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P.K. Subban dresses up as Prince for Halloween


P.K. Subban is beloved by fans all across the league. Montreal Canadiens fans who were sad to see him go still love the guy to death. And even though Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs fans don’t like to admit it, they love him too. His magnetic personality makes him one of the easiest guys to root for.

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He doesn’t need to do much to change that, but seeing him donate millions of dollars to hospitals elevates his fan friendly status. And even though he doesn’t play in Minnesota, Wild fans are sure to love him for this.

Every time Halloween comes around, people are always anxious to see who athletes cocktail dresses uk up as. Subban happened to choose a fallen legend in Prince, and for the record, he nailed the look:

He missed a golden opportunity to take a group photo and make the caption “Assemble your crew.” Because while he was aiming for Purple Rain era, he looks more like Dave Chappelle’s version of Prince. Although I’m sure he’ll take that as a compliment.

Subban proved he would fit right in at Nashville when he scored in his first game. He capped it off with an awesome celebration while the crowd didn’t stop cheering until the goal announcement was finished. And after this latest stunt, he’d better say “Game… blouses” the next time he rips one from the point and is mic’d up.

However, after a hot start, Subban and the Predators have cooled down. He’s been held pointless in three games, and scoreless in four. The Predators are also 2-5-1 and last in the Central Division while the Canadiens sit at the top of the league while Shea Weber has 10 points in nine games. Funny how things work out sometimes.

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Khloe Kardashian, who gained fame on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK), devoted months to caring for her estranged husband Lamar Odom after his almost fatal overdose. But now that he has recovered, the reality TV star is showing she’s ready to move on with her new boyfriend Tristan Thompson. The two reportedly are engaged, and rumors are even swirling that they have wedding plans in the works and a baby on the way.

Kris Jenner poses with Khloe Kardashian.

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While her sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian both have children, viewers have watched Khloe on Keeping Up With The Kardashians showing her affection for her nieces and nephews. Now, just weeks after the news broke that she and Tristan were dating, the Hollywood Gossip cites sources revealing how the reality TV star and Thompson are already taking their romance to the next level.

“Sources say Khloe sees the Cleveland Cavs center as definite father material, and there’s reason to believe that she’s already expecting,” added the Hollywood Gossip.

One of the sources revealed that the KUWTK star “wants to get pregnant naturally,” and has made comments about what “beautiful” children she and Tristan would have.

In addition to the speculation about whether there’s a baby on the way or pregnancy plans, Kardashian and Thompson are the subject of rumors that they’re planning to tie the knot, with a bombshell about how they want the wedding staged.

In Touch Weekly reports that the 32-year-old and Tristan are engaged, and even making plans to wed. When Thompson meets his true love at the altar, fans will be able to watch them tie the knot because the wedding is allegedly going to be broadcast on their own reality TV show, according to the media outlet. An insider told In Touch about the couple’s plans, as well as how the future bride feels.

The KUWTK personality and Tristan anticipate spending a minimum of $1 million on their wedding day, with invitations going out to 400 guests, added the insider, who also revealed that the couple are planning a California wedding and considering “private estates in Malibu and Santa Barbara.”

As for how Keeping Up With The Kardashians manager Kris Jenner feels about her daughter’s desire to tie the knot with Thompson, Jenner is enthusiastic about the plan to have the event televised, according to the source.

“Kris is hoping it’ll bring in even more viewers than Kim [Kardashian]’s wedding to Kris Humphries.”

Holywood Life reports that Kardashian, 32, and Thompson, 25, supposedly are coming soon to the small screen, with a televised wedding as part of the show.

But Kris didn’t get on board with the speed of her daughter’s romance with Thompson until she learned about how the relationship could jump-start a new reality TV show, according to a source cited by Hollywood Life.

In addition to the initial resistance from her mother, the 32-year-old KUWTK star faced a backlash from fans after posting a photo showing her comparing diamond rings with Thompson, noted Us Weekly.

Coming in the wake of Kim’s robbery, the photo was viewed as insensitive by some and potentially dangerous by others, who thought it might entice theft. Tristan flaunted his new ring, featuring a Cavaliers logo surrounded by diamonds, and Kardashian showed off three diamond bands along with a red and gold ring in the team’s colors.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


She is one of the world's most stunning and in-demand supermodels.

And on Wednesday, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was no doubt at the top of the guest list for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Show and Tea event at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

The power team: The supermodel's fellow Victoria's Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Jourdan Dunn also came out, as well as Ciara, who announced on Instagram on Tuesday that she is pregnant with her second child

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The English supermodel looked ready for business as she arrived to the Kate Spade-presented outing, clad in an office wear-inspired ensemble.

Rosie customized her solid white button-down by letting the side slide off her shoulder, but avoided revealing more than she intended to.

The blonde stunner tucked in her crisp shirt into a pair of pinstripe trousers.

She sported a peculiar belt, which appeared to be the bottom half of a blazer.

Rosie wasn't the only A-list beauty in attendance.

Joining the Transformers: Dark of the Moon star was Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, Camilla Belle and Amber Valletta.

The supermodel's fellow Victoria's Secret models Alessandra Ambrosio and Jourdan Dunn also came out, as well as Ciara, who announced on Instagram on Tuesday that she is pregnant with her second child.

Wednesday's event appeared to be a ladies' outing.

But when Rosie's not mingling with her gal pals, the high-end fashion model spends time with fiance Jason Statham.

The two began dating in 2010 before becoming engaged in January of this year.

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Bella Hadid On Her Personal Style


Bella Hadid—the unofficial model of the moment, whose recent résumé includes coveted spots on international runways from New York to Paris and back again, and whose image floods news wires by the hour—is on the roof of Milk Studios, where she has been since dawn, shooting DKNY’s Spring 2017 campaign. It’s a process that will take three more days, and has left her left leg bruised from repeated sprints in a pair of “spiky” boots for the camera. Who says modeling isn’t hard work? Which isn’t to say that Hadid doesn’t enjoy it: After all, just a year and a half ago she was amongst the audience at DKNY’s show; last season she opened it. Now she’s the face of the brand. This doesn’t happen for everybody, and it certainly doesn’t happen often. “[Last year] I was doing shows, but I wasn’t doing as many shows as I am now, so I think it was really cool to experience and watch DKNY from the front row,” says Hadid. “It’s a brand that I’ve always known about, so it is really cool . . . Big steps!”

Hadid’s runway presence over the past year and a half hasn’t been the only thing about her to undergo something of a meteoric trajectory. Her personal style has gone from a footnote in a reality television show—The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, where her mother, Yolanda Foster, often contrasted Bella’s penchant for a dark, urban-minded aesthetic to that of her older sister, Gigi, who had a more stereotypically sunny, SoCal sensibility—to something discussed in Instagram posts and style blogs across the world. Though the model maintains an unwavering love for leather and denim, working in the industry has fine-tuned her sense of the true model-off-duty wardrobe. “I’ve always had a ‘style’ at heart, and I’ve always known my vibe, and how I like to red carpet dresses, but I think definitely this past year and half it is more put together,” says Hadid. “Before, I’d put a plaid skirt with a leather jacket and a mesh top and it would look crazy but it was still my style,” she says. “Now it is more refined.” That means an increase in streamlined body-flaunting strappy bodysuits, curve-skimming latex dresses (this year’s post—Met Gala party anyone?), and sporty crop tops with lace underlay (“I love the way it shows through!” she says). Still, Hadid makes room for the wildcard touches of her younger years. “I love fishnets right now,” she says. “I’m bringing it back to [age] 15.”

Youthful accents aside, the runway has definitely helped define her sense of what works and what doesn’t—Hadid credits DKNY’s last show as being instrumental in her burgeoning love for thigh-high boots. “They were spandex-type flat shoes that were thigh-highs,” she says. “I feel like they make your legs look skinnier, because it covers your legs.” (They also mean, in her case, that you can wear a sweatshirt with impunity—an added bonus: “I’ll put a big baggy sweater on and thigh-highs, and I’m chilling, you’re still kind of cool.”) But she didn’t get this far by ignoring her instincts. “Especially with stylists now, I will do random things that help them,” says Hadid, “something needs to be pinned, or something worn off the shoulder, or I’ll pick the shoes . . . and they’ll be like, ‘where did you learn that?’ I think in the back of my head, I’ve picked up some things.” And she’s only just getting started.

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Ricardo Preto designs for the world


Shorts, fashion’s great equalizer, are featured prominently in international designer Ricardo Preto’s collection for his first line for Rustan’s. His version is an abbreviated version of tailored pants, flat and flattering in the front and flaring just above the knee — which, when worn in fashion circles, say, “I care, but not so much that I will sacrifice sitting the way that I want to.” It’s a symbol of a youthful spirit that’s present in the collection, which the designer says is not targeted at any particular age, or even season.

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The Portuguese designer studied architecture in Lisbon, but always had an inclination towards fashion and clothes, doing local shop windows on the side. He served as an apprentice of his teacher, Maria Emilia Sobreira, and completed a handbag workshop at St. Martins School of Arts in London. He presented two collections at Manobras de Maio and his first collection at Portugal Fashion in 2005. He became part of ModaLisboa the following year.

He swings from fashion to architecture and back again with grace, as if two people are living harmoniously in one mild-mannered being. His Instagram features his architect side — something that he does consciously — as do his collections. “My clothes have a lot of structure. They are not rigid, but they are structured. A pair of pants is always going to be a pair of pants — it’s a rectangle with a cut in the middle, and you can open it and close it. My base in my clothes is the same as an architect’s, it’s the geometric shapes. So I adapt this to fabrics and make movement. Movement for me is important,” says Preto.

And just like he isn’t a fashion designer who is only interested in fashion, his clothes aren’t clothes that are only for a particular market, time or shape. “I do clothes that can stay in your wardrobe for many seasons. I’m not a season guy. I really like the cut and the fabric, and I design for people who are confident about themselves.” He does add, however, what his clients are like: “Nowadays it’s very easy to be stylish, because we have the mass market. With less money, you could do as well. But me, my clients, they make the difference, because they have a nice haircut, they know how to speak. It’s not just the wardrobe now. It’s the different things that make a person.”

His travels have led him to discover something that’s becoming increasingly true — people from one corner of the world are no different from those in another. And he designs accordingly.

“Two decades ago, for you to understand what was fashion, you had to buy a magazine, you have to see the windows of the shops. Nowadays, when there’s a fashion show, it’s already in the mainstream, already in the Internet. You can even buy it right after the show in Moda Operandi. The Internet changed the world and that’s why, although I’m located in Portugal, I design for the world,” he says.

his means spreading his fashion wings to the Philippines, where he recently debuted his Ricardo Preto fall/winter 2016 collection with Rustan’s, his first brand in Southeast Asia. The collection, perfectly adapted to the local climate, features breezy but structured separates, prominent with lines that elongate the body. Preto, who has always dreamt of working in Asia, says, “Nowadays we don’t have the collections so strict like we have in the past. If you’ve seen the catwalk in the past decades, the winter is not so winter and the summer is not so summer. In Europe, you put on a red carpet dresses and then you put on a winter coat. All places have air conditioning. So it’s not a question of doing the seasons. In Europe, I add heavy jackets, but the philosophy of the collection is the same.”

The prints are inspired by the local foliage and semi-precious stones — things we take for granted but the designer finds interesting. “When I arrived in the Philippines, the green… it’s amazing. Everything grows. They grow on the street. It’s something that inspires me. This was the inspiration for the print. But what really inspires me is the beauty and harmony, that’s what I want to put in my work.” He adds, “I started studying the Philippines, and thinking about who is the Filipino woman and man. How do they want to dress? And I realized they are no different. Nowadays we think globally.”

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Kiwi fashion mag Remix land Naomi Campbell


Kiwi fashion and lifestyle magazine Remix have revealed what it was like working with British supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The local magazine will feature the fashion industry legend and veteran supermodel, on the cover of their upcoming Icons issue, scheduled for release this December.

Supermodels Naomi Campbell (L), Claudia Schiffer (C), and Karen Mulder (R) hold their custom-made dolls.

photos:celebrity dresses

Campbell, who during the 1990s became equally as notorious for her backstage antics as she did for her high fashion campaigns, was "a seasoned professional" throughout their shoot, said Remix editor Steven Fernandez

"I sent Naomi a copy of Remix through her manager, who happens to be a friend of mine," he said when asked about working with Campbell. "She loved the magazine and signed on right away, so Tim (Phin, Remixpublisher) and I began organising the trip to New York about a month ago."

Earlier this month, the Remix team flew to New York to complete the shoot, scouting leading hairstylists, photographers and make-up artists to join them.

"Shooting someone like Naomi is a lot of work, not because she's difficult, but because she's incredibly well-versed at what she does, so everything had to be perfect," added Fernandez.

"This is a woman who has covered Vogue sixty-six times, shooting for the likes of Steven Meisel and Mario Testino, every other month," he said. "We shot at a studio in New York's West Village and flew in Brazilian photographer Gui Paganini from Sao Paolo to shoot her."

The upcoming Remix interview marks the first time the supermodel has sat down with the New Zealand press. Fernandez said that the upcoming issue will feature a 10-page dedicated feature.

"I'd be lying if I didn't admit she was intimidating," he said. "She comes with a lot of people and baggage - managers, publicists, assistants, security, the list goes on."

After sky-rocketing to fame in the 1990s, alongside the likes of models Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford, Campbell has since enjoyed a varied career in television and modelling.

The 46-year-old British born model recently made a series of appearances on the hit Fox network series Empire.

Remix have become renowned for landing big international cover stars, with previous issues of the magazine featuring pop-star Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea, Diplo, Kelly Osbourne and reality TV star Kylie Jenner.

"(The shoot) was difficult to execute, because on the day of our shoot Naomi had an evening event at The White House and needed to shoot really quickly. We got there in the end, though," said Fernandez.

"Naomi knows what she likes and what she doesn't and doesn't sugar-coat how she feels," he added.

"But she's a seasoned professional and every shot could have been a cover. Even after several years of working in the industry and with all walks of celebrity, I've never seen someone nail a shot so fast and so perfectly as her."

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Transgender Justine on making transition


JUSTINE Smithies is happy. ­Confident and bubbly, she talks about being a mummy, the red carpet dresses she will wear when she renews her 19-year-old marriage vows and how supportive her colleagues have been.

But there was a dark time when she believed she would lose everything and couldn’t imagine the fairytale ending she has with wife Julie and their family.

The couple have faced challenges that would rip most marriages apart yet they have come out of them stronger.

Justine, 44, who was born Justin Mark, knew she was really a girl from an early age but was afraid to do anything about it.

She said: “I couldn’t have told my parents. I thought I’d be put out on the streets or locked up. There was much less ­understanding.”

So she buried her feelings. In 1991, at 18, not long after she moved with her parents to the ­Peterhead and started working, she met 16-year-old Julie and it was “love at first sight”.

“We’ve never really been apart since,” she said.

The couple married and had three children – Samantha, Cameron and Morgan – and Justine carried on with her work on the fishing trawlers.

But her secret was nagging to be told and one night she blurted out to Julie that she was transgender and wanted to have an operation to become a woman.

She said: “I still loved Julie and my kids and my job, but I knew once I’d said that I was going to lose ­everything.

Once over the initial shock, the couple set about understanding that, underneath it all, they were still the same people who loved each other.

Justine said: “We took our marriage vows ­seriously. We’ve always said people get divorced too easily. They have an argument and that’s it – marriage over.

“To start with we had a lot of ­arguments and then it would settle down until someone would say ­something in the street and it would trigger something else that Julie would have another worry about. One moment it was calm, the next it would flare up again as I was trying to explain. So it wasn’t easy.

“We got through it together by speaking, being open with each other – not lying to each other.

“Other than ourselves, we didn’t want to speak to anyone else, we were kind of embarrassed – I was ­embarrassed about me to start with. Julie helped me. She was very strong about it. Without Julie, I wouldn’t have got this far.”

“But I had no choice because I didn’t want to go on and not be me. There was a lot of shouting, crying and stuff, understandably. Julie’s ­reaction was, ‘That my whole life’s been a lie’.”

The next few years were some of the toughest for the Cruden Bay couple as they had to reassess what their marriage was all about as well as deal with the reaction of the community.

Their children Samantha, Cameron and Morgan had it tough too as they were bullied at school and needed to understand why their dad had become mummy.

“The kids decided early on they’d call Julie mum and me mummy. Julie’s mum and I’m mummy, it was their decision.They also picked my middle name. I became Justine Melanie.” Justine and Julie’s commitment to each other and their marriage vows saw them through the ­difficult readjustments.

In her own words, Julie is now a “lesbian by default”.

The family faced antagonism and bewilderment. For a while, people even gathered outside their home to shout abuse. Eventually, the ­community realised the Smithies had no intention of moving away or hiding from them. Justine began living as a woman and had her gender ­reassignment surgery in May 2013.

The family began looking forward to the happy day that the two women would renew their vows surrounded by loved ones.

But in the month when Justine was recovering from the serious operation another blow hit the family.

Just days before his 16th birthday, their middle child Cameron ­accidentally fell 80ft from cliffs at nearby Slains Castle. He was pronounced dead in hospital.

As the tragic news broke and the connection was made between Cameron and Justine, the local community rallied around them.

“They stood by us,” said Justine. “The story was big headlines but everybody virtually told the press where to go.”

Gradually, with the support of friends, the Smithies started to come to terms with life without Cameron.

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Fashion/Musical Guest of Honor


Come celebrate our Musical Guest of Honor HITOMI as she performs for the first time in the U.S. at the Pasadena Convention Center on Friday, November 11th at 7:30pm PST.

photos:prom dresses london

"Pacific Media Expo is excited to bring HITOMI as its first ever dual Guest of Honor for Fashion and Music. HITOMI is a unique talent as a singer, dancer, and noted expert in Japanese maid fashion. PMX2016 is proud to be the United States debut of HITOMI." - Garland Gee, Director of Music at PMX.

Currently active as maid, HITOMI serves as the president of @home cafe, the best maid café, not only in Tokyo but around the world. She has also served as a maid for 11 years and has been a driving force for @home cafe, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and has appeared across various forms of media, including TV and magazines.

Beyond sincere and devoted customer care, HITOMI is a multi-talented singer, dancer, and communicator that provides great all round service. In 2005, she made her debut as a member of the idol unit “Kanzen Maid Sengen” (Complete Maid Declaration), formed from maids working in @home café. She then made her full-fledged artist debut in 2009, as a member of the dance unit “TEAM Junjo” (TEAM pure heart) and finally, in 2013, she became President of Infinia Co. Ltd., which manages @home cafe.

About Pacific Media Expo:

As America's first major media trade show dedicated primarily to Asian-Pacific popular culture and entertainment, Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is a distinguished industry event sponsored by the Pacific Media Association. PMX strives to create an eclectic community where artists, industry, and fans can freely experience and express the very best of Asian-Pacific popular culture.

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Mexico City Fashion Week


Mexico City Fashion Week is nothing like its New York, Paris or London counterparts, nor does it want to be. Now in its 11th year -- 2016 is the 10th anniversary with Mercedes Benz as sponsor -- venues are not hastily erected in car parks, but carefully selected to represent different aspects of the city, from runways set within the cloisters of a 16th century convent to the printing presses of national newspaper "El Universal" and in the kitchen of the Sheraton Hotel, where models walked the metal countertops swathed in textured black capes.

photos:celebrity dresses uk

The creative directors behind Mexico’s edgiest brands are taking their cues from traditional aesthetics and culture (such as customary embroideries) and combining them with political themes and eclectic streetwear such as ripped denim and cropped tees, basketball jerseys and long Tehuana skirts, as worn by Frida Kahlo. The result? Collections filled with gender play and contradiction, where the men's clothing especially can be worn by women, and vice versa.

These modern designers operate independently, but often work together on satellite projects designed to further develop the local creative community. For example, for her first ever runway show during Mexico City Fashion Week, Marika Vera introduces prints in collaboration with Mexican visual artist Maria Conejo. In her new project titled CIHUART, Cihuah designer Vanesa Guck's collaborated with artists.

Mexican designers have also embraced social media and digital platforms over traditional media -- if you make a comment on a brand's Instagram account, chances are the designer manages it and responds personally -- to present an aesthetic that's rooted firmly in the landscapes and cities of Mexico, yet created with the global community in mind.

Roberto Sánchez describes his five-year-old brand as a project of personal exploration. Playing with structure to create his signature silhouettes and never-too-serious aesthetic, he counts MIA, Leigh Lezark, Gerodon Nicol and rapper Rye Rye among his clients. For his spring 2017 collection, Sánchez drew inspiration from his friends and muses, incorporating their personal style with his own memories of their relationships. Sánchez shows during Mexico City Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week and retails in boutiques in Australia, Japan and the US. His next project is to release his own perfume line based on his memories.

How did you get your start in fashion?

I started 10 years ago with a brand called Teamo. My friend and I started the brand as a way of building our bond and to share my dreams and fears.

What were your first pieces?

I started with pieces that were basic but with an artistic touch, such as prints that I would create, embroidery or unique fabrics. I would always be inspired by the streets of Mexico and how people here experiment with their clothes.

What values are core to your brand?

I always like to have fun. My philosophy is that Roberto Sánchez is only looking to enjoy every moment and make the best out of it – it’s a way of experimenting with my surroundings and emotions. I care about the quality of the materials but I'm not trying to focus too much on that; my main goal is to visually transmit a message with the garments.

What was your inspiration for the looks shown this week?

The main inspirations of this collection were my best friends, which is why every look is unique and individual. Every look is a compound of human elements such as love, lies, passion and work.

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Corsets on the streets of Milan on Wednesday and Thursday. Photos from left to right: Chiara Marina Grioni/Fashionista, Imaxtree, Chiara Marina Grioni/Fashionista, Emily Malan/Fashionista, Chiara Marina Grioni/Fashionista

Amidst all of the Gucci on the streets of Milan (especially Wednesday at the brand's spring runway show), two other distinctive trends have emerged from the city's fashion week so far: camouflage prints and corsets worn over prom dresses london, and jackets. The latter is something we anticipated seeing after it had popped up on the runways earlier this year (see: Prada's corset belts)— but the camo felt like more of a surprise, because it's been a minute since the print had high-fashion popularity. Take note of Valentino's 2012 take on it, which brought the pattern back to the forefront.

Bloggers, stylists and editors got the memo, however, with several turning out with aforementioned Prada corset in dark grey and white over a number of looks, truly showcasing the versatility of such a distinctive piece of clothing.

See all of our favorite street style looks from day two of Milan Fashion Weekin the gallery below.

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