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Business with Quyen Hom


In the age of the internet, social media and business go hand in hand. With this budding frontier of professional innovation, many students are eager to garner as much information from those who have the know-how.

The Public Relations Student Society of America at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is organizing an event for just that.

Quyen Hom, small business owner of the Assembly boutique on Clark Street, will be giving a presentation on fashion, public relations, social media and small business to give students a view into the real world of today’s business.

The presentation will be on Wednesday, April 26 at 5 p.m. in the Legacy Room of the Dreyfus University Center.

The Public Relations Student Society of America Facebook page describes the event as a way to “learn more about how to effectively market yourself and your business over social media and get a glamorous look at the life of Quyen Hom.”

Isabella Pietsch, senior communication–public relations major and web management chair for Public Relations Student Society of America, is organizing the event.

“I was really inspired by Hom’s branding and marketing on her Instagram and her Facebook and throughout all her social media platforms,” Pietsch said. “She really likes to go live and connect with her customers and her audience that way. That’s exactly the kind of thing we talk about in public relations, how important it is to connect with people as much as possible.”

Though Hom’s boutique, the Assembly, is relatively new downtown, having just celebrated its one year anniversary at the beginning of the month, it is already making a name for itself and leaving its impression on customers.

When Pietsch originally reached out to Hom to begin organizing the event, she quickly came to witness Hom’s excitement and willingness to share her story with students.

The event will consist of Hom beginning with a presentation and then opening up for questions at the end.

“I really want students to be more aware of the small businesses in our immediate area,” Pietsch said. “I think it’s so cool to have this one, powerful woman who’s doing so well for herself with this small business.”

The event is open to students of all majors, regardless of membership with Public Relations Student Society of America.

Pietsch also highlighted the event as an opportunity to network, for both those in public relations and college students in general.

“I’m hoping students learn that there’s more to public relations than they expect,” Pietsch said. “It’s really exciting to see other people make it in small business, especially all on their own.”Read more at:prom dresses online | formal dresses