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Designer and former 2FM DJ Jenny Huston has always had a love of jewellery, inspired and encouraged by her mother, a talented goldsmith and gemologist. While most students made their way through college working in bars and cafes, Huston was working in fine jewellery stores, surrounded by precious stones and acquiring her unique eye for detail and design.

When Huston left her job as a popular presenter on 2FM, she decided to pursue her design dream properly, and focused on starting her first jewellery collection back in March 2014. Edge Only was born.

“I wanted to make high-end jewellery for creative types,” explains Huston, “and I wanted it to be ethically made and hallmarked here in Ireland; a more alternative offering in the luxury space. I call Edge Only a luxury brand for individuals and black sheep – solid gold and sterling silver in edgy designs for men and women.”

Huston’s lifelong love of music acts as a huge influence on her designs, and when she was interviewing bands and musicians, she often designed with them in mind.

“I was designing for my friends and colleagues and the bands I loved and had interviewed,” she reflects. “I’d think, ‘What would they like to wear? What would look cool on him?’ My first collections were ‘Rock & Roll’ and ‘Geometric’ – the two sides of my personality. Classic minimalist statement pieces and edgy, playful rock and roll pieces. I wear something from the rock and roll collection almost every day.”

This spring, Edge Only is revealing the Triple Bolt collection, which includes necklaces, earrings and lapel pins, and is available in polished sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil. The Triple Bolt Pendants are hand pierced from solid sterling silver sheet, hallmarked in Dublin Castle and hand finished by Edge Only’s skilled goldsmiths in Dublin and Kilkenny. As with everything Edge Only, the collection is designed and ethically made in Ireland.

“You can never have too much of a good thing!” says Huston. “I love lightning bolts; they are such a positive, energetic symbol. I had always wanted to include a triple bolt in the collection, but I wanted to get the dimensions just right. The Triple Bolt is a little bit rock and roll and a little bit comic book – the perfect balance of edgy and playful.”

Huston’s thoughtful approach to her designs and craftsmanship were also influenced by other designers.

“I admire Stella McCartney and her drive towards ethical and sustainable fashion,” Huston enthuses. “I believe passionately in ethical luxury and transparency in production, so with Edge Only I am trying to build a brand people are proud to wear in every respect.”

Edge Only has racked up some major celebrity fans, including many stars from the TV and music world.

“I have been very lucky that a lot of talented, creative people have worn Edge Only,” nods Huston. “The beautiful Angela Scanlon, Aisling Bea, Cassie Stokes, Simone Kirby and Fergal McElherron have all worn my designs. Interpol have my skinny tie bars and I very recently did a special commission for a pop star in LA – it’s a surprise so I can’t say! But it was very flattering to be asked.”

Huston has also been rewarded with some industry awards that recognise her incredible work ethic and business acumen.

“I was recently given the Rising Star Award at the Women in Business Network by the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City,” she says. “A lovely thing to receive and very encouraging!”

For those who like a bit of rock and roll with their romance, Huston is currently working on an alternative wedding band collection.

“They will be set with diamonds and precious gemstones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds,” she notes. “I’m excited to be bringing in some natural colour and understated sparkle – all with precision setting. It is for people who want to wear something really beautiful, but don’t want a traditional solitaire.”Read more at:prom dresses | prom dresses london