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Brisbane label takes ‘world’s sexiest rashie’ global


IT’S THE swimsuit with a waiting list 500 people long and now Brisbane-based fashion label Une Piece is taking its world’s “sexiest rashie” international.

Women have rushed to get their hands on Une Piece’s range of sun safe swim wear and the team are hoping to have a similar effect as they look to launch in Europe.

Owner Carly Brown developed the fashionable swimwear range to flatter women of all shapes and sizes who wanted a swimsuit that could go from the beach straight to casual wear.

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She began workshopping the idea with friends and before the business had even launched demand was so high there was a waiting list of 500 people desperate to get their hands on one.

“As I was researching the product with women people were literally wanting to buy them on the spot,” Ms Brown said.

“We just started collecting names for our wait list…so we could get a sense for how many to manufacture.

“We were blown away to get 500 people ready to buy the product before it was even available.”

Once the suit hit the website they sold out within a week and quickly began to sell pre-orders for their second shipment with people signing up to wait more than a month to get their order.

“We had bloggers, models and celebs reach out to us to provide them with product - and some of them we couldn’t fulfil because we had already sold out,” the former marketing executive said.

The brand caters for all sizes from 6 to 16 and comes in a range of colours in high quality SPF+50 fabric.

“It’s clear that women want to feel confident, sexy and beautiful, but also be sun smart,” she said.

“Women don’t want to spend their precious weekend beach time in an ill-fitting rash vest. They want the best fabrics, design and cut as they expect in other areas of fashion.”

Une Piece is now expanding its range and will move into the European market this year.

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Could this fashion formula be the key to winning an Oscar?


The process of deciding on an outfit for the Oscars normally begins months in advance of the highly anticipated Hollywood awards ceremony.

But if any nominated actresses have left their outfits for Sunday's ceremony to the last minute, they may wish to take note of this advice.

Fashion experts at Cosmopolitan claim to have calculated the winning formula for what hopefuls should wear to be in with the best chance of winning an Academy Award.

Sophistication: Marcia Gay Harden, left in 2001, and Charlize Theron, right in 2004, both wore floor-length dresses with trains

Charles Manning, style director at the magazine, analysed the prom dress shops of the past 30 years of female Oscar winners to work out the common features of their outfits.

Taking into account ten different aspects of style - including color, neckline and train - he said the luckiest dress would have 'a shiny or sparkly opaque black sheath dress with a train, worn without a belt or a wrap'.

In case nominees do not have time to find a dress with all the key characteristics, he identified a dress from the spring 2015 Armani Privé couture collection that would fit the bill.

Black was found to be the most popular dress color or shade. It was worn by around a third of Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress winners - including Julia Roberts when she was awarded best actress for Erin Brockovich in 2001.

The sheath won the battle for best silhouette after it was worn by 60 per cent of winning women.

The V-neck, as modeled by Reese Witherspoon in vintage Chanel in 2006, was found to be the most common neckline.

Winning actresses historically go for bare arms in sleeveless dresses such as Lupita Nyong’o's 2014 Prada outfit, while favorite fabrics were either shiny or sparkly.

Although the analysis noted that sheer has been a consistent trend over the last few years - not when it comes to Oscar-winning dresses.

Only 18 per cent of winners - including Cher in 1988 - went for sheer with most opting for opaque gowns.

When it comes to a train, actresses were split almost down the middle: 53 per cent, including Renee Zellweger in 2004, went for one, while 47 per cent followed Anne Hathaway's lead by going without.

Brie Larsen wore a belt with her Gucci dress at last year's Oscars but the research claims that generally Oscar-winning actresses do not. Only 15 per cent of winners have worn one.

Embellishment also divided actresses in half - with winners split 50-50 - while wraps were shunned by the vast majority of winners.

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Adjusting the Status Quo With Engendered Fashion


Traditionally, when scrolling through your favorite clothing website, there are two separate tabs for men’s and women’s apparel. Now, however, New York Fashion Week has showcased that many brands might be diminishing the line of demarcation between those tabs for people who have no preference of one over the other, and for those who use fashion to challenge social conformity and the gender binary that exists in fashion.

New York Fashion Week had everyone buzzing about the prevalence of genderless fashion after a number of designers, including designer Palomo Spain, showcased clothing that challenge ideas of what is conventionally described as either “masculine” or “feminine.”

2016 Classy Long Watermelon/White Tailor Made Evening Prom Dresses (LFNDB0014)

pics:prom dress shops

This is the same kind of buzz that Jaden Smith generated when he appeared all over social media in clothing that is traditionally worn by women just a few months ago. All of the speculation about the trend has come to fruition through the most anticipated time of the year for designers and fashion lovers alike – New York Fashion Week.

In a March article published by The Business of Fashion, it was shown that women’s clothing is usually much more expensive than men’s clothing. Researchers compared the same articles of clothing articles between both men and women of the same designer, and found that there was a striking price difference between the two.

In a preceding study released in December by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, it was found that women pay almost 8 percent more than men do for the same kinds of clothing. The Business of Fashion article referred to this hike in the prices as “the pink tax,” which is “the idea that the women’s version of a product costs more than the men’s version.”

While using the color pink in order to describe women in relation to something else might have been a lucid distinction before, the rise of social movements that challenge society’s long-established notions of gender definitely changes that coherence, and such phrases might not be as telling now as it might have been some time ago.

In an interview on “All Things Considered,” Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan explained that, “the idea is that a lot of the traditional notions that we associate with a particular gender – male or female – are now being offered for the opposite gender.” In other words, certain patterns and styles of clothing that are generally associated with either men or women will no longer limit the kinds of designs one might begin to see on each.

Robin Givhan did make it clear in the interview, however, that there will not be complete disappearance of the aforementioned men and women tabs that one would normally see on their favorite clothing website. She explains that as a number of designers specialize in either men or women’s apparel, the distinction between the two will indeed perpetuate.

She says that what was exhibited at New York Fashion Week “differs from what we tend to think of as androgynous dressing because it’s not meant to delete the notion of gender. It’s meant to mix it up.” For this reason, one can anticipate a kind of symmetry beginning to evolve in the kinds of descriptions originally used to delineate both men and women’s clothing.

While there is some opposition that exists towards genderless clothing, many people believe that this is good thing for men, women and others who do not fit the “traditional” body types that many designers cater to.

When asked about her opinion on genderless clothing, Eliana Alvarez, FCRH ’18 exclaimed, “I think it’s great. I love the idea that there are no limitations placed on clothing. People can wear whatever they want, however they want to wear it.”

The current social and political climate has been said to influence many of the designers in New York Fashion Week. Millennials are challenging the notions of masculinity and femininity, the kinds of conventions that are associated with each and surfacing the long ignored fact that not every individual identifies with either of the binaries.

These challenges to social conformity have been reflected in many aspects of society, and New York Fashion Week is another one to add to the list.

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This Bride's Light-Up Cinderella Wedding Dress


From fairytale-inspired nuptials in Newport Beach, California to storybook "I dos" that took place at a legit castle, we've certainly seen our fair share of princess brides marrying their Prince Charmings in full-blown ball gown silhouettes. But the Disney-inspired wedding prom dress shops this bride donned for her big day has us wondering if she has an actual fairy godmother working her magic behind the scenes. Yes, it's that cool…

International Youtube and Instagram celebs Rachel Vennya and Niko Al Hakim tied the knot earlier this month in a wedding that would rival any Disney Princess's "I dos." Seriously, take your pick of Disney flicks and fast-forward to the über-opulent weddings. Vennya has 'em all beat with her ridiculously regal wedding.

Disney animated GIF

Remember 2015's Cinderella and its ethereal, lit-from-within trademark dress?

Yep, Vennya had it. When Vennya took the reception dance floor with her new husband for their first dance, her impossibly-voluminous strapless ball gown LEGIT LIT UP with teeny tiny lights, resulting in an absolutely magical fairy-tale effect.

Meanwhile, if you could manage to tear your eyes away from Vennya's Cinderella wedding best prom dresses for a hot second, you'd notice that the groom's wedding day threads were also totally on-theme, featuring Prince Charming–inspired epaulets and a regal sash.

And since every princess deserves a costume change (usually with the help of some small woodland creatures), Vennya also slipped into a Snow White–themed frock at the reception, just because.

But if you think that the Disney details ended there, oh, how wrong you'd be. The elaborate nuptials also included towering floral displays, a castle wedding cake, and more. If you have a minute (or 20…), you can see all of the fairy-tale magic for yourself in the couple's wedding video above.

No word yet if Vennya's fairy godmother is taking appointments for other wedding-planner positions.


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Lady Macbeth cuts a swathe across London fashion week


The namedropping is pretty highbrow at London fashion week these days.

Lady Macbeth, Mark Rothko, John F Kennedy, Virginia Woolf and Eugène Delacroix were all referenced by designers before 11am on Monday morning, and Michael Nyman was there in person, playing the piano in a piece composed to accompany the Roksanda collection. Burberry are making Henry Moore the star attraction at their show later on in the day, with a catwalk that will double as the opening night of a sculpture exhibition.

Roksanda’s ‘warrior women’ at London fashion week.

pics:prom dress shops

This London fashion week is developing a distinctive look. It starts with a long, fluid skirt, a tight waist and a flourish at the cuff. The silhouette is elegant, but there is an element of grit in coarse, sensible tweeds, eiderdown quilting and thick velvet. A certain steely British femininity keeps coming up in backstage conversation, with the suffragettes, Tracey Emin and the Queen among the names being dropped.

And there is a common refrain among designers who speak of formidable women. For Antonio Berardi this was Lady Macbeth, the starting point for dramatic silhouettes in which dense fabrics were swathed about the shoulders and wrapped tight at the waist, with collars tipped high over the chin and skirts swirling at the knees, as if for an unimaginably glamorous walk in the Highlands.

Roksanda Ilinčić talked about how the influence of living in an extraordinary moment of history helped her crystallise her “warrior women” on the catwalk, whom she dressed in exquisite shades of carmine and rust she took from Rothko paintings she saw in the Royal Academy’s recent Abstract Expressionism exhibition.

Erdem imagined what the wardrobes of his great grandmothers – one from Turkey, near the Syrian border, the other of English and Scottish heritage – would have looked like together, merging Ottoman necklines with Victoriana bodices, and throwing in elements of Virginia Woolf for good measure, to dreamy effect.

“I like to imagine women’s stories,” he said backstage after the show. “I don’t have any photographs of my great grandmothers, so this is about their identities as I invent them, I suppose.”

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Couple renews vows at Blacksburg wedding showcase


Emily Miller still felt the emotion trembling in her voice Sunday as she looked into her sweetheart’s eyes and pledged to love and support him for the rest of her days.

“The first time, I started crying right at the beginning of the vows,” said Miller, 29, a Montgomery County teacher. “This time, I almost made it to the end.”

Sunday’s wedding, held during the 8th Biannual NRV Bridal Brunch & Sweetheart Showcase, was an encore performance for Emily and Dan Miller.

Beautiful Long Multicolour Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress (LFNBE0027)

pics:prom dresses in uk

The young couple eloped just before Christmas shortly after Dan, a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, found out he’d be transferring to Hawaii this year.

That first ceremony was a small, quickly organized affair attended only by close family. The couple always planned to throw a larger celebration down the road when time was on their side.

But neither expected their next exchange of vows would take place during a busy showcase as friends, family and other couples in the midst of wedding planning looked on.

“I thought, what has she gotten me into,” Dan Miller, 30, said of the unusual wedding setting.

The chance to host a second, larger wedding came about unexpectedly for the couple after a friend nominated them for the bridal expo’s “Make a Wedding Wish Come True” contest.

The contest picks a deserving couple to win a free wedding with the support of vendors who donate clothes, music, photography, hairstyling and other services.

In the past, the wedding was held after the showcase, sometimes months later. But when organizers suggested trying to stage a ceremony at the event this year, Emily and Dan were game.

The timing was actually fortuitous, they said, as it gave them a chance to celebrate with their Virginia friends before their big move.

“It’s a sweet way to end this chapter together, before she leaves,” said Bethany Nuckols, a bridesmaid who’s been friends with Emily for the past four years. “We’ve really enjoyed being part of her special day.”

The event hall at the showcase, held at the Inn at Virginia Tech, fell silent Sunday afternoon as the strains of a harp and flute heralded the start of the bridal procession.

“We are all here to celebrate love,” said the Rev. Karen Osborne, who officiated the service, as people stopped to watch the ceremony.

The newlyweds smiled and took each others' hands. Both grow emotional as their renewed their vows of love and fidelity.

“That was a good moment,” said Dan Miller, adding he enjoyed the chance to walk down the aisle with his bride again.

Dan is currently stationed in Connecticut where he’s in a submarine officer advanced training program. The couple is awaiting a firm date for his transfer to Hawaii, but it’s expected to happen this spring.

The news last year that he’d be moving to Connecticut and then onto a new, still-unknown assignment proved a defining moment in their relationship.

When Dan, about to embark on the twists and turns of a military career, asked Emily what she saw in their future, she recalled she felt a pang at the thought of losing him.

“I knew then that I would go anywhere he goes,” she said.

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Students petition removal of prom dress approval system


Some students from Archbishop Ryan are upset over a cocktail dresses code for their prom. It requires girls to get approval from the school's administration for the outfit they want to wear to the dance.

Gabriella Stocklin is like many seniors at Archbishop Ryan High School who say a prom dress approval system set up by the administration goes too far. Girls have been told to e-mail administrators pictures of their dresses for a 'yes' or 'no' decision.

Gabriella says her dress picture was approved, but she disapproves of the process altogether.

"I don't like that we have to send pictures in especially because every girl loves their dress," said Gabriella. "Once you send the picture in you still have to wait for approval and that dress could be gone."

We scrolled through the Archbishop Ryan dress guidelines which say dresses cannot be cut below the bust line, showing stomach and that backless dresses cannot be cut below the natural waist.

Juniors and seniors responded with this petition on, calling the policy sexist and saying it doesn't account for different body types, among other grievances.

"I think that girls should be allowed to at least show on the sides a little bit, not like the whole entire stomach," said Gabriella. "It's not like we're walking in like belly dancers."

The Archbishop Ryan boys don't like it either.

"It's sorta disrespectful towards us because we can't control ourselves around women that they have to be so covered up so we can control ourselves," said senior Antonio Mendez.

The Archdioceses of Philadelphia released a statement defending the dress code. It says in part:

"As our high schools are Catholic, they seek to engender holistic Christian formation of young men and women spiritually, academically, and socially. The intention of the policy is to ensure modesty in dress at this social function, which is school sponsored."

Despite the petition, some students don't mind the rules.

"I don't mind the policy. My cocktail dresses uk actually got approved so I don't really have a problem with the policy," said senior Halana Geinnotta student.

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over 3,000 garment items to women in need


A.J. Perri, a New Jersey based provider of air conditioning, heating and plumbing services, donated over 3000 clothing items to Dress for Success® and guests of the Night to Shine, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, due to a generous contribution from an associate, Frank Lamitina. The total donation retail value of these 3,000 garments is approximately $390,000.

Lamitina’s wife, Marina, discovered she had Stage Four Lymphoma cancer while they were living in Florida, where she owned a women’s apparel company called Queen Grace. When the couple relocated to New Jersey so that Marina could receive treatment, they put her extensive inventory of garments into storage. Shortly after, Lamitina took a position at A.J. Perri. When A.J. Perri held a formal dresses online drive, Frank and Marina generously turned over all the garments to A.J. Perri, who facilitated the donation to both Dress for Success and guests of Night to Shine, an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs..

Dress for Success affiliates in the following areas received 2500 items from the donation: Jersey City, NJ, Fort Myers, FL; Lantana, FL; Winter Park, FL; Miami, FL; and Tampa, FL. The garments included wrap dresses and women’s separates that range in size and are work-appropriate.

The remaining 500 cheap formal dresses uk, that were formal garments, were donated to young women with special needs who are attending Night to Shine. This marquee event will be hosted by 375 churches in all 50 states and 11 countries simultaneously around the globe on February 10, 2017 and will celebrate 75,000 honored guests – all of whom will be crowned king or queen of the prom.

A.J. Perri is passionate about giving back to the community, and we are honored to assist women in empowering themselves,” says Kevin Perri, President of A.J. Perri. “We are also fortunate to have people like the Lamitinas in our family who are committed to helping others. Frank is an outstanding associate with a generous heart. We are proud to have him on our A.J. Perri team.”

Since 1971 A.J. Perri has been serving New Jersey homeowners with years of experience and a national reputation for superior technical skills in heating, air conditioning, plumbing and indoor air quality systems. They service those in Bergen, Burlington, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex and Union counties.

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They could be sisters!


They are at the top of their supermodel game, even if a few decades divide them.

And on Tuesday Kate Upton, 24, and Christie Brinkley, 63, joined forces to support the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in which they both appear.

The blonde bombshells, who could pass for sisters, were spotted side by side at the Today show in New York City.

Blonde power: Kate Upton, 24, and Christie Brinkley, 63, joined forces to support the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in which they both appear

Upton, who has taken the cover of the issue, wore a conservative black and white cocktail dresses with big gold buttons.

Brinkley, who grabbed inside coverage, showed off her incredible figure in a tight white short-sleeved dress.

Kate captioned her shot: 'Love spending the morning with Christie, such an inspiration!'

Brinkley was joined on the morning chat show by her daughters Alexa Ray and Sailor as they were grilled about bikinis by Matt Lauer and his co-star.

The three of them looked striking in the SI issue as they modeled black swimsuits while in the water.

On Today, Brinkley talked her daughters' struggle with body image.

'I have to tell you it was excruciating as a mom… There’s nothing worse and if I could urge just one thing for the media is to lay off the kids,' said Christie.

'I went through every phase. I went through too skinny, too fat. I don’t like using those words but I went through everything and then you just sort of get to an age and you get to a time where you say this is my body…who cares if I don’t look a certain way.'

Upton talked about her wedding planning with Justin Verlander.

The Other Woman actress admitted she was not that serious about getting things in order.

But the blonde was sure they wanted to 'party' and drink tequila.

On Sunday Kate was seen with a friend in Beverly Hills.

The two had stopped by a Starbucks to get juices and were walking down a busy street.

Upton looked slender in a white pullover and black leggings with a cross-body purse.

Her pretty pal was sporty in all black.

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Hillary Kerr's Wedding Dress


It's probably safe to say that a wedding cocktail dresses claims a spot among the most important outfits a girl will wear in her lifetime. (Also, probs the most expensive. RIP, savings account.) Pressure, much? Not for ultimate fashion girl Hillary Kerr, founder of the überpopular blogs Who What Wear and MyDomaine and a glowing newlywed! After recently walking down the aisle, Kerr is finally opening up about the big day—and finding her dream wedding dress.

Listen up, brides-to-be. If there was ever anyone's bridal style to steal, it's the super-stylish Kerr's. "I only tried on three wedding dresses, and this was the last one and immediate winner," Kerr surprisingly revealed on Who What Wear. So which designer's gorgeous gown stole the crown?

"It's from Reem Acra's Fall/Winter '16 bridal collection, and I knew it was the one from the moment I tried on the sample," gushed Kerr. "The gown's bustier top was incredibly comfortable, and I adored the little lace peplum detail at the waist."

The fashion-forward newlywed also revealed her must-have bridal accessories. (Add these to your shopping list ASAP.) "My clutch and shoes are both Jimmy Choo, with crystal detailing," said Kerr. "I wasn't wearing much jewelry, so I felt like I could have a little sparkle on my accessories." Ugh, teach us your accessorizing ways!

"The skirt was made from insanely gorgeous French Chantilly lace and was surprisingly lightweight, which was important to me," added Kerr. "While I love how a train looks, I knew I didn't want one, as they get stepped on and can be difficult to maneuver in. I just wanted something really easy and unfussy." And obviously gorgeous AF...

But while her Reem Acra wedding dress was clearly the star of the show, it wasn't the only big-day frock Kerr donned that night. The bride also wanted to rock a second dress at her reception—a fabulous, floral-filled party at Colony Palms Hotel, in Palm Springs, California. But that task wasn't without its mini disasters.

"The hardest part of the whole wedding process was finding the right party dress," remembers Kerr. "When my first party dress got stuck in customs, I decided to look for a backup option, just in case." OMG. Deep breaths...

"While my original cocktail dresses uk never showed up, the day before the wedding, I tried on a Brandon Maxwell V-neck minidress with a swishy silk skirt, and it fit perfectly, to my shock and delight. I ended up wearing it for the cake cutting and the final hour of dancing, and I loved every second of it."


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