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Alia or Sonakshi who wore the ripped jeans


Alia and Sonakshi both have a very anti-diva, simple and casual real girl style. Both the actresses were recently spotted sporting similar trends.


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Sonakshi Sinha wore a pair of black skinny jeans with a knee slash and a black tank top. She layered this outfit with a statement long line bomber jacket with quirky patchwork on it. She completed her look with dutch braids and block heels.

Alia Bhatt wore high-waist blue distress denim with a white bodysuit, she layered her body suit with a long line denim embellished coat and finished her look with white sneakers and a shimmery backpack.

We think both the ladies look super cute and have carried the trend really well. Who do you think wore it better?

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New fashion trend took the MTV VMAs


THE MTV VMAs is reknown for its flamboyant and outrageous red carpet looks.

For some its go big or go home, with capes and headpieces galore. For others, less is more and right now its all about flashing the flesh.

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Blooming mum-to-be Laura Perlongo, fiancee of Catfish host Nev Schulman, took to the red carpet with her man sporting a jaw-dropping outfit.

Perlongo paired some comfy black trousers and nude heels with an unzipped khaki green bomber jacket, a diamond choker, some body jewellery, and nothing else.

Her baby bump was on full display, with the jacket only just covering her breasts - as bold a fashion move as you'd ever expect to see.

Surprisingly, Perlongo wasn't the only one to go with this look.

Exhibit B: P Diddy's new squeeze Cassie.

Cassie showed off her glowing, bronzed and toned torso, wearing a fitted grey blazer which was left open to showcase her impressive cleavage.

Just like Perlongo, her chest was adorned with subtle yet complementing jewellery.

She paired the look with a pair of oversized gold tailored trousers and a gold clutch bag.

But her highlighter yellow hair almost stole the show from her exposed chest and stomach. Almost.

It's too early to know anything for certain about this new look, and we have so many questions.

Is this a new trend we'll see more and more of? How on earth do they manage to keep the jackets closed? Will it become a High Street fashion trend? Will we see something similar on sale down the local Primark?

Only time will tell.

It's too early to know anything for certain about this new look, and we have so many questions.

Is this a new trend we'll see more and more of? How on earth do they manage to keep the jackets closed? Will it become a High Street fashion trend? Will we see something similar on sale down the local Primark?

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Israel Joins Bikini Fray


Even as France has started an international debate about whether some women cover up too much on the beach, Israel has gone the other way, with fresh concerns about whether some cover up too little.The Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport said on Sunday that it would insist on modest black prom dresses uk by performers at government-sponsored musical events after a singer said she was forced to leave the stage for wearing a bikini top at a beachside concert near here last week.T

he flap over skimpy swimwear here turned Europe’s burkini debate on its head. A flash of skin on a beach in Tel Aviv, a cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean, is hardly unusual — Tel Aviv teemed with women sunbathing in bikinis over the weekend, just as it has for years. At the same time, there were also religious women, Muslim and Jewish, covered nearly entirely, a sight that caused none of the political and cultural uproar seen on the sands of the Riviera lately.But if the French local bans on the head-to-ankle burkinis illustrated an often libertine country’s discomfort with conservative Muslim traditions, the decision by the Israeli authorities to weigh in on the side of more clothing reflected a different kind of cultural debate. With the influence of conservative Judaism on the rise in Israel, a country long dominated by secular elites is struggling with its identity and values.

The culture minister, Miri Regev, has been a driving force behind the debate, seeking to deny state money for institutions that do not express loyalty to the state and proposing to vet the music played by the army’s radio station for its patriotism. Her ministry said Sunday that it was now acting to respect the sensibilities of those who might be offended by immodest attire at shows financed by the state.“The ministry’s policy, led by the minister of culture, states that festivals and events which are funded by public money will honor the general public that attends the events, which includes all the various sectors and communities,” Sivan Carmon, a ministry spokeswoman, said in a statement.

The ministry intervened after a concert in Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv, on Friday took a surprise turn. Onstage was Hanna Goor, a singer known for her appearance on “A Star Is Born,” a long-running Israeli reality television program featuring new vocalists.As she performed, Ms. Goor was wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a bikini top and shorts when, she said, a man from the production company contracted by the state approached her and told her to cover up. She said she had refused, only to have the man threaten to kick her off the stage. She sang another song anyway, then noticed the production company official return with a security officer, at which point she left the stage to avoid a confrontation.Ms. Carmon, the culture ministry spokeswoman, said by telephone on Sunday that Ms. Goor’s attire was not appropriate for performing in front of the general public.

Ms. Carmon denied that the singer had been forced offstage, but said that the program had been running late and that Ms. Goor’s time had been cut short by maybe one song.In an interview on Sunday, Ms. Goor said she was only trying to stay cool in the late summer heat, and was dressed no different from many watching from the beach.“It’s Friday noon,” she said. “Everything is so sunny, so hot, I was only thinking about how tolerable it would be onstage.”She said she was stunned by the objection to her clothing. “They made it such a big deal, and now there are new regulations they want to put on and force artists to be more modest,” she said. “It’s just not right. I’m against it, and I will speak my mind about it as much as I can. It’s very important for me to sing the way I want to sing and get up on stage dressed how I want to pink prom dresses.”


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Rita Ora cuts a glamorous figure in black lace maxi dress


Judging by her choice of ensembles on Thursday, it's clear Rita Ora is taking her new role as host of America's Next Top model very seriously.

The 25-year-old singer changed from a thigh-skimming lilac mini-grey prom dresses and metallic heels to a sultry black lace and sheer dress as she stepped out in New York City on Thursday night.

More filming: Rita was spotted putting more time into her overseas commitments

Slit to the thigh, the dress featured sheer long sleeves and sides with black lace detail, flattering the star's slim figure.

The dress was teamed with a pair of simple black heels, star shaped silver earrings and very smokey dark eye make-up.

Rita's dark blonde hair was pulled into ponytail and she seemed in good spirits after filming more of America's Next Top Model, having taken over from previous host Tyra Banks.

A few hours earlier, she was also turning heads in a thigh-skimming mini dress and metallic heels.

After enjoying just one day off in the city this week, Rita was back to business for filming.

It was announced in February that the model search would run into Cycle 23 without long-serving host Tyra Banks.

Instead, Tyra will serve as executive producer of the revived VH1 show after hosting for 12 seasons.

The model revealed she was quitting the series last October, desiring to 'go out on top.'

Earlier this year, Tyra revealed she had spoken to Rita who asked her for tips on fronting the show.

'She was like, "Tyra, I don’t want to fill your shoes, I want to create my own shoes." the 42-year-old beauty told U.S. show Entertainment Tonight. 'So I was like, "I got you boo."

'She was like "I just want some advice and some help," added Tyra.

'So I’m going to have a session with her in person. I’m going to give her the ins and the outs, but she’s gotta make it hers.'

Alongside Rita, US beauty Ashley Graham will be judge alongside celebrity stylist Law Roach and Paper magazine's chief creative officer Drew Elliott.

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Wonderfully Weird Makeup Trick That’s Sweeping Korea


“It’s the hot tip in K-beauty right now.” This, I’m told constantly, and always take with a fat grain of salt. But at dinner in Seoul last week with a particularly plugged-in friend, I heard that a rather unorthodox trick called jamsu makeup (roughly translated to “diving” or “submerging”) had swept the city this summer, producing a perfectly matte, melt-proof face with little more than a bottle of baby powder and a basin of water. Given the thick humidity enveloping both the U.S. and Korea of late, I was at least intrigued by the wholly whimsical proposition.

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It was purportedly a Japanese beauty blogger who sparked the trend on YouTube, though it quickly became a Korean sensation. The novel technique bears some similarity to “baking”—setting your makeup with powder and body heat—but feels rather next-level. First, cleanse and moisturize, then swipe on primer, foundation, and concealer, per usual. Then, shake heavy handfuls of Johnson’s Baby Powder onto your palms (though any loose powder will do) and pat it on freely, releasing clouds of it into the air until a pale kabuki-style base appears. Filling a sink with cool water, plunge your powdered complexion into the bath and hold it there for no more than 30 seconds. Finally, pat your face dry, and finish the rest of your look with a lasting, pitch-perfect canvas.

“If you have dry skin, don’t push your face in the water too long,” my friend says, adding that one might take a facial mist and spray liberally, instead. A bit reluctantly, I dunk my Ringu-esque head in the sink for some 15 seconds, feeling (frankly) ridiculous. But, I quickly find, the results are beyond. Yes, my skin is intensely matte, but also incredibly smooth and even-toned. Better yet, when shading in my arches and applying liner, there is no oil-induced glide, allowing me to craft fine, pencil-thin strokes that are the best brow-work I’ve done in ages—all thanks to a $4 tin of drugstore powder. It lasts remarkably well with no under-eye smudging and, I’m frequently told, my face looks softer and even younger—appropriately enough, like the skin on a baby’s bottom.

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Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Wedding


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth wedding is reportedly cancelled and not just postponed.

Sources said that the “We Can’t Stop” singer decided not to push through with their honeymoon in Bora Bora and cancelled their scheduled flight. Could this be a hint that the singer is also calling off her wedding?

According to a source from Us Weekly, “They had the entire trip planned, but Miley just decided she didn’t want to go there anymore.”

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Considering the singer’s indecisive character, rumors have it that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s wedding is cancelled. It can be noted that MIley Cyrus previously wanted a wedding in summer and now, sources said that she will go for a Fall ceremony.

Miley Cyrus was notably “very erratic with her decision-making,” as what a source close to the singer dished out.

The 23-year-old singer is also scrapping the idea of having a small beach wedding in Australia, like what has been planned, Pop Sugar said.

READ ALSO: Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Wedding Off: Being A ‘Stepford Wife’ An Issue

“Miley is pretty adamant about having a small, private ceremony,” the insider added. “But Liam wants a really big wedding, so I’m sure they’ll come to a compromise.”

Are the couple having arguments on their wedding plans that might lead to cancelling their wedding?

The news that their wedding was cancelled even heightened when Miley Cyrus was spotted without her engagement ring.

The two went for a shopping in Malibu but what made paparazzi stunned was when the singer did not wear her ring, even when she was with her fiancé.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got back together late last year and were rumored to be engaged again after their reunion.

Since then, reports are saying that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are planning for their wedding this year.

The two shocked their fans when they announced their split after they confirmed their engagement in 2012. Many think it will happen again, the couple calling it quits, that is.

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Decoding Scandinavian cool at Copenhagen Fashion Week


Copenhagen Fashion Week is the only fashion week that is covered by world-leading fashion site, London-based fashion news site The Business of Fashion, W Magazine andDazed Digital besides the leading fashion destinations of NY, London, Milan and Paris. That alone already says a lot about how important CFW is within the global fashion industry.

With 29 shows, two trade fairs destinations and an array of fashionable events spread over three days between 10 - 12th August showcasing what Scandinavian fashion for SS17 season will look like, Copenhagen Fashion Week should be on everyone’s fashion radar.

The ‘green chic’ destination

The city of Copenhagen is a perfect mix of history with contemporary touches, serving as an ideal background for Celine-y looking women embracing the meaning of Scandinavian minimalism while riding their bikes in heels and skirts.

Apart from the seemingly effortless outfits on and off the catwalk for us to admire, CFW puts sustainability at the forefront of the fashion industry and as the CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week Eva Kruse says the aim is to become the ‘green’ week of Scandinavia within 3-5 years with brands like Stella McCartney and Prada on the schedule that have an ethical point of view in terms of production.

Day 1

The day started with a Designer’s Nest show under the patronage of Princess Mary at the old Stock Exchange build in the 17th century, Borsen. It was a showcase of the 30 best up-and-coming Nordic designers presenting diverse collections from lingerie-ornamented fur, men in heels to celeb-posters-as-skirts and lots and lots of glitter.

The next show on my schedule was Lala Berlin. As the name explains it’s a trendy German brand founded by Lyela Piadayesh. This was Piadayesh's third time at CFW and she was showing her SS17 collection called City Jungle at the old Carlsberg brewery area, where the majestic famous elephant sculptures guard the old brewery buildings. Hand crocheted separates, elephants printed on flowing long prom dresses and asymmetrical frills were all elements in clothes for modern woman at any age. The elephants, the ancient buildings, the jungle music and coloured clothes created a magical show.

The last show of the day was literally a sausage party by Danish master Henrik Vibskov at Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district. He presented his SS17 collection at a slaughterhouse, stuffing knitted sausages in the middle of the catwalk. A mix of materials and shapes with dominating mega-ribboned kimonos, it was hard to pinpoint one theme, but that was exactly his point; a true artist.

Day 2

The second day at Copenhagen Fashion Week called for CIFF - Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, the leading and most innovative platform in Scandinavia at the Bella Centre with hundreds of premium brands and over 50,000sqm waiting for visitors, buyers and press to be discovered. I spent half of the day walking around and admiring the works of hundreds of designers spread over two floors, ranging from unisex to streetwear and womenswear labels. The highlight of this year's edition was a presentation of London-based designers by Lulu Kennedy, founder and director of Fashion East & MAN.

In the afternoon I attended a show of a Swedish brand run by three sisters House of Dagmar. Their SS17 collection was based on nature’s colours, sustainability and mixing the classics with sporty elements. Black, beige and dark blue with a few white pieces and knitted elements dominated the catwalk. This show was well attended by a number of local celebrities and bloggers but all eyes were on Danish top influencer Pernille Teisbaek.

On the last day of Copenhagen Fashion Week I was invited to attend another show with fresh talent of Designer School Kolding. Held at Copenhagen’s main library in the city centre, 15 designers ready to make their mark in the fashion world presented their experimental collections with unusual details, new constructions and materials. It’s always refreshing to see the new blood pushing the boundaries of wearable fashion.

In the afternoon I paid a visit to the second fashion trade fair called Revolver International Fashion Trade Show. Here, most progressive contemporary Scandinavian fashion brands mixed with like-minded brands from the rest of the world. The fashion trade was buzzing and it was great to see the brands from the catwalks on display available for viewing.

One of the final events of Copenhagen Fashion Week was a clothing swap market called Fashion Exchange at the City Hall Square, where you can swap your old clothes for clothes from someone else’s wardrobe. A very innovative approach to sustainable consumption. I wish I had some extra clothes with me I could swap.

Europe’s New Fashion Capital

Forget London, Copenhagen is the new fashion capital. From street-style to catwalk and beyond, Copenhagen is a city that breathes style. Everyone long formal dresses well and looks cool without trying too hard, something that sounds so easy to do yet so hard to achieve. Long live Copenhagen!


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Fashion has a new address


A new-age fashion store that has opened in the Capital City has something for every girl and women. Zovala, a boutique by Harpreet Kalsi, launched on August 17, promises to add zing to your wardrobe in the most simplest manner yet giving that charm to an ensemble. >From long prom dresses in frills to layers, shimmers, florals and sarees with heavy blouse work, the store has a stock of it all for the ladies in the age group of 16 to 60. There is no compromise on material and colour, says Harpreet, who prefers to handpick raw material from different corners of the country. She has travelled to cities like Jaipur, Surat, Punjab, Delhi and Kolkata to procure fabrics as well as the Gotis and Zari besides the other paraphernalia required for the store. Bagru, Jaipuri prints to tie & dye, besides the gold zari work and Indigos, the store has it all. Preferring to be addressed as a dressmaker, Harpreet, who has a degree in fashion from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhubaneswar, is in love with frills and you can find some of these in abundance in gowns and kurtis that are created in her boutique.

Punjabi Touch

The Punjabi touch is visible in some of her dresses. Vibrant colours, '40 kali ka lehenga', ghagra with heavy works and floral prints are some to lay your hands on. Priced between `500 and `15,000, a client can look for outfits like customised flared pants, cigarette pants, straight pants, minis, short black dress, palazzos, knitted tops and sarees with designer blouses in net and attractively crafted jackets on long kurtis. The jackets with intricate hand work could come handy for working women who wish to hop on to a party right from work, says Harpreet, adding that the idea is to retain Indian values as well as provide a Western touch. Prior to opening her own store, Harpreet keep her desire for fashion alive by designing dresses for her friends. She has worked with Kalahandi Vikas Parishad where her designs sold like hot cakes in the Government-hosted exhibitions. She also has to her credit the honour of working with the renowned fashion designer Ritu Kumar as store head for her outlet in the city.

Unique Element

The unique element of her store is the dress-maker's idea of involving her clients in the design process. "The customer's dream long prom dresses uk can be brought to reality by the craftsmen of Zovala. Every woman has an idea but is unable to implement it for several reasons. So we at Zovala prefer to give wings to their ideas," she says. The spacious lounge of the store has been designed exclusively keeping the client's comfort in mind and it overlooks her workshops on either side. She has hired 'karigars' from Kolkata and a full-fledged tailoring unit functions all through the day under her watchful eyes. Zovala, meaning clothes in African, has roped in Ollywood actress Anu Chaudhury as the face of the common woman for their store.


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Ashna’s fashion statement


The Inimey Ippadithan actress has shared the screen with actor Prabhu —for whom Meen Kozhambum... is the 200th film.

photos:long formal dresses

Having been paired opposite Santhanam in both her Tamil films, Vallavanukku Vallavan and Inimey Ippadithan, Ashna Zaveri’s third film — Meen Kozhambum Mann Paanaiyum with Kalidas Jayaram is next. In an earlier interview with DC, she had revealed that she plays Pavithra, a happy-go-lucky girl that has a Tom-and-Jerry relationship with Kalidas. She added, “I referenced Jyothika’s role from Kushi. Her relationship with Vijay is similar to mine with Kalidas. We rag each other a lot.”

The Inimey Ippadithan actress has shared the screen with actor Prabhu —for whom Meen Kozhambum... is the 200th film. “I have immense respect for him and noticed that the bigger the star, the more humble they are. He gave me acting tips and encouraged me. He even arranged a lavish lunch for Pooja Kumar, Kalidas, and me. It was sweet of him, and we have bonded so well that I call him uncle,” says the actress.

When asked about her fashion statement, she adds, “I am very particular about my look and I keep myself updated when it comes to fashion. I mostly style myself, but, when I opt for a designer, I decide my look. I have my own set of shoes, clothes, and earrings which I mix-and-match for my films.”

The actress, who has been selective in her career, believes that the quality of work matters. “I am very picky about the script, the hero, director, and producer. I don’t want to be a heroine who just exists,” she says and signs off.

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This Is the Most Pinned Wedding Dress on Pinterest


Photo: Courtesy Grace Loves LaceEvery bride wants to feel special on her wedding day — that's a given. Finding a wedding long prom dresses that feels unique and special can be a bit of a challenge, but we're willing to try on hundreds of dresses and get custom alterations so that our dress feels like the most personalized gown ever. But sometimes, you want to know what kind of wedding dress everyone else is dreaming about, too. And here it is: The most pinned wedding dress on Pinterest.

This wedding gown by Australian label Grace Loves Lace (we're big fans of the designer here at BRIDES) is not only the most popular wedding dress on Pinterest, but the most popular DRESS on the social media platform, garnering more than 2.5 million posts, according to Harper's Bazaar Australia.

Savefrom HumphreyWispy WandererThis specific dress, designed by the label's founder Megan Ziems, is called The Hollie, and it features spaghetti straps and a longer, translucent skirt with a side slot over a shorter lace dress. The ethereal, bohemian look, complete with draping layers of fabric and a delicate train, is totally on trend with millennial brides.

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