel Winter is sick and tired of body shamers, and she's firing back.

The Modern Family actress received criticism over the form-fitting pink 2016 prom dresses uk that featured a cut-out below her bust that she had worn for her high school graduation party. Commenters on social media bashed Winter for her choice of wardrobe because they found the dress to be too revealing while others zeroed in on the teenager's figure.

Elegant Long Light Sky Blue Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress (LFNAE0064)

"Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress," the 18-year-oldtweeted on Wednesday. "And if you hate it, don't buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel #EmbraceYourBody."

Dear sorry body-shamers, I looked HOT in that dress. And if you hate it, don't buy it. But please get a hobby. XOXO Ariel#EmbraceYourBody

Winter followed up with a photo preaching a similar message, posting a mirror selfie that she captioned: "Embrace all that you are. Don't let those outside voices become your inner voice #mychoice #loveyourcurves."

Winter is no stranger to body critics. In November, the actress posted a photo with her nieces and received backlash for her bandeau-style bikini.

RELATED VIDEO: Ariel Winter Defends Showing Off Her Breast Reduction Scars at the SAG Awards

"Who knew that an innocent photo with my nieces would turn into this?" Winter wrote. "The height of a girl's skirt or whatever she is wearing for that matter, does not imply what she is asking for."

"It sickens me to think at 17 years old, a photo of myself with my nieces is suggesting that I'm 'asking for it,'" Winter added.

The actress, who had breast reduction surgery last year, said she doesn't usually "give power" to mean things said about her on the Internet, but felt inspired to speak out for other girls who have been bullied.

"You are not asking for anything because of what you are wearing - you are expressing yourself and don't you ever think you deserve the negativity as the consequence to what you are wearing - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL," she wrote. "Celebrate you and don't let anyone's comments allow you to think less of yourself. Us girls have to stick together!"

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How to Prepare for Your Wedding Like a Brazilian It Girl


“I never had this thing that I wanted to get married in a church,” said Helena Bordon, her hands clutched in her lap and her engagement ring sparkling in the late morning light. Yet she ended up doing so — and she didn’t.

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Like a Brazilian It Girl -

After about four and a half years together, style blogger and designer Bordon, 29, wed fiancé Humberto Meirelles in São Paulo’s St. Joseph church in April, jetting off to St. Barth’s the following month for a beachside ceremony. Her month of nuptials is a case study in having your wedding cake and eating it, too: church and beach, home and destination, summer and winter. (Though it’s balmy in St. Barth’s around this time, the southern hemisphere is a different story — It’s “winter” now, Bordon said, drawing air quotes around winter.)

She estimated 80 people attended the São Paulo ceremony, which she devised as a more intimate affair with family — while Bordon herself wasn’t enamored of the idea of a church wedding, it meant enough to her grandmother that she felt impelled to plan a religious ceremony.

“I was like, ‘No, I’m going to do this for the families,” she said. “It’s more important for them than for us, nowadays.” Still, planning a wedding close to home afforded her certain luxuries that she couldn’t expect in St. Barth’s. The church was a quick hop from her mother’s house, where they gathered for lunch after the ceremony, and it allowed her grandparents, who wouldn’t be able to make the trip abroad for the beach wedding, the opportunity to be there on her wedding day.

But after attending friend Mica Rocha’s Bahamas wedding last summer, Bordon was inspired to plan her own destination wedding, selecting current St. Barth’s.

(In contrast with her understated São Paulo ceremony, 250 people flew to St. Barth’s to celebrate her wedding, including 18 bridesmaids and groomsmen. “It was kind of a lot. It was kind of a mess,” she said. “But at the same time, it was a nice mess.”)

Planning began nearly a year ago, ramping up in the three months immediately prior to the occasion. Catering, flowers, the DJ, the cake — all were arranged via a local wedding planner on-site.

It was also during those three months that Bordon intensified her beauty and fitness routine, working with a dermatologist on acid peels and collagen treatments, “just getting the glow,” and working out at least three times per week. One month out, she began Vanquish treatments — four 45-minute sessions over four weeks that purport to tone and tighten with minimal effort — and a week prior to the wedding, she detoxed with a juice cleanse.

A looming St. Barth’s celebration also offers plenty of excuse to visit the island once or twice before the event. Bordon spent New Year’s in the Caribbean, stopping over again in late spring.

It could definitely be worse.

Bordon also traveled between São Paulo and Brazil for a series of five fittings for her wedding cheap prom dresses uk; another benefit of spreading your wedding celebrations over two events seems to be the option of going both vintage and contemporary. For the São Paulo ceremony, she wore her mother’s vintage Valentino gown, designed nearly 50 years ago by Valentino Garavani himself. (Bordon’s mother is Vogue Brasil’s style director Donata Meirelles.) Through her mother, she also connected with formerCalvin Klein women’s creative director Francisco Costa, a friend of the family, who designed the Bohemian-inspired gown Bordon wore for the beach ceremony.

“I always wanted to wear my mom’s dress,” Bordon said. “But at the same time, I wanted to do something for myself.” She arrived at Costa’s New York studio with inspirations based on his previous designs (and with body parts she wanted to show off — arms, neck, collarbone, back), and by the end of the meeting, they had a sketch. The resulting look: A semi-sheer, racerback silk shift laid over a slinky lace camisole-style dress adorned with tiny roses.

“Everyone told me, when you see the sketch or the ideas, you just known it,” Bordon explained. “I was like, ‘I don’t know, I keep changing my mind,’ and they were like, ‘No, it’s because you haven’t found the dress yet.’” Or, perhaps if the dress can’t be found, you just have to make it yourself.

It’s unfortunate that the sheer level of detail in the Costa design doesn’t quite translate to still image, because the St. Barth’s wedding was also where all the Instagramming went down. This was by design — the São Paulo ceremony was an intimate, familial affair, private sphere, while Bordon let her fans and readers into her life for the St. Barth’s celebration. And so did her guests — many of Bordon’s friends, like Bordon herself, are bloggers, and they covered the wedding for their own channels.

(Still, they kept it classy — “Just the beautiful pictures of the wedding,” Bordon said. “We have the unrated versions, like after 2 a.m.” But those aren’t for public consumption.)

If it seems like she navigated the multiple events like a pro, it might be because she had something of a trial run when Rocha married in the Bahamas. Bordon was one of Rocha’s bridesmaids, and she witnessed first-hand the stresses of what could — and might well — go wrong.

“You really have to be calm,” Bordon said. “You have to try to control yourself because if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. There’s no way you’re going to control everything.”

What else did she learn from standing on the sidelines of someone else’s wedding? “Not to become a Bridezilla,” she said, without hesitation.

Now that her bridely duties are accomplished, Bordon’s looking ahead — she and Meirelles postponed their honeymoon till the end of the summer, but in August they’ll embark on yet another luxurious, enviable voyage to Zanzibar, hopping over to the African mainland for a safari. Plus, there’s another wedding to attend — model Ana Beatriz Barros will tie the knot in Mykonos. And for this one, Bordon gets to relax and let someone else do the work.

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Qatari fund buys Balmain fashion house


Mayhoola for Investments, the Qatari fund that owns Italian fashion designerValentino, has agreed to buy Balmain, the French family-owned fashion house.

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The terms of the deals were not disclosed immediately, but people with knowledge of the bidding process previously valued Balmain at as much as €500m.

Mayhoola, “an investment vehicle backed by Qatar’s emir, will allow the brand to accelerate its development, notably with the opening of new stores abroad,” said Bucephale Finance, the Paris-based mergers and acquisitions boutique that advised Balmain’s shareholders, in a statement on Tuesday evening.

Mayhoola, which means “unknown” in the Qatari dialect of Arabic, is widely believed to be a vehicle for Sheikha Moza bint Nasser as-Missned, the mother of the Qatari emir, Sheikh Tamim. In 2011, the secretive fund bought Valentino, the Roman haute couture house, from private equity firm Permira, for about €700m.

A person with knowledge of the Balmain talks but who was not directly involved said that Mayhoola’s plan was to combine the two brands under one umbrella and eventually list the group.

Balmain was founded in 1945 by French designer Pierre Balmain. It was bought by Alain Hivelin in 1995. In 2011, the French house appointed Olivier Rousteing, then 25, as artistic director.

The company had attracted bids from other private equity funds, including L Capital, the LVMH-backed investment firm.

Private equity funds have sought to snap up European fashion brands that can be exported to fast-growing markets such as China. Roberto Cavalli was bought by Italian firm Clessidra last year. In 2014, Blackstone, the New-York-based fund manager, purchased a 20 per cent stake in Versace.

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Following the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the most common conjecture was Prince Harry’s marriage with Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton. But rumors have gone for a toss since it was discovered that the heart of the younger Prince lies somewhere else. Possibly, singer Ellie Goulding is the lucky one and the news comes with great evidence.

Prince Harry Serious About Ellie Goulding; Royal Wedding Bells Ring Again?

photos:2016 prom dresses

In a recent interview, Prince Harry had mentioned, “At the moment, my focus is very much on work. But if someone slips into my life then that’s absolutely fantastic.” Goulding stepped into that role when the two met at the royals’ Invictus Games in 2014. An inside source confirmed saying, “Harry is head over heels for Goulding. She’s a firecracker who can keep up with him.” Since then they have been great friends.

Goulding split up with Dougie Poynter. Prince Harry is single for quite some time. The two may have that chance to get even closer. Recently, the rumored couple was spotted together at the Audi Polo Challenge in Coworth Park, Berkshire. Reportedly, the two are ‘canoodling’ at an after-party.

Pictures were banned to keep celebrities at ease. However, an onlooker confirmed, “Harry and Ellie only had eyes for each other all night – they spent a lot of time sitting together under blankets. They even shared a kiss before “Harry had to leave because he was playing polo the next day. Ellie left about five minutes later,” Daily Mail reports.

Their relationship has not been made official. Although ,this scenario is more difficult for Goulding than Prince Harry. Apparently, the British celebrity songstress is no novice to the Prince’s family. In 2011, she sang at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding. She confirmed, “I’m friends with them and it’s not like it’s awkward because I don’t know them. So that’s fine.”

Also, Inquisitr noted an insider close to the Prince revealing, “Even though she’s a pop star, Harry and the royal family trust Ellie because she’s been around them for years. And William and Kate love Ellie to bits. They know that Harry is dying to get married and would love him to settle down with Ellie.”

So, the royal family does not mind the Lights fame pop star. But they surely would not accept her career post-marriage? That would leave a serious choice for Goulding between her career and the love of her life. Goulding stepped on to the stage of Dover’s Firefly Music Festival in Delaware on Friday, but with a completely changed look – keeping it casual but decent with a semi-sheer black top and khaki cargo pants.

Is she perhaps readying herself for a new social stand? Would Goulding be willing to quit her passion for singing to step into British royalty as the next duchess?

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Trendsetter: all dressed up for that cool yoga session


For 21-year old student Sakshi Verma, her 7 a.m. yoga class at a posh studio in South Delhi is not only about practising asanas for an hour before she heads to work, but is a way of life.

From shopping for clothes and trendy yoga gear to ordering organic produce and switching to a healthier lifestyle, she and her “yoga buddies” are a part of a generation that has taken the practice that has its origins in ancient India and given it a trendy twist.

photos:2016 prom dresses uk

Stay motivated

“You need to keep yourself motivated and be regular. Therefore, these classes organised at gyms are glamorous, fun and an attempt to re-interpret the basics of yoga to create a different workout everyday that is crafted to achieving personal fitness goals,” says Sakshi.

Her friend Himani adds, “Wearing a kurta pyjama or a loose T-shirt and trackpants is something that our parents would wear. It’s all about colourful tanktops, comfortable yoga tights and trendy accessories that keep us fashionable during our workout.

“It is what keeps us youngsters engaged in keeping fit. It is different from an aerobics class or a gym workout because there is a calmness to it that is meditative, silent and peaceful.”

Even classes have been modified to draw trends from across the world to keep people coming back. Sanjay, a yoga instructor says, “Yoga is something that you can practise on your own everyday or even take tutorials from the internet once you know the basics. But, the goal is to make it a way of life so that you stick to your routine. With group classes, we shake things up a bit to make it more exciting. The basic spiritual, mental and physical practice is the same, we just package it differently. It brings the social element into the discipline.”

Social media also has played its part to keep practitioners of yoga up-to-date with fashion trends as they often post pictures of their workouts and fitness goals to motivate others and adopt a healthy lifestyle and find time to find inner peace.

Hands up:Social media has played its part to keep practitioners of yoga up-to-date with fashion trends.- File Photo

Body and mind

Radhika Bose, a yoga enthusiast who blogs at says one of the main reasons for the youth to get attracted towards yoga is because of our super hectic and stressful lifestyles.

“We are constantly on the go. Yoga as everyone knows is not only a way to improve your body but mind as well. It’s the connection of the mind body soul. That 5 minutes you spend meditating is probably the only time in the day when you are not stressing or thinking about what to do next. “You clear your mind, concentrate on your breathing and let things be. The youth needs that 5 minutes of peace and serenity.”

About dressing up to practise yoga, Radhika says, you 2016 prom dresses to feel better about yourself. Yoga makes you feel better about yourself. So if you are in trendy active wear doing yoga, it’s a double feel good factor. That being said, comfortable active wear is a must.

For women, a supportive sports bra is essential. Don’t wear super tight clothes while doing yoga.

They restrict your blood flow and breathing. Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you happy, she adds


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