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Thembi Seete opens up about delaying her wedding


Thembi graces the cover of this month's True Love magazine where she opened about her career and her long term romance with Bo.

During the interview Thembi revealed that the reason they haven't taken the plunge yet, is because she decided to delay the wedding.

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"I delayed setting a wedding date because I’ve realised that marriage isn’t about the wedding ceremony or a ring on my finger, it’s about the connection you build with your partner. It was obviously awkward at first to have the conversation with Bo... that I didn’t want to get married too soon after getting engaged," she said.

Thembi admitted that Bo wanting to get married immediately after the engagement actually scared her.

"Many women don’t say this out loud, but the truth is that when someone asks for your hand in marriage, you ask yourself these questions. The difference with me is that I decided to seek out answers before jumping into marriage."

The actress also revealed that she and Bo are eager to become parents, and are "working" on that aspect of their lives.

Thembi and Bo have fiercely guarded their romance over the years, only sharing snippets of their love on social media.

But one thing's evident is that these two are totally besotted with each other.

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The bride’s guide to feeling your best on your wedding day


There’s nothing more exhilarating or terrifying than looking forward to your wedding day. It’s the day every little girl dreams of, and in your mind’s eye, you can picture how perfect you hope it will be. But as a world-wise adult, you know how the best-laid plans often go awry.

So what can you do to make sure you have the highest chance possible of enjoying your wedding day to the fullest? Start by remembering your fiance loves you just the way you are. The hard part is over, and you already have one another to lean on. Here’s what else you can do to make sure you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Lose weight for the right reasons

If you’re just losing weight for the wedding with no intention of making a lifestyle change to your diet and exercise habits afterward, you’ll simply gain the weight back right away and you’ll never be able to see your wedding pics without a touch of regret, thinking, “I’ll never be that thin again.”

Women who feel uncomfortable with their weight leading up to their wedding days might be tempted by extreme diets that promise to give them the perfect bodies in mere weeks. Don’t fall for it. Crash dieting will just add more stress to your life from all the calorie-counting, besides making you more likely to get irritated with those trying to help you and more drained from the lack of energy-sustaining foods. Your fiance may begin wondering what he’s gotten himself into.

Divide and Conquer

Nothing will deplete your patience and energy reserves faster than believing you have to do everything yourself. You’ll end up frazzled and stressed on your wedding day and it’s likely you won’t be able to get everything done. Divide and conquer to get the most accomplished and schedule a few group activities such as evening walks or a weekend Zumba class to get the group together.

The exercise will lower your stress level and give everyone the chance to get to know each other better. Scheduling group workouts can be fun and much needed while blowing off a lot of stress.

Remember to eat

Believe it or not (if you’re very close to your wedding day, you’ll probably believe this), but you can get so busy, stressed or overwhelmed you might forget to eat. If you’re rushing around picking up prom dresses and boutonnieres or visiting with guests from out of town, it’s easy to pass a day and realize by 5 p.m. you haven’t had a thing to eat but a piece of toast.

In the long run, skipping meals will make it harder for you to concentrate, besides making it more likely you’ll overeat later and then probably not on healthy things. To combat accidental fasting, keep healthy snacks like fresh fruits or nuts on hand to eat through the day in case you don’t have time for a full meal.

Do your skin a favor and don’t skimp on sleep

Yes, you’ve got tons to do to get ready for the big day, and the night before you might be so full of prewedding jitters you find it hard to sleep, but do your best to get as much shut-eye as you can.

Besides helping you muster the energy to be happy and bubbly on the big day, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, an expert on skin care, told, “One of the best-kept anti-aging secrets is a good night’s sleep. It’s during those precious hours that our cells repair damage and one of the best friends a glowing, youthful complexion can have.”

Don’t underestimate the power of water

We all know drinking water is important and healthy, but just how does it help you? According to studies cited by, drinking water can improve your body’s resting energy expenditure, which means you’re burning more calories just by sitting still, and even with no other lifestyle changes, you could lose more than four pounds in a year simply by drinking 17 ounces of water per day. It’s also good for your skin, helps your body metabolize fat and reduces your chances of getting a urinary tract infection. It’s basically nature’s miracle juice.

Enlist a friend to keep yourself accountable

Want to make sure you stick to your eating, exercising and planning goals? Get someone else to commit to the same or similar goals along with you. That way you can check in on each other, provide encouragement when change takes longer than you’d like to become discernible and celebrate each milestone you reach. Hard work is just more fun when you don’t have to do it alone.

Whatever changes you’re going to make, start early

If you’re hoping to drop a few pounds or experiment with some new body sculpting methods (like CoolSculpting), the time to start is not the week before your wedding. The best results take time to manifest.

Some treatments require multiple applications, which means you need to plan several months in advance to begin them. The same goes for toning your muscles. Plus, the longer you persist in your new habits, the more likely you are to maintain their positive effects once your wedding day has passed.

Bodify wants to help you feel confident and radiant on your wedding day. Find out howbody contouring can help you achieve your goals long before you take the long walk down that aisle and finally say, “I do.”

Successfully administering a CoolSculpting treatment requires focus, attention to detail, and the knowledge and confidence that comes with successfully administering thousands of CoolSculpting treatments.Bodify has performed over 8,000 treatments to date and growing. CoolSculpting is ALL we do. To say we know it like the back of our hand is an understatement.

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Margot Robbie Puts a Season’s Must-Have Jacket


Nice Long Blue Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress (LFNCE0053)

It’s the summer of the kimono. First came Kim Kardashian West, who worked the idea into her signature monochromatic look; Beyoncé and Rihanna quickly followed suit, both opting for graphic and colorful takes on the style. The latest to get on the kimono bandwagon? Margot Robbie, who was seen out in New York earlier today sporting a blush pink version of the robe.

The 26-year-old Australian actress has tried her hand at Japanese-inspired silhouettes on the red carpet before, though this time around she took the trend in a more casual direction. Her Spell & The Gypsy Collective topper featured a delicate floral motif which was a free-spirited counterpoint to her city friendly mini-slip marieprom dress. Amping up the boho vibe were round John Lennon–esque sunglasses, a slouchy hobo with a natty handkerchief accent, and python-trimmed gladiator flats. Her kimono would work just as well in an off-duty Hollywood wardrobe styled with an oversize tee and denim cutoffs.



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Vendors set up for bridal expo


The Hilton Garden Inn is buzzing with bridal fever Saturday as vendors set up for the Southwest Oklahoma Bridal Expo. Organizers boast that this is the 'one stop shop' for brides in Southwest Oklahoma to do all of their shopping for that special day.

Pretty Short Multicolour Tailor Made Cocktail Prom Dress(BNNAJ0022)

Vendors selling tuxedos, wedding purple prom dresses or wedding photographers with samples of their work got ready for the expo that is on Sunday.

This will be the second year for the expo, and Expo organizer Tami Bradford says they have added something new for the new brides coming out to plan their weddings.

"The bride's marketplace is our new this for this year,” said Bradford. “We are going to have the direct sales selling their products that are wedding related. They have make up and skin care and weight loss. Anything that you need to plan your wedding will be here tomorrow."

That bride marketplace Bradford mentioned will be open at noon Sunday at the Hilton Garden Inn on Northwest Second Street. The ballroom with all of the vendors will open at 1 p.m. The fashion show showing off the wedding green prom dresses uk will start at 3.


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Abbey Clancy stuns in a wedding day in Mallorca


Her younger brother Sean tied the knot with his long-term partner Stephanie Doyle over the weekend.

And Abbey Clancy pulled out all the stops to look her best for the Mallorca based nuptials, donning a quirky, negligee inspired light blue prom dresses and glitzy heels.

Dressed to impress: Abbey's stylish number highlighted her svelte frame thanks to a cut-out at the chest and at the sides, adding a glamorous touch to the look

The 30-year-old star was accompanied by her adorable daughters Sophia, five and Liberty, 13 months, as she celebrated her footballer sibling's big day.

Abbey showed off her model figure in a plunging dress with black lace detailing on the bust and a matching tulle trim.

The stylish number highlighted her svelte frame thanks to a cut-out at the chest and at the sides, adding a glamorous touch to the look.

The blonde beauty completed her look with a silver necklace and coordinating heels with elegant sparkling detailing.

Abbey - who is married to Stoke City striker Peter Crouch - was cradling her youngest daughter Liberty, while Sophia acted as a flower girl.

The youngsters looked cute as can be in their frilly white dresses complete with silk bow embellishment.

Abbey also posed alongside her proud dad Geoff as they prepared for the ceremony to get underway.

Sean, 28, and his beautiful bride Stephanie looked the picture of happiness in the wedding shots, surrounded by their family and friends.

Abbey recently opened up about her relaxed parenting style in an interview with Glamour magazine.

She said: 'I don't think Sophia would put me down as a 'cool' mum. Peter and I are both quite relaxed with our parenting style.

'Sophia and I are more like friends but I was like that with my mum and dad.'

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Ivanka Trump markets her fashion label with RNC dresses


Her speech was a success — and so was her dress.

Ivanka Trump wore a simple blush-pink shift dress when she gave a rousing address on behalf of her businessman father, Donald Trump, at the Republican convention Thursday night.

But Ivanka, who has her own fashion label, is a businesswoman in her own right — and happened to be selling one almost like it.

The morning after her speech, Ivanka tweeted to her nearly 2 million followers, directing them to where they could purchase a $138 version.

“Shop Ivanka’s look from her #RNC speech” she tweeted, with a photo of herself looking pretty in pink at the podium.

By Friday afternoon, the purple prom dresses uk, listed as the “Ivanka Trump Sleeveless Studded Sheath Dress,” was sold out online at Macy’s and Nordstrom.

For fashionistas who didn’t click quick enough, all is not lost.

The dress that was for sale Friday is actually different from Ivanka’s RNC dress. It’s shorter, it lacks a side leg slit, and its bodice is embellished with tiny rows of silver studs.

The actual dress that Ivanka wore for her speech will be available in the Ivanka Trump fall/holiday collection, her publicists confirmed Friday.

Meanwhile, her white dress from Wednesday night is also from her collection, and also available, for $158.

Ivanka Friday basked in positive press as much for the dress as for the speech itself.

Multiple sites praised her self-designed, moderately priced yellow prom dresses and contrasted them, favorably, against the pricier wardrobe of Hillary Clinton, who wore a $12,495 Armani jacket — later marked down to $7,497 — for her New York primary victory speech in April.


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Amal Clooney’s Palazzo Wedding


Celebrity weddings come and go, to be ogled at through computer and iPhone screens. But once in a while, a certain ceremony or reception strikes a more memorable chord—this aesthetic, that green prom dresses uk, and that magical setting. You become a little (or a lot) obsessed, dreaming now of one venue and one venue alone. So for those who have fallen prey to the siren song of a certain nuptials seen the world over, we have good news for you. Some of the most stunning wedding settings—the palazzo where Amal and George Clooney married, the plantation where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds said “I do”—are actually available to rent. Here, we rounded up 10 of the most beautiful celebrity wedding locations for you and your betrothed to consider. Victoria Beckham chose a castle in Ireland. What will you pick?

Beautiful Long Multicolour Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress (LFNBE0027)

From the caravans of water taxis to the bride’s (many) wardrobe changes, Mr. and Mrs. Clooney’s fall 2014 nuptials was a multi-day event to remember. But the main affair was held in the Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice, a 16th-century palazzo that boasts wall paintings by Venetian master Tiepolo. What else does the hotel have to offer the recently engaged? Two private gardens, a dining room with two sections, and a salon are just a few of the rooms available for use on your special day.

Blake Lively is known for her interest in all things food and home related (c.f. Preserve, 2014–15), so it’s no great surprise that her wedding to Ryan Reynolds featured a coterie of desserts, from lemon tartlets to La Maison du Chocolat pates de fruits. But the South Carolina plantation near Charleston was a knockout setting in its own right. Boone Hall Plantation, with its Spanish moss–covered live oaks, is ideal for anyone focused on a Southern aesthetic. The bonus fact? Boone Hall served as the summer home for Rachel McAdams’s character in The Notebook.

Despite the perilous Highway 1 drive, Big Sur is worth the trek. Anne Hathaway(swathed in a white and pink Valentino gown) married Adam Shulman at theVentana Inn & Spa, one of the area’s most beautiful places to stay. For weddings in particular, though, Ventana can fit as many as 150 guests, and there are two outdoor options for the ceremony itself. The hotel also includes a spa, where the bridal party can get ready.

For those focused on the West but less interested in coastal views, Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, is another stunning option. Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen married here in 2015, with the bride clad in a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta purple prom dresses. The ranch may not be able to secure Tom Hanks as the officiant (who apparently did do the honors at the Williams-Van Veen nuptials), but its all-inclusive packages make booking a breeze.

Victoria and David Beckham were married at Luttrellstown Castle just outside Dublin, Ireland. And as far as fairy-tale wedding venues go, a castle is hard to beat. At Luttrellstown, the Van Stry ballroom accommodates as many as 120 guests, while the Kentian room can fit 100 for the ceremony itself. And in addition, the castle has 12 bedrooms for you, and perhaps your bridal party, to stay.

If the northern Italy wedding of George and Amal piqued your interest the most—but Venice isn’t quite worth the hassle—consider Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Lake Como–set event. Villa Pizzo is perched on the lake itself, so it’s an ideal venue for outdoor ceremonies. Thinking winter instead? Its close proximity to the Alps will make your honeymoon destination an easy choice.

Flower-filled garden weddings are not unusual. But for those truly obsessed with all things flowering, green, and growing, Flora Farm

in Los Cabos, Mexico, is likely your ideal venue. Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo wed Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine at this special spot, no doubt lured by its beauty and menu options. The establishment’s Flora Grocery—where visitors can also just grab a sandwich if they find themselves on the go—evidences the farm’s focus on food.

Marrakech’s storied La Mamounia served as the location for Poppy Delevingneand James Cook’s second wedding ceremony, and is the ultimate experience when it comes to destination weddings. Between its spa, pools, and garden grounds—not to mention its Moorish architectural details—this luxury resort is a visual delight. Doubting the hype? Assouline has even published a book on it.

For their 1996 wedding, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette selected a secluded spot to ensure privacy. For the ceremony itself on Cumberland Island, Georgia, the couple chose the First African Baptist Church, a small local chapel. However, when it came to the reception, bride, groom, and guests moved along to the Greyfield Inn. This charming and somewhat beachy inn maintains its Southern style with gorgeous live oaks on the property and has a list of local recommended florists and photographers to consider. So if you don’t have a full PR team helping you plan, fear not.

Puglia, otherwise known as the heel of Italy’s boot, is a beautiful yet often underrated travel destination. So in other words, it’s a perfect location for an unexpected destination wedding. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake chose the region’s five-star resort Borgo Egnazia for their wedding—where the bride memorably wore a pink strapless voluminous gown. With rooms or villas as accommodations, and a range of classes that guests can sign up for (golf, fishing, photography, and even mixology are all offered), your wedding guests are sure to more than enjoy their stay.


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Five things to consider when buying a debs dress


With countless options available in the shops and online, shopping for a debs dress can be an overwhelming experience.

Whether you’re splurging or saving on your outfit for the big night, here are five things to consider before you part with your cash.

xOscar de la Renta (3).jpg

From photos with family and friends before you leave, to chowing down on a breakfast roll on the way home, it’s likely that you’ll be wearing your debs black prom dresses uk for as much as 12 hours.

This means you’ll want to be fully comfortable in it. When trying it on, walk around for 10 minutes or so and see how it feels. Sit down, stretch your arms and move around. Sequin details and embellishments can cause discomfort and scratches, so make sure your dress leaves you injury-free.

Practicality and comfort go hand in hand. Make sure you can move around without restriction and don’t have to continuously fix any parts of the dress such as pleats, the neckline and the slip underneath.

A debs dress is often a once-off piece, but if you can buy one you know you’ll wear again, that’s even better. Maybe you’ve an upcoming wedding or there’s a way the dress can be remade – think outside the box.

While hitting the high street is a fantastic way to get a gorgeous dress on a budget, it doesn’t come without its issues. We all know the struggle of going somewhere and seeing two other people in your latest Zara ‘It’ piece. There are plenty of dresses to go around, but if you buy your dress from a popular high street retailer, it raises the chances of someone else wearing it. Not everyone will mind doubling up, but a lot of people would.

With this in mind, try shopping at alternate stores for your debs dress. Vintage and second hand stores are fantastic haunt for unique dresses, as well are boutiques. Getting your dress custom-made is the ultimate solution to ensure no one else will be wearing what you’re wearing. Custom-made doesn’t always mean expensive, so check out your options with local designers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most beautiful dress in the world if you don’t feel amazing in it. The debs is a night many people remember for the rest of their lives, so wear something you won’t want to forget. Whether it be a '50s style dress, a tuxedo or a sparkling gold gown, wear whatever makes you feel best.

More often than not, a debs dress requires a few other purchases. A clutch bag, shoes, underwear, jewellery - take all of these into consideration when buying a dress for the big night. A good pink prom dresses shouldn’t need many extras and add-ons, all of which can hike up your budget.

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Fashion notes: Don’t turn into a social-media monster


I was recently on holiday in Bali with my husband, where I couldn’t help notice something that really irked me – an unfortunate technology takeover that I had been accustomed to experiencing while at home, but was dismayed to see while on holiday, where I was hoping for a digital detox.

Fashion notes: Don’t turn into a social-media monster

photos:pink evening dresses

We began our holiday at a beautiful jungle retreat in Ubud, complete with morning yoga sessions and locally farmed pomegranate salads. An infinity pool overlooking endless greenery and a heavenly spa completed the serene setting. The second half of our Bali trip was spent at Nusa Dua. The upbeat, family-minded beach resort was a nice change from the soothing calm of the jungle, except for one very annoying thing – the endless number of smartphones.

It started with the selfies. While lounging by the pool, if I glanced up for a moment, I was sure to spot at least one monstrous selfie stick jutting into the air, as a throng of eager holidaymakers all crammed their faces into the picture. Then I realised I was one of few hotel guests with a book in hand at the beach. Others brought their tablets and phones along with them, constantly scrolling, tapping or typing on them. Some, I noticed, were even browsing online shopping sites, rather than strolling through ­traditional markets around Bali. What a shame.

It isn't just a holiday phenomenon. Attend just about any fashion party or new product launch in the UAE, and you will find a gaggle of girls lining up for photo ops – of themselves. Often, it’s all in good fun – a night out with the girls calls for a selfie or two. But it’s easy to get sucked in. Before posting an image, some women take time to tag each brand featured in their outfit, along with a host of hashtags so that their posts will become more popular and will ­potentially get posted by one of the countless street-style accounts.

While Instagram began as a simple photo sharing app, ­today, our feeds are cluttered with sponsored advertisements, with photos ranked according to popularity predictions, giving way to the creation of the “Instablogger". Then there’s Snapchat. What began as a somewhat harmless app to share sly photographs has now evolved into something else entirely. It’s now almost normal for a person to be talking to themselves – well, their phones – in public, as they share things with their followers.

Fashion is a mode of self-­expression. It’s about buying clothes that you like and want to wear. You seek out garments that will flatter your body type, and look for prints and colours that complement your personality. What’s unfortunate about the advent of the social media celebrity in fashion is that you’re encouraged, almost pressured, to incorporate somebody else’s fashion preferences into your own wardrobe.

Social media draws you in slowly and deceptively, until you risk becoming a mindless drone, giving undeserved attention to strangers and self-made social-media celebrities who simply have a knack for pairing together pieces of clothing with a stylish flair, which isn’t all that rare. Fashion should be fun and personal – we shouldn’t strive to be constantly glued to our phones while black formal dresses exactly like the latest street-style post on social media. So think twice before you take out your phone to work your angles, pout your lips or look up other people. And don’t think that, as a mere observer, you’re any less guilty of the addiction. A few years ago, stalking to such extents would have been considered downright creepy – just because you’re doing it digitally, doesn’t make it any less so.


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May Day was 26-Year Tradition: History


The most elaborate musical productions in Waynesboro between 1946 and 1972 were not staged by cowboys at the old Cavalier Theater, or by city teachers hamming it up at Faculty Follies at the High School, but by 5-year-olds on the parking lot at the annual Bethany Lutheran Church May Day celebration.

Bethany Lutheran Mayday 1964

The pre-Memorial Day program frequently opened with 50-75 Kindergartners marching out to the Triumphal March from Aida, by Giuseppe Verdi. For the next 90 minutes parents and visitors were treated to rich, costumed musical numbers, skits and secular songs and hymns. The boys were white prom dresses identically all in white and the girls in long, pastel organdy dresses as they danced around and wrapped the Maypole in bright, multi-colored ribbons. The show concluded with a new queen crowned by the previous year’s queen. “In my class, if memory serves,” says James Williams, “Mary Hickok (daughter of Fishburne Drug Store owner Walter Hickok) was queen.”

Recently, long-time Bethany parishioners Kathy Denney (who was 1957 Queen) and Marcie Luecke perused a selection of photos and clippings of that annual event that always concluded the academic year. Luecke’s father, Karl Maier, was pastor at Bethany for 37 years, and her mother, Esther, was a teacher and a May Day organizer from 1954 until 1965.

“Those German Lutherans whipped those kids into shape!” they both laughed of the scope and meticulous organization of the programs, adding that every move was choreographed and every costume hand-made by church members and parents. They speculated that parents must have robbed every peony from every garden in Waynesboro for the girls’ bouquets.

Planning for May Day began in March and rehearsals were daily, with soloists, dancers, trumpeters and singers picked and put through their paces. Sets and props were built utilizing yards of streaming crepe paper, cardboard and paper mache.

“I remember what a hot day it was, and the bees loved the material that the dresses were made of. Gregory Bleasdale was standing behind me swatting the bees and slapping my head the entire program.”

Lisa GloverThe selection of which of the girls would be queen is still a bit shrouded in mystery, with neither Luecke nor Denney sure of the process – but it seemed to always be the daughter of a prominent local business owner or philanthropist.

The show always followed the same basic format, with variations in theming and musical selections. The first 1946 May Day featured a playlet “The good Samaritan” under the watchful gaze of Queen Sarah Swann McLaughlin. Her crown had been carried in by Marsha Freed, and her trainbearers were Hugh Kerr and Bobby Switzer.

The following year, McLaughlin was on hand to crown the 1947 queen, Mary Scott Fishburne.

In 1954 the theme was circus, with children portraying a ringmaster, a balloon man, clowns, a lion tamer (with costumed lions), a strong man and many others. That year Barbara Martin was crowned May Queen by the 1953 queen, Peyton Walker.

Retired Augusta County teacher Lisa Glover recalls her participation in 1961. “I remember what a hot day it was, and the bees loved the material that the dresses were made of. Gregory Bleasdale was standing behind me swatting the bees and slapping my head the entire program.” Her husband, Boyd Glover, also participated in the 1954 program.

“I loved May Day,” wrote Carrie Austin Eheart. “[We did the] Little Red Riding Hood play … I was the wolf.”

“The reason I think it was such a vibrant and well-attended kindergarten was because of the focus on education,” says Denney, reiterating that the celebration proved that 5-year-olds in the private, pre-K-12 days were perfectly capable of memorizing complex traditional dances and hymns, such as “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “What a Friend we have in Jesus,” as well as more contemporary hymns in the sixties, such as “Day by Day.”

After 26 consecutive years and almost 1,000 impeccably dressed participants, May Day was discontinued around 1972 in the face of declining enrollments due to competition from the public schools. The kindergarten then closed around 1987, and today the Bethany Lutheran Church congregation is looking to sell the original 1924 building and move.

A lone display case off the sanctuary containing the hand-made dress of sixties-era May Queen Ellen Kerby, and a color photo of the 1964 crowning are the sole visible reminders of those impressive May Day celebrations – “… back in the day.”

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